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Alone - 3

Hello Everyone Starting chapter1 the previous stories were the introduction of Anita so enjoy!

Chapter 1

At 8 years old Anita was now given a phone as her birthday gift. Very beautiful the object was but she held it like a baby not wanting it to fall again.

She was playing games on her new phone when suddenly. Someone was pressing the horn of the car rather very loud she was disturbed and annoyed, so she went to the house helper what is that annoying noise outside make it stop now! She house helper never liked her behaviour but their was nothing she chould do because she wanted to keep her well paid job.

So she answered politely sorry my dear it just the new neighbour. They just moved in today they have twins as children and i know they are the almost the same age as you i asked them how old they were they said they are 9 years old do you want to introduce yourself? Anita ask are they girls? no a boy and a girl.

So do you want to walk down to the neighbour and introduce yourself? She askeed again(note the house helpers name is anna). Anita looked at her with a frowned face and said no i just want you to talk to them about their noise now!

She heard a knock on their door. Anita looked through the small hole on the door to see who it was, to know if she could open or send anna to open it. There was a beautiful lady with a beautiful smile and two children one on one hand and at the other hand holding her playfully.

Anita said to herself that must be the new neighbours but what are they doing here? she know thought to herself maybe they are here to say hello. She ran to Anna saying their is someone one the door i think it is those neighbours that were disturbing my peace.

She also told Anna not to tell them that she was home or anything about her. She talked to her as if she was commanding her Anna always thought the girl was not trained with manners but she was. She just does not want to be nice. Anna ran downstairs open the door with a smiling face while Anita ran into her room and locked the door behind her. And she now started her game again to distract herself.

Her grandma came back from the maket to find the new neighbours in house. She smiled at them and said why hello Mrs. Johnson how are you today how are the twins. Mrs. Johnson answered with a smile we all fine thank you. Now her grandma now said you have lovely children i am sure Anita would love to meet them.

Anna called grandma to talk to her privately saying Anita do not want to meet them and she would be angry if we told them about her. Grandma said what rubbish call her here right now she must meet them how long is she going to remain alone. Anna just nodded and ran to call her but grandma stopped her and said after calling her please prepare food for our guest they must be hungry after their long jorney.

So she went to attend to the guest. Mrs. Johnson said who is Anita. Oh she is just my grand daughter a very antisocial person she has just turned 8 yesterday and she always likes to be alone but i don't like to see her alone maybe your children would keep her company. Mrs. Johnsons smile widened.

Meanwhile Anna was knocking on Anita's door. She wanted to ignore Anna maybe she would go away she said to herself but the knocking continued it was disturbing her, so she opened the door yes what do you want!

To be continued

So readers i hope you liked it have a nice day!

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