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Sector-19, The way go to death... - 3

Part -3,..

Rizz's mom finished cooking and she call Rizz to be ready for the breakfast, but Rizz didn't replies to her.Rizz... Rizz..( her mom is calling).As she went his room,she shouted because of fear ...she saw the room is filled with black smoke . suddenly ghost come front of her and he knocked her unconscious.

At the time of evening,..
(Jade's home)
Ting tong..Ting tong.."Jade",.. look who is at the door, his mom is saying while watching tv haa haa how funny..ha ha..Jade come from his room and he went to open door and he look his mom sitting on sofa and eatting chips from a green packet.uhhh! Can't you do yourself mom, it's just near from you.She replies,"please put, this is my time to enjoy".

Oh God!..He suddenly open the door,he get in so excite,"hey! Rizz,how to come".
They both hug eachother and jade put his chin on left shoulder as he can't see his face, smoking was coming out from his eyes,both let their faces from shoulders and Rizz turns to normal person.He is not Rizz from this truth Jade is unknown.Rizz put his hand on his shoulder while , " I have a great plan for enjoying tonight". What is that??,he asked in excite.He reply,In sector-19 of the cassero city there is fantasy park is open, let's move with our friends with there, but I will choose who is coming with us .
Wait,.. sector-19,..Jade begins to push his mind.

Rizz utters, don't think so much let's enjoy the night.haa.haa both start laughing.

Whom whom to call??,Jade asked.
Call the twins brothers Ryan and Ivan and in girls Mia,lea and Clara ,he replies.
Clara..yaa she is your favourite,he starts pinching him.

Ghost (Rizz) thinking in mind says, I feel like kill you now.
Hmmm what are you thinking? let's call them,Jade said.
Hmm I'm also dieing to meet them..Ooo for Clara hmmm..jade again start teasing.
He punch him in fun and he make conference call with friends for the plan and begins to talk about thrill they will have there."we are coming".they said together.

Jade take his Datsun car and all friends get together.Haaa .hey, finally you all come . They have nice greet with each other.Hey ...Ryan..where is your twin why you didn't come along with him, Jade asked.He was not in the mood to go,he replies.Rizz thinks in mind, Oh shit!while punching the surface of car.Everyone's sight falls on him.what happen Rizz?,Ryan asked.
Nothing.. this surface was looked up so I pushed it inside with punch..(Rizz)
Oh get it., Ryan understand.
Clara come forward to hug Rizz while saying,"Hello".He fall her with his black magic and created it like accident.Aahh!..she cried.He show concern for her and hold her hand to get up.
Are you ok? Jade and Rizz asked together.
Ya, I'm..
Mia begins to laugh while saying,she might be fallen because of some one love.haa..haa.
Rizz shout on her",shut up".
Hey don't show your anger on me,Mia said by pointing finger on him.
"Put your finger down",Rizz said.
Then lea interrupt them and says calm down guys are you come to fight.Mia breathed peace while saying,"fine"..
So let's go into the car and went for the place,aaa.. Sector-19,.. is it Jade.
Yes, that place is so nice..Rizz said.
All get into the car and Rizz request Jade to drive the car and he allow him to drive.
He begins driving, Jade plays music in his playlist and all begins to enjoy it.Mia asked Rizz",Have you been there before".
Yaa;..just understand I made it.(Rizz)
Car is just crossing the cassero bridge and Ryan got his attention from the window of the car on the statue and on clock whose glass is broken,it be left behind.And Ryan tries to look behind the statue and it get away in some moment and sky get dark and it is night.
Lea is busy on messaging and Mia is reading them from her phone screen.Jade is enjoying the music and he is swiping his finger to find another song.

Rizz look around and he moves his lips and smoke was coming from out of his eyes and white smoke get spread front of car and it leads the way to hade ,this time left too fast .
"Hey,..what was that". Ryan shout with fear.
All get surprise and pay attention to him .
What happened??all says together.
I saw like a huge smoke gobbled us.,he said it with fear.
haa.crazy guy.(Mia)
Had you seen a horror movie bro.haa ...haa.(Jade)
Haaa..haa.Noone believe him and he let it be while thinking might that was a illusion.

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