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1992 (Horror-Mystery-Magic) - 8 - Black Lemon

Chapter 8

Black lemon

I continued reading the manuscript. It explained in detail about Agasthyakoodam, the unique herbs growing there, and the Siddhas livingthere. But still, I was in a confusion about why Kali Baba asked me to protect this fabric with so much confidentiality. Again my subconscious mind told me that there is a valid reason for it.

Kottarathil Sankaran.

Varma kept on pacing in the hall like a cat who has just given birth to a kitten.

Madhavan was observing him for a very long time but could not make out what was going on there. Meenu stood there like a statue watching everything. She was also worried about Sree who had gone out with Iyer, to meet Mayamma.

Madhavan was disturbing her often by repeatedly asking,

“Meenu, why is Sree not yet back, tell me the truth, where has she gone?”

She got very tensed, and said,

“Madhava, will you please shut up, I told you many times where Sree has gone!”

“I don’t like anything you people do here. This fellow who was a stranger till yesterday has now become one of your close relatives all of a sudden!”

“Madhava, don’t talk like that. Whether you like it or not, he is going to become our close relative very soon!”

“Hey, Meenu mind your words. If tomorrow another fellow comes, who is richer than this Varma you will tell me that, he is also our close relative . ”

“Remember, if we are like that only, you can go to Canada for higher studies and this house will have sufficient money to live with.” Meenu expressed herself very strongly.

In the midst of this, she never forgot to take care of Varma by providing him with Bournvita and Horlicks.

Evening 5 o'clock

“Meenu, please go and check whether they are still there.…” Varma said.

Again she went back to the store to check, and to her surprise, she found that the woman the black saree and the other people with her were still there waiting, in the car.

This time, the woman in the black saree called Meenu by name and asked,

“Hey, Meenu, ss that Varma still there?”

“Varma…? Who is that? I don’t know anyone by that name”

“Are you trying to spy on us? I can even see through the walls. Have you ever heard of Thanthira?”

“Who knows?”

“Hey Meenu, I know well that Sree has gone to meet one yogini and that she went through the back door of your house!”

Thanthira’s words hit Meenu like a sharp arrow and made her stand dumb for a minute.

She stammered.


“Ha, Ha! You poor girl, you do not understand the power of Thanthira, if only I put a magical knot on you people, then only you will understand who I am!”

While Thanthira was saying this Meenu started running from there as fast as she could . After she left, Thanthira bent down and took the sand from the ground where Meenu was standing!

Meenu, came inside the home started wheezing , she felt like someone was pressing her very hard in the chest. She wobbled and stood before Varma, who was relaxing comfortably on a sofa.

Seeing Meenu in that condition he asked,

“Meenu...are they still there?”

“Varma Ji, they are there only...but…” She tried to say something but, only some obscure sounds came out of her mouth like …ra…bla…tha, and she couldn’t speak normally. She wanted to speak but her tongue was not cooperating with her, as she wished. The next minute she fell unconscious. Madhavan who was watching this stood there in shock without knowing what to do.

Varma took a glass of water and sprinkled it on Meenu’s face, but nothing happened!

Madhavan couldn’t understand what was happening there and he stood silent watching everything.

“Bastards! They have started their work by using black magic on her.”- from what Varma said, Madhavan understood that somebody has used black magic on Meenu.

At the same time, a car came inside through the front gate very fast.

Sree and Iyer came inside with Mayamma.

Once she entered the hall Mayamma’s eyes got focused on Meenu who was lying unconscious in one corner of the hall. A slight, quiet unexplainable smile, was there on her face.

“Sree, Meenu went outside for something and came back just now only, immediately after coming back she fell unconscious. ” Madhavan explained.

Sree looked at Mayamma as if she wanted to ask ‘What next?’.

Mayamma didn’t speak anything, she took a pinch of holy ash from her shoulder bag and applied it on Meenu’s forehead .

The next minute, Meenu came back into senses and started talking normally.

Sree fell on her knees and prostrated before Mayamma.

Varma stood there before Mayamma with folded hands!

“You people need not have any fear. I have come here to protect you all . If you obey me, no harm will come to you.,” she said in a commanding voice.

“We will. We will! Mayamma from now onwards, whatever you say, that will be our Veda. That car is waiting. ” before Varma finished his words, a lemon dropped down from Mayamma’s hands and started rolling out, it rolled down and down the steps of the house and continued its journey towards the road, at times it was jumping like a little rat and reached in front of the car that was waiting outside the street. Madhavan who came outside and was watching all these couldn’t simply believe his eyes.

The lemon just stopped in front of the car in which Thanthira came.

The next moment that car started going in the reverse direction and vanished from there!

Inside the house, Sreeksha fell on Mayamma’s feet and held it tightly!

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