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Sohib learnt a lesson

Sohib was walking down the green park when he saw a girl who was learning to ride a bicycle. As he watched her he thought of surbhi. Slowly a smile spread on his face. Surbhi- An ambitious girl who changed his perspective about life. A girl that never ever gave up without trying. Her determination to do something was unbelievable. When he first saw her, she was learning to ride a bicycle and was falling repeatedly. Her cycle was wobbling. Her body was shivering and she could not balance but still she didn't stopped.
She was trying hard even though she was hurt so much. He could see her willpower to learn cycling. While she was practicing her puppy was darting towards her with a bone in its mouth and running away . After some hours of practice she went home. Sohib also left for his home and that whole night he only thought about her. While thinking about Surbhi an image came into his mind of the day when he had refused to go for his job interview. He recalled how afraid he had been. From that day till now he had not gone for any interview and had not earned even a single rupee. His father used to taunt him with comments about his cowardice. He felt miserable as he remembered his fathers taunting comments. But when he thought about Surbhi his mood changed. He felt motivated. He thought, "I wish I had tried to overcome my fear of rejection and had gone for the interview". He then sleep.
Next day he again went to the park at the same time and again saw Surbhi.
As he sat on the bench her puppy started climbing on him. It was pulling his pants. Sohib smiled and stroked it's soft white fur. Surbhi was watching all this from a distance and walked them.
I'm sorry, if it's bothering you.. smiled Surbhi
No, no I am having a good time with it.. replied sohib.
"Actually it's him", surbhi interfered.
"Oh! I'm sorry I didn't know", sohib exclaimed.
"It's all right", said surbhi and the puppy jumped on her.
Sohib invited her if she would like to sit next to him and she did.
"I was watching you trying to learn", said Sohib.
Really! She exclaimed.
"Yeah, I'm inspired by you. Your dedication towards learning cycling is unthinkable", he remarked.
Hearing this, a big smile spread on her face.
"From where have you learnt this attitude of never giving up?", Sohib asked.
"earlier I was not like this but my dad taught me this attitude , I was 7 years old when I refused to go for the maths quiz even though I was perfect in it. But because of my fear of failure I refused so. Then my dad explained me that he was also afraid of trying new things but he never gave up without trying even when he felt that he won't succeed. He taught me that whether your success is guaranteed or not it is important for you to try, regardless of a possibility of failure. He says that we learn from our mistakes and we should not run away from our fear. I then agreed to go for the quiz and got a gold medal", she replied back.
They both were talking when her puppy started barking loudly.
I think I should go home, she said.
"Yeah, it's getting darker. Bye see you again".
She replied, "bye" and she went away hopping with her puppy.
Sohib was still there. He was thinking whatever she said and finally made up his mind to apply for the interview.
The next day he told about this to his family.
Hearing this everybody got excited and started dancing and jumping.
Sohib got ready and left for his interview confidentially.
He came back home with a sweets box and gave the news of getting selected.
Everybody screamed with excitement and celebrated that moment.
In the evening he again went to the park and thanked surbhi for sharing her win with him.
A dog barked and he became aware of his surroundings. Children were playing hide and seek. In the great expance of the park, he could see jogging tracks all around the edges of the park. There were some swings too for which many children were fighting and then his eyes went to that girl who fell down and was crying. He smiled and went towards her..

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