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Easy way to learn - Smart work Std 10

Hello students
Today we are going to discuss about the
Board examination preparation std 10

First of all fear should be removed from your mind about the exam

The ways to learn include following steps

A. Study plan

1. Make sure all of your topics are clear

2. Read a chapter and make a notes
If your chapter is not clearly understood
Still directly use the notes or powerpoint
Presentation you get from internet

3 . Now see the marking schme and blue print

4. Whatever chapter has got 4 mark or 5
mark question do that chapter first

5 In that chapter do all the detail answers

6 Now take the chapters of blueprint
With 3mark , 2 mark consequently

7 . Now in Q1 you have got 24 mark objective
So make sure your concepts are
Completely done

8. Practice the MCQ from the few application
Or digest

B Time management

1. Make a time table

2 . Make list of chapters do it's partition in
3 Ways as below

Totally clear
Partially clear

3 .Count no of days you have for revision
Count total number of chapters
Make a schedule for example

Day subject chapter
1 Maths 1,2,3
Science 1,2,3

4. Make sure your time table schedule should
not be too lengthy that you can't finish it

5.Make combination of chapters out of which
Few is easy for you
And few which takes a time

6 .Also when it's done make a cut over the
number of chapter done
( It gives a best feeling at end of day
When you see you have finished that day

7 .Last is make the schedule a priority
Don't sleep until it's done

C Tips for Maths

1. Make list of formula chapter wise
It may be available online also

2. Make a sums list type wise in chapters

3. Make a revision note book
a . Formula list chapter wise
b. Types of sums , chapter wise
T1, T2 etc
c. Examples are important here
d. There are few complicated sums
Make it's list at end of chapter topic wise

4 . Mark with red pen or maker which you are
not able to learn or solve even after many
Before exam revise it without fail

5. Do try to solve step by step don't panic if
new sums are asked they may differ by
only few steps

Think of each and every formula of that
chapter and see if any can be applied

6. Write all theorem together

D. Tips for Science

1. Make a list of diagram draw it

2 . Make a flow chart of chapters
Or take notes or it's available in many
Try to do it
3 . Make formula list of numericals and
Make list of derivations

4 . Always write answer point wise

5 . Learn answer in form of story
Make a few short forms
Like hormones in plant
Auxin, Gibberalin, cytokinin, abscesic acid,.

If you want any topic to covered up in this serires you can comment me up
For short forms , how to remember biology system, how to remember chemistry formula
It will be included in next part of series
If you want comment me up...

Thank you and best luck

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