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You are my life - episode 26

"What ever it comes
I will be stay tuned
to you....."
- from the diary note of a lover boy.


"Agreed?!" Adhira was asking through the phone.


"Promise?!" Adhira once again asked, while Ramya entering inside the bedroom after finishing her kitchen works, she raised her eyebrow towards her ward like what are you talking about. It's night time ten'o clock, adhira was talking with Karthik via phone.


" you are so sweet..." Adhira chuckled in joy, "ok.. bye bye...see you later... good night.. sweet dreams..." She hung up the phone.

Babies are wonderful creatures, how come it's possible for them to be happy always!!...When you talk with them they also drag you inside their world of joy. Ramya was glancing her happy baby, it brings a smile on her face too..she came and sat down on the bed near her.

"What are you talking about?!" She asked her, as she knew just before adhira was playing a two player net game in her smartphone with karthik on the other side, she's also sure about he has given her the chance to win. It's a routine now a days between both of them, bedside chatting or playing games, story telling or she will sing for him via phone, all these happens whenever he gets time.

"Karthik sir promised me for a trip to nearby hill station after I recover from this" she pointed towards her leg with full of glee. Adhira haven't felt regret about her fracture as because of that only she's able to meet karthik sir, now her life going awesome, he occupied her time almost, either she is talking with him or talking about him, praising him and admiring him a lot like he's her hero, that becomes her favorite hobby. Ramya was simply watching her baby's attachment with him growing day by day, she couldn't do anything for that.

"What adhima, why are you disturbing him like this?! Ramya asked in a soft as well as complaining voice.

"No mommy, I didn't ask for it, I just won the game, he himself offered me the trip, even I said I have to ask permission from you, he said he himself will ask you for it , that's what he agreed and promised me, mommy mommy please mommy, we will go mommy, we haven't gone anywhere since my childhood out of that village know?!!... Adhira started pleading her mother.

At the same time a beep sound came from Adhira's mobile, notification said a voice message from karthik. Adhira turned on that and Karthik's voice said, "What baby, your mom is refusing the trip right?! Please Ramya say yes, she's within the house for more than a month, not going anywhere else except hospital, it's just a one day trip, we can start in the morning and come back by evening".

Adhira chuckled joyfully on hearing that, " see mommy, he knows everything what's going on here, and how you respond for our proposal...."
Ramya was finding it difficult to refuse now, how easily both are joining together and cornering her.... "Ok ok...we will see to it afterwards... come let's sleep now" Ramya said and made her baby lie down, covered her with blanket.

When Ramya gone out to bring the bedside water bottle, adhira send a voice message to Karthik saying, "mom said almost ok" for which she got two laughing Smileys in response from him.

Ramya came back, placed the bottle on the bedside table and lay down near her baby by switching off the lights. She thought, how come he knows me about this much clear-cut?!! easily he adopted the baby and mesmerized her this much?!!... with his thoughts and a cute smile on her lips she started sleeping.

Will he be thinking about me at this time? With this sudden crazy thought, Ramya sat upright at once.

"What happened mom?!" Adhira lazily asked in half way to her sleep, after sensing her mother's sudden movement.

" nothing baby, I forgot to switch off the gas cylinder, I just come back, you sleep", Ramya blabbered something and came out of the room, opened the backyard door after turning on the zero Watt light, stepped out and felt the night time breeze on her face which slowed down her racing heart. She took a deep breath and relaxed, She couldn't be able to judge her feeling right now why she thought like that. But it's something else the thought of him thinking about her at this time, made her feel like a creepy creature crawling under her skin.

At the same time in karthik's house,

"Will she be think about me at this time?! Karthik was lying on his bed and the thought brought a smile on his lips, he took his ear phones from the bedside table and threw up in the air in playful mood, caught it nicely and plugged in to his mobile, placed the buds in ear, played a latest romantic hit on his mobile and started sleeping.


Days were passing by playing a hide and seek game in between their emotions in karthik, Ramya and adhira's life. Likewise it's one of the sweetest day to start with, the time is afternoon around 2.30 pm.

"What bosss?!!! didn't tell me" jegan asked karthik excited, because of his surprised high pitch voice, the two wardboys crossing them glanced them weirdly. Gokul, karthik and jegan all 3 on their way to canteen, for lunch.

'Oh God, i should have not told him' Gokul tapped his forehead himself annoyingly. "Aww... it's a big mistake then, give him a mike, he will announce it to the whole hospital" he muttered towards jegan.

" What bro....if I knew earlier I would have asked for an extra box for me, what else I need?!" Jegan showed full enthusiasm in his voice even after retreated by Gokul.

"We can't straighten the dog's tail" Gokul said.

"Then why are you attempting?! Jegan asked with a glee.

Karthik was smirking at the playful conversation between his friends. The matter is nothing but today Ramya sent a lunch box to him in favour of showing her gratitude for his deeds, what else she could do then.. so she prepared a special lunch box for him and sent it through Gokul. That's what they were talking about. Since it's a first positive response from her side, karthik was confidently looking forward for the steady progression of his love life.

By the time they reached the canteen and sat down on a table. While Gokul and jegan ordering their menu, karthik was busy looking at the beautiful package, he took out the pink coloured hot pack with a smile.

"Enough man, Didn't your facial muscles get tired?! They are continuously smiling since morning.." Gokul started teasing his friend.

Karthik's smile extended into a laugh. "Who is saying this?! Nothing but a person who talked about a vegetable pulav for more than a week some 4 years back", karthik teased him back by reminding him about his college romantic days.

Jegan smirked and said friskily by pointing towards the lunch pack " for this matter alone, I can consider proposing to a girl then.."

"She will get tired soon by feeding your greedy stomach, and it will be a sure break up then" Gokul laughed. Karthik also joined.

"Okay ok enough bro... Just open the box, that's a wonderful aroma, already acid started eating my gut" said jegan.

Karthik first opened the small container which contains the condiment curd with onion raita. Then he slowly opened the box containing the main dish. "wow... such a delicious smell, it must be so tasty, you are very lucky bro, just ask Ramya sis for another box next time when she offers food", Jegan closed his eyes and took a deep breath to fill up his lungs with the sweet aroma.

Karthik said nothing, he just stared the box which contains chicken biryani with a mouth watering big fried chicken leg piece perfectly placed on top of it, along with a boiled egg at one corner. He didn't expect this will happen like this, he smiled in response for the life's controversy.

Gokul and jegan looking at each other, they actually don't know what to say. Gokul utterly disappointed, he was thinking whether it's his mistake not informing her earlier that karthik is pure vegetarian.

Karthik pushed the hot box towards jegan in slow and steady manner saying, " today is your day". His phone was ringing at the same time, he attended the call, a staff nurse was talking on the other side saying that, they received an emergency case at casualty. Karthik replied, " yes, coming staffi". He got up saying, " enjoy your lunch dudes, and started leaving.

"What about your lunch?" Jegan asked from his back. Karthik who took few steps ahead, turned and came back to the table again, he took a small piece of onion in raita, placed inside his mouth and said with a satisfying smile, " it's enough".

He said to Gokul, "don't tell her anything, she would be worried then, just say 'it was nice", and he was gone.

Gokul's mobile started ringing showing Ramya's number in flash.....

To be continued, please stay tuned...

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