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Alone - 2

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The door opened the teacher entered the class seeing her broken phone which made her really annoyed but Anita was very scared for the first time she behaved nice knelt down to the ground holding her teacher's dress and cried pleading saying teacher i am sorry i would not do that again.

Teacher i am sorry the teacher was shocked never saw such a stubborn girl like her say those words before I am sorry but she was still angry looked at the pleading child and decided to forgive her.

Even her herself was suprised she was always very demanding. She was taught the five magic words which was, please, excuse me, sorry, thank you and pardon me but she never used it.

Her teacher told her to go and sit on her sit but she knelt down telling her teacher she would not go anywhere untill she has been forgiven and she also said she would not stand up only if her teacher do not report her to her grand parent.

All the children was watching all this happen they never seen Anita beg before never thought she could be nice for once.

The teacher said she has been forgiven and she also promised not to report. Anita stood up gave the teacher a hug saying thank you and ran to her sit to sit down they watched her with wide eyes as if they where watching a movie.

She sat down and wiped her tears she is not the type of person that cries too much. She just listened to the remaining lessons for the day when her grandma arrived to pick her she hugged her and ran to the car.

This was not a normal thing her grand daughter used to do normally when she comes to pick her she always would run and hug her tell her about her day and her scores which was always the best while holding hands with Anita to the car. But this time it was different but she kept it aside for now. Her grandma entered the car told the driver to drive while in the car she took this oppurtunity to see if she could talk to Anita.

Her grandma was a kind person always corncern when she is sad and angry which Anita hardly felt when she was with her grandma but with other kids it was like she did not like them always felt those two things sad and angry.

She was looking out of the window her grandma took her hands into hers she looked at her grandma with tears full in her eyes but she does not let one tear fall. Like always she holds in her tears except for class today which she let them fall as if she had been holding it for a long time.

Apart from the pupils in school she actually loves school, she loves to learn and do home works, she loves to come back home and talk a lot with her grand parent even make them laugh. Her grandma knew something was wrong somewhere are you okay? You hungry? did someone bully you? but her grandma knew no one can bully her she just wanted her to talk.

Anita looked at her with sad eyes grandma am i bad girl? Is that why everyone hate me?her grandma was shocked no you are not you are always a good person in your heart. And even if everyone hates you i would never hate you. With this she hugged her grandma tight her grandma now ask why do you ask such a question my dear? I am just wondering why no one talks to me at school but i am not bothered since you said i am not a bad girl I always have you anyway do not need them or anyone.

After this she finally smiled and talked to her about her day. When she got back home she had her bath, did her home work and went to bed. Not before she read a short story and thought to her self. I will always try to stay alone in class and do not talk to anyone and always come out with higher scores in classwork, test and exams. I do not need anyone after all I got my grand parent and myself before she felt asleep.

To be continued

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