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Alone - 4 - Try to be nice

Chapter 2

What do you want Anna why are you knocking as if someone is chasing you?

I just wanted to let you know that the neighbours downstairs are waiting for you.

Anita got furious waiting for me she said i thought i told you not to tell them about me or was i speaking chinese that you could not understand what i was saying.

Sweat started dripping from Anna's face i did not tell them anything about you your grandma just arrived when they visited she asked me to call you.

Anita frowned more knowing how much her grandma wants her to associate with other kids. Tell her i am sleeping. Anna shock her head she will know i am lying this is Saturday today your favourite day of the week. Not only that you do not sleep in the afternoon.

Anita gave up fine i am coming in a minuite. Ok Anna said i would be in the kitchen if you need me. Anita said are you cooking for them Anna nodded yes grandma also said i should cook for them.

Anita got more angry but this time she did not show it. So how long do you think they would be staying? Anna said i don't know. Ok you can go i am coming let me just charge my phone.

Anita went downstairs with a normal face but she really wanted to frown. How can they force someone to do what they do not want to do. She composed herself and entered the room repeating in her mind just try to be nice, you can do it.

She entered the room, greated and sat next to her grandma but she did not smile she just kept a normal expression on her face. Mrs. Johnson said how are you my darling? Anita responded am fine and you? am fine my dear your grandma here told me a lot about you. she did? yes they were all nice things.

Ok Anita answered feeling quite uncomfortable. These are the twins. This one here she said while pointing at the girl and smiling is rose and this one here she said now pointing at the boy is James.

Ok Anita said hoping the conversation would be over soon. Anna came now with the food and placed it on each person's sit.

She smiled and said enjoy and she left the room Anita was not feeling hungry at the moment she was a little bit uncomfortable. But she ate her food and watched the twins play and eat together.

When she finished eating she wiped her mouth and whisper to her grandma saying grandma can i go now.

Grandma shock her head saying no not yet. When the twins finally finished eat grandma said Anita why don't you go and play with them in your room while me and Mrs. Johnson have a talk. Anita looked down trying to think of a way to get out of this problem but she found none. So she just responded ok i would do that she said and the twins followed her to her room.

To be continued!

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