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Searching for writer..... - 30

True love doesn't demand or force. 
It only loves.....

NOTE  : The quotes in the above lines and in previous episodes are taken from charan's diary, which he wrote these lines for his love for the last five years.


Me : is she Janani ? 

Kaviya : yaa.... 

Me : oh my God.... what's your plan  ? 

Kaviya : Which plan  ? Who's plan  ? 

Me : it's.... it's nothing.  One last question.  Are you going to tell anyone about this ? 

Kaviya : of course i do 🙃.

Me : then No one can save you.

Kaviya : what do you mean 🤨 ? 

Me :  If you tell this to anyone else, I will tell Dad about Kunal ( her secret crush  ).

Kaviya : what ? No... you can't 😰. 

Me : it's in your hand 🤷‍♂️. 

Kaviya : Do not forget your promise and stay away from her. 

Me : haha 😄 no way....


The days passed slowly.  But in my mind her thoughts increased at rocket speed. Janani is right.... That monsoon gently sprinkles a love in my heart.  
Today sara's marriage.... everyone's heart is filled with emotions. Of course she is our family's little angel 😇.... I persuaded her to stay one more week. Because at first I decided to stay in India for a week, but today I am adding one more week. I think you know the reason😉. 

Me, kaviya, sara the three of us were talking about something under the tree that night. I heard her voice from back side.  She called kaviya. I'm sure she was not see my face. 

J : ok dear.... I have to leave now Priya is waiting for me in home. 

Kaviya : Please stay a few more days. 

J : Already a week has passed.  Don't you worry I'll be back in a day. Okay....

Kaviya : that's my girl 😃. Okay Wait I will give you my car keys.

J : it's okay.... i can manage.  

Kaviya : oh c'mon j, wait a minute.  

How strange ... its dark night.  Is she not afraid of it ? Can she go alone ? I have no answers.  So I decide to follow her. It's already late night, No one is on the road.She drives well and fast.  I could not compensate for her speed. In a few minutes her car disappeared from my sight, so I increased my speed. 

When I reach a beach road I notice her car parked there. What is she doing here? Is anything wrong  ? I run towards her car, but she doesn’t. I looked around nervously to find her. 

In a distance she is sitting on the road with a cute little puppy.  I think the puppy is get hurt, so she gives it first aid. A little smile appeared in my face. How sweet 😍.... 

Suddenly that puppy starts to run on the road she follows it. 

J : hey puppy stop,  don't run like this...

Suddenly a car went fast on that road and it did not hit her, but because of that sudden moment she fell on the road and fainted.  

I run towards her. She is unconscious now and I tap on her cheek nervously. She had a bruise on her forehead and it was bleeding. I lifted her in my arms and went to the hospital.

 She is fine my mind knows it, she hurts a little, but my heart never heard it.  This is a worst feeling ever. I had never felt such tension before.  I walk here and there in front of the hospital room. 

A nurse approached me and asked me to fill out the admission forms. I look at her confused.  She looked at me and smiled and left without answering. After 5 minutes the doctor come there with the same smile.  She told me that Janani is fine now. And added " She faints because of shock.  You can take her to home in the morning.  Are you too nervous about for  this little thing ? ". She laughed and leave.  Now only i know the reason for that nurse smile.  

I entered the room to see her, but she did not open her eyes. She is fine now and she had a small bandage on her forehead. 

You are truly careless dear 😞.... 

She mumbled  " hey puppy stop ". 

I start laughing when I hear that.  Now I feel relaxed. My eyelids forgot to blink when I looked at her face 🙃. Oh god.... i totally forgot. I have to inform her family first, but they are all out of the station. I can inform to my parents or kaviya.  But when I do that, I have to face some unnecessary questions. So I inform Priya about it without even saying my name. When she reaches the hospital, I leave. 

I woke up early in the morning. I can't sleep peacefully. It was like someone inside me, was continuously telling me to check on her,  to call her, to be with her.  After facing a big battle between my mind and heart I finally decide to call her. 

Priya : hello,  who is ? 

Me : Sorry, I saved your number without your permission.  Is she fine now ? 

Priya : oh its you..... yaa she is alright.  Wait wait she wants to talk to you. 

My heartbeat raised to the top 😳. I have heard her voice many times.  But that was the first time I had spoken to her directly. 

J : hello,  thanks a lot.  I don't know who you are, but thank you so much for your help.

Me : it's okay.... Are you fine now ? 

J : yaa.... much better 😌.  

Me : sounds good.  Take care of your health. Bye.

I immediately hung up the call.  It takes me a while to calm down. One side of my heart feels for her, the other side jumps with joy. Her words make me fly high. All i want to do is sit in front her and stare at her whole day.  But the bad news of the day is that she did not come here today. Of course I knew she would come tomorrow. 


In the morning i wake up with full of joy.  It's a pleasant morning. I complete all the morning routine works with full of energy. Standing on the balcony, I admire the new rays of the sun. 

I notice two members standing at a distance. Of course one is Janani.  But i don't know who is he ? I can't see his face. His one hand was holding one of her hands and the other was gently rubbing her wound. She looked around and tried to get out. But he was holding her hand without letting her go anywhere. Looks like something is going on between them. 

Kaviya : brother,  here is your coffee ☕. 

Me : hey Jerry,  come here. 

Kaviya : yaa... 

Me : who is he ? 

I point out them.

Kaviya : he.... rohinth. 

Me : Rohinth ? 

Kaviya : yaa her boyfriend. 

Me : what 😳 ? 

My heart is sinking after hearing that word " boyfriend ". My heartbeat raised. My breathing are becoming shorter hardly able to speak.  

Kaviya : He was the only reason for her smile nowadays. She loves him more than anything. That's why i tell you to stay away from her. 

She notices my pale face.

Kaviya : anything is wrong ? 

Me : no... nothing.  I'm just asking you  that's all. 

Kaviya : okay.... your coffee is waiting for you. 

I controlled my tears and smirked at her and she leave that room. 

Unshed tears finally escaped from my eyes. I don't know why..... but it's really hurting me. I lowered to the floor.  That day was the most memorable bad day of my life.  I did not leave my room all day. 


The next day morning i wake up very early.  I couldn't sleep well.  I'm feeling tired and also depressed. I don't go out of my room until my father calls me for breakfast.  I say i don't want to eat. Then he comes to my room and ask me the reason. I did not answer his question, but let him know that I will be leaving India in two days. Of course he asks me questions, but I know how to convince him. 

I decide to gather information about that Rohinth in these two days. There is nothing wrong with him.  No one said a word against him. His family, his status,  his character everything is fine. He could be the perfect match for Janani. 

I came to India for two reasons, firstly Sara’s marriage, secondly I want to fight with Janani’s father and ask him why he ruined my friend’s dreams. But I change my mind when I meet Janani. I promise to myself to hold her hand and stay by her side. I made it my dream to fulfill her dreams. But today the situation goes into reverse.... But I am so happy for her.  May she live a better life with him. 

After two days i leave India and go to Singapore. Already Varun is waiting for me. After that i decides to concentrate only on my business.  Becoming popular quickly in business is not an easy thing to do. But we are ready to fight and struggle. In Singapore we founded the "RD FASHION WORLD". At first its really tough but we never lose our hope. Due to our hard work and new ideas our brand has become the most popular fashion brand online in a short time. In one year we bought two houses, our bank balance increased and I also won the "Youngest Businessman of the Year" award. 

 In this one year I have been trying a lot to forget her thoughts, but I can’t. My lonely nights remember her if my days are busy. No one but varun knows everything about it. I can't hide him anything. 

Love has no age or time limit. It only takes a moment to fall in love with someone.  It's not easy to fall in love with a person without any conversation. Maybe this is called one sided love. I've heard from a people that love always hurts, but believe me I've never felt that way.  I want to take care of her and make her happier, her single smile makes me feel better. I want to she her face every day to the rest of my life,  i want to be a part of her soul.  

Every single day ,I'm living two lives. A part of me and a part of her. I don't need her presence to love her. I'm living in a life where i experience the love of my life. She always there in my daily routine,  in my every nights and dreams, in my prayers, in my hope, in belief, in imagination and in this life. I'm in a secret relationship with her but she even aren't aware of it.  How funny.... 

Days passed like this,  then only Rohan entered into my life. That little boy, his cute smile give me some peace. 

My week end calls became boring because Kaviya simply avoid the topic of Janani. Finally that day arises in my life.... 

Kaviya hasn’t called me even once in the last two weeks, so I decide to call her. When i call her at first she didn't pick my call. The second time she attended my calls but said nothing. I asks her a reason. But she simply said nothing.  Her voice clearly shows that she has been crying for a long time. When I asked her a third time she replied. 

Kaviya : do you remember your promise  ? You promise me you will give me what I want.

Me : yaa ..... but why did you tell this now ? 

Kaviya : i want something from you. 

Me : okay anything Jerry tell me. But please don't cry. 

Kaviya : will you marry Janani for my sake ? 

Her words made my heart tremble and my blood pressure soared above.

Me : what ? Are you mad ? Why are you speaking like this 😶.

Kaviya : Please bro..... I beg you.

Me : kaviya please relax.  Tell me what's wrong ? Why did you ask me like this ? 

She tells me the whole story of Janani and the information of her broke up. She also told the information that she is now in the hospital. 

Me : how is this possible ? When it's happen ? 

Kaviya : It happened a month ago but she never told anyone about it. We only found out the truth two weeks ago when she fell sick. I can't see her like this bro.... 

Me : sweety please relax,  don't cry. Is she fine now ? 

Kaviya : no.... she is not fine. Please bro marry her and give her your love. 

Me : no i can't do like that.....  How can i do like that ? 

Kaviya : why can't you  ? I know you have feelings for her.  Then  why ? 

Me : kaviya please try to understand...

Kaviya : I do not want to talk to you if you do not marry her.

She hang up the call. I try to convince her but she don't swipe my calls.  

Tears rolled from my eyes as I thought of Janani.  I want to meet her at the same time I don’t want to. 

A week has passed and yet kaviya has not attended  my calls and I know nothing about Janani's condition.  Because of this I can not focus on my works. 

Varun : hey Charan,  listen to me.  Don't think too much. Just listen to your heart and do what it says. Everything will be fine soon.  

Me : but how can i do this 😔 ? 

Varun : oh c'mon charan.... I can manage everything here, stay with her. 

I nodded and once again I decide to visit India for her. Not to marry her. I decide to convince rohinth. Because I know he is not that much bad. He can only make her happy. That's why i decide to leave her. Atleast i want to know the reason. 


When i enters into his cabin, he is talking to someone on his phone. I am only able to see his side face, but i know it is him. He slowly turned towards me and gestured for me to sit down. 

Rohinth : well.... you are Charan mehta right.  Business man of the year. 

Me : yaa.... but I'm here for personal matters. 

Rohinth : sorry.... i can't get you. 

Me : I want to talk to you about Janani. 

Rohinth : Janani ? 

His face turned into pale after hearing her name.

Charan : she is my friend. And you know very well about her. Now her condition is too poor.  

I explain everything to him and try to convince him.

Rohinth : sorry to say but i can't do anything in this. 

I tried to convince him for over an hour but he kept saying this over and over again.  So I lost my temper.

Me : oh really ? Can't you ? Then why did you love her ? 

After talking a deep breath he answered. 

Rohinth : look Charan.  You can't do anything and i love her for just time pass. Did you think she was right for me ? No way.... Her status did not even suit me. Whoever she is must know and act accordingly. 

I lost my temper.  I stand up from the chair and slam my hands on the table  and say " how cheap.... first of all you shouldn't give these much credit to yourself.  I'm only here for janani but you don't deserve her. "

I start to walk from that place and turn my face to warn him one last time. 

" look i know nothing about you.  But i know myself. From today onwards she is mine, do not turn your devil's eyes towards her again. Otherwise no one can save you from me ". 


Now my heart longs to see her. I didn’t think about anything and went straight to the hospital. Thank God.... my goodness priya only stay with her.  Now she also leaves with doctor. I use that chance. 

I entered into the room. I see her face after long days. Her pretty face became dark with sadness 😥.  That smiley face forget it's joy.  It's really hard to see her like this 😔. She is sleeping when i entered. I sat in front of her and held her hands with concern 😟.  Tears rolled from my eyes i wiped out. Suddenly I heard someone's voice,  thank God.... 

Nurse : sir, don't disturb her. She is asleep due to drugs.

Me : no i don't disturb her. 

Then she check her medicines and leave. Suddenly the power went out. She shouted " rohinth " and  hugs me tightly with fear 😨.  I do not know what to do. So i close my eyes and hug her back and try to comfort her. 

J : Rohinth..... rohinth...... rohinth please don't leave me.  

She started crying 😢😭.  

J : why did you leave me in this hell ? Please don't leave me 😭. 

Me : j.... j relax.  I don't leave you okay. 

I wiped out her tears and try to comfort her. 

J : really ? Don't lie.

Me : no.... I'm serious. 

J : then promise me. 

Me : i promise you..... i never leave you and never let anyone to hurt you. 

She again hug me tightly for long and started sleeping.  I comfort her in bed and hold her hands for some more time. I think see don't see my face in that dark.  

Me : don't lose your hope j... I'm always here for you ❤. 

After meeting her all my confusions were resolved. Now I am very confident in my decision. 

I called kaviya to inform this news but as usual she didn't pick it.  Then i message her " I want to meet you in 15 minutes ". She replied " are you mad ? How is this possible  ? ". I told her that I had come to India. 

She got there in 10 minutes. She hugs me with joy.  

Kaviya : i know you are here for janani right ? 

I nodded.  She jumped with joy.  And i explain everything to her.

Me : look Jerry,  today i promise her and i never leave her after this.  But i need your help too.  So don't play your worst games in my life.  

Kaviya : I go to any extent of the world to do this wedding, you don’t have to worry. 

Me : sounds good 😀. Okay i have to leave now.  It's getting late.  

Kaviya : don't you come to home ? 

Me : no..... keep this secret with you 😉. 

On that day I leave India half-heartedly.  But I hope everything will be fine soon.  But I did not know then that God's plan would be different.


Hello everyone,  
Today i want to reveal one truth.  

We think that what we see or hear is true. Everyone has their own reasons, but we are not ready to realize it. Yes i talk about rohinth. 

His parents love each other so much, they do love marriage. Life moves with full of happiness. But unfortunately his mother died when he was born. It affects his father so much. But his grandfather forces him to remarry for his son's sake. His step mother did not take care of the family and did not take care of him. She is very greedy. Her only motive is money 💰. Her father also gives her respect and care. He was heartbroken when he found out her true purpose. Because of this he is depressed  and It makes him addicted to alcohol. After finding out that her  husband is acting against her thoughts, she decides to end his chapter. 

Only then did she learn that her husband had written off all the property in his son's name. As per rule The half property is only available when rohinth is 23 years old and he has to marry a girl before his 25th birthday to get full property. She pretended to love him only for the properties and money and shows him fake love.  

Rohinth lost his mother as soon as he was born, and his father at an early age. So he loves his foster mother more than his mother. He never said even a word against her. He believes her fully.  She use his love as a weapon for her greedy.  

When she finds out that her son loves a middle class family girl, she decides to separate them. So she staged a play called Chest Pain and blackmail him indirectly. 

He never want to disappoint his mother for his happiness.  Of course he try to convince her but at the end he change his mind and decide to leave his love Janani.  As per his step mother's  plan soon he get married with an high class girl.  His grandfather only cares him truly. 

Charan came to meet rohinth 1 month before the wedding.  Charan was stubborn in his decision so rohinth had no choice but to start talking badly about his love. It hurts him badly. Charan lost his temper, that's why that day he forgot to notice the tears in rohinth's eyes. 

Soon he get married.  Unfortunately She ( his wife  ) was the biggest mistake of his life. She was an drug addict and also She had many affairs before and after marriage. His life became hell because of this. One day when his grandfather is on his last breath, he reveals to him all the facts about his mother. After that his grandfather also left him. There is not even a reason for him to be happy in life. 

His thoughts spread wings and flew many years ago when he was happy with Janani. He knows he  don't deserves her, but he decides to return to her and  Beg her to accept him..... 

Searching for writer...... 

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