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A unique solution (last part)

A woman was already present at that place Sandeep said after seeing her,"Have come to commit suicide?Not knowing suicide is a sin."
"Ooohooo you are giving me advice,"listening to Sandeep the woman said sarcastically,"why you have come?"
"You are right.I too have come here with the intention of commuting suicide."Sandeep said after listening to that woman,"First you tell me why do you want to commit suicide?"
"My name is Rachna,"and Rachana started telling her story to Sandeep,"I was born in a middle class family.As soon as I stepped on the threshold of youth.I also dreamed of my future like every virgin girl.I too had a dream handsome husband who loves me,my home and children
Just as I saw in my dream, I got.My husband Ramesh was a engineer.I did not love any man before marriage.My husband was the first man in my life.I heard before marriage that Ramesh does not have any bad qualities or bad habits.But after coming in-laws it was revealed that the husband had a habit of drinking alcohol.He also had illicit physical relations with many women.A large part of his income was spent on alcohol and other women.
I tried to convince my husband with love and lead him on the way when he is not drunk.i would love to explain him.Ramesh promised me he will not do this now.But he forgets his promise.He has short of money to give to me,but not for other women.In our country,after marriage a women's home and world is her husband's.
After marriage a woman lives only by being loyal to her husband.This is what she wants from her husband.No wife can bear that her husband is related to other women.I also did not like that my husband would fly with other women .He did not believe in love,then I started trying to stop him from quarreling.He got angry with this And started saying,"who are you gonna stop me?"I could not get my husband on the right path.Then people started taunting me.
"How is the wife who couldn't control her husband?"
From husband and I'm fed up listening to the taunts of people.Thst is why I came to commit sucide.
"Why do you want to commit suicide?"Rachna asked
"Your story matches my story.You are upset with your husband.I from my wife".
"Our story has similarities."Rachna said.
"You are right."
"Can't there be a solution that we don't have to commit suicide."
"Think what can be done to solve this."
Sandeep and Rachna started thinking.After some time both speak together
"There is a solution"
"What?"Sandeep asked
"We should get divorced from our life partner."
"Your decision is correct".
"So let's stop commuting suicide."
"Now we should walk from here."Rachna said.
",But let me say one thing before returning."Sandeep said.
"What?"Rachna asked him.
"If we had not met today we would have commit suicide."
"You are absolutely right".
"So why we don't give our lives to each other."
"Why don't we hold each other hand for whole life."
Rachna started thinking Sandeep's proposal.After thinking for a while,she said,"I accept your proposal."
"Let's go." Sandeep extended his hand towards Rachna.Rachna hold Sandeep's hand
And they have to return to start a new life

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