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Searching for writer..... - 29

I fell in love with the way
You touched me without using your hands....


This happened 5 years ago... i fall in love with that girl..... oh God she....

Flash back.....

Yet I remember those days. I think i studied only 4th grade that time. School days are not much boring but it's a rainy day. So Everyone wanted to go home so we all waiting for the bell to rang. Everyone will run towards the main entrance of the school when they hear the bell sound, but I will only run towards " first standard B section ". Because My angel was waiting for me there.

After school we would both go home together. Have you ever seen a girl bringing bubbles to school instead of books 🤣 ? But she do this every day. She makes bubbles all the way to home. She would stop there when she saw the ice cream shop. She would stand under the flowers falling in the wind and dance like cute doll 💗. When it rains, she shakes the trees to pour the rainwater that falls on the leaves of the trees on her head. The trees never moved under the pressure of her little hands. At that moment her face would shrink in sadness. That smile would reappear on her face when my father came and shook the tree. She claps and jumps happily. You are truly crazy dear.

Those are the sweetest days when i think about it. She was so young, so she doesn’t remember now.

That unexpected day came into my life without any information. That day my father decided to go to America and start a business there. By my father's decision we all went to America with family and started a new life there. It's so tough for me to find new friends there. That time i really miss her. Her pretty face comes into my eyes continuesly.

Then only varun enters into my life. He makes me feel comfortable. Oblivion is a wonderful gift from God to us. Within a year I completely forgot about her, even her name and Adapted to that new situation. After that I would occasionally hear her name from my father. That's all.....

My father decided to go back to India after I finished my schooling. But I'm not interested in it. I have no desire to leave Varun and go to India.Varun was saddened by the loss of his parents. He doesn’t have many friends too. When I asked my father he understood me and allowed me to be with Varun. Then they leave America.

We started our college life in America. Days passed like rainy clouds. Sometimes it rained pleasures, sometimes it blew a sad storm 😥. Of course i miss my family badly. I calm my mind thinking that my situation is not so difficult compared to Varun. Yaa... he loss his grandfather too in our college period. That time he was totally broken 💔. It was on that day that I realized how painful it can be to lose someone we love. Varun had money, property, everything. But I was the only one to give him love. More or less we spent time together.

We have only two months left for our graduate. Thank God, rani ma support us. We studied hard and put more effort to get good marks. Varun have to apply for internship but i was not interested in that. I just wants to open my own company and start my own business. When I told him my plan, he agreed. So we decided to go Singapore and start business there.


I miss them a lot after my family moved to India. We communicate with each other only through phone calls. At that time i badly miss my sister too. Of course we are tom and Jerry. But in some episodes they also nice to each other, right.... i badly miss our childish fights 😪. No matter what our age is but we always want to share our love with each other by fighting ❤.
I eagerly wait for kaviya's week end calls. She is so talkative. Her silly speech also seems to be in good rhythm at the time. She would never give me a chance to speak. She talk about her whole week, her teachers, her neighbors, her friends, etc.....

After a long time I hear that name again in kaviya's friends list. Kavia's boring talk was interested because of her. When she ask " mommy told me that she was your childhood friend, do you remember ? ". I replied " Little bit ".

But i can remember everything, That pretty face 😍, Her naughtiness. Her story was not much perfect, but I'm impressed.

I had no idea this was going to be such a big deal. At first it was very boring, but day by day I became addicted.

Many girls followed me and proposed to me. It never turned my concentration towards them. But it's not a normal thing..... I don’t know how I was inspired by a girl I had never met before. You are really great dear ♥.


Me, Varun, rani ma we three of us decided to go to Singapore together. But unfortunately, I had to go to India to attend my cousin sara's wedding. I try to avoid but i can't because Sara was more than a sibling for me. Such a caring soul. I can not disappoint her on her wedding day. Soo.... After a long time I decided to go to India once.

It was so mesmerizing when I set foot at the Mumbai airport. India has beautiful green crops that fill our land with greenery. It also has many rivers flowing through fertile soil, variety of flowers, plants and animals. The Himalayas decorates India like a majestic crown. The people in India are warm and welcoming. I am proud that i was born here.

Hey India..... I'm back.....

My dad had already sent a car to the airport, but no one came to pick me up. It's okay.... I'm not a child. It's already afternoon but not a sunny day.... it's little bit cloudy.

Over the 10 years I spent in the US, India has changed a lot in this interval. Back to memories.... I was young when I left India, but some things can be remembered. Playing cricket in roads, broke neighbors windows, Get rebuke from mom for my naughty activities. Tea shops with old citizens. Our school, park,..... Today everything has changed. Nice....

Driver applied a sudden break....

Me : ouch.... what's wrong ?

Driver : sorry sir, I think this road is full of traffic due to frequent accidents. Today also....

Me : oh...

Suddenly it started to rain like music in a noisy place. I opened my car window to admire that rain 🌧. Small raindrops fell on my face and I closed my eyes to feel it fully. Suddenly that voice from somewhere caught my attention. That voice must have been kissed by an angel 😇. I open my eyes to see who is that angel....

I can only see her back side.... she had a sculptured figure which in stem thin. Her wet dress clearly shows her shape. She doesn't care about those around her, she dances in the rain, she enjoys it like this is the last day of her life. She was wearing a pale red anarkali. Her sense of dress shows that she must be native, I thought to myself. My eyes longed to see her face.....

Driver : sir, Can we go on the other way ?

Me : no no.... no problem.... we can wait....

I mumbled..... please turn once....

Finally, she turned around when a small child called her to say something. My eyes sparkle, and my heartbeat is raised to the top.

Oh god..... wowww...... She had a soft skin. Her pencil thin eyebrows eased down gently to her eyelashes. Her young eyes are brilliantly white glows brightly and spread out a magic. Her hair was midnight black and it flowed over her shoulder. Her honey sweet lips are lilac soft. When she broke into a smile, her beguiling, white teeth lit up the room. It could jolt me like an electric current when that megawatt smile attracts me towards her. Her cute expressions and gentle personality impressed me. She enjoys her rain dance with smile kids. I didn’t want to blink my eyes for even a second.

But unfortunately the traffic was quickly fixed. My eyes followed her until she disappeared. The rain also slow down now. I reached home only in the evening.

Everyone was busy in marriage arrangements. Kaviya runs towards me and hugs me with joy.

Me : hey Jerry.... i miss you a lot.

Kaviya : me too 🥺.

I touch the feet of my parents and elders and receive their blessings.

Charan : Where is our bride ?

Kaviya : they will come at night. Go and take some rest.

Charan : yaa... i badly need it.

I went to the room reserved for me and took a shower and changed into normal clothes 🙃. I fell into my bed. I don't feel sleepy, but my body feels tired, so I need to give it some rest. My mind flies towards that girl. I don't know why it's happen.

" you are stupid Charan, How did you fail to notice the beauty of Indian girls ? 😅 "


It's a pleasant Saturday night, I'm so excited. Because after a long time I am going to meet my whole family and my lovable cousins 💖. No one knows my arrival, so I can surprise them. Once again I look myself in the mirror and downstairs. Already everyone had gathered in the hall and had some fun talks. That area is occupied by small and large tables with surrounding chairs for the families to sit and chat with each other. Not too crowded because it was a family party.

Kaviya : haha 😄 Today I am not going to bother or annoy you. Because you only have one week left. After that all yours will be mine. And....

Sara : no way.... There is nothing you can do.

Kaviya : who said ? Surely it's happen. After your wedding your things will be mine, your room, your dress, your teddy bears, everything will be mine.

Sara : don't try to touch my things. Of course I will complain to Charan about you. And.....

Kaviya : oh my God.... I'm so scared. Haha what do you think of me ? Am i a child ? And of course.... I forgot to tell you this, my brother is not going to attend this wedding.

Sara : no.... don't cheat me. i believe him. Definitely he will come. How could he miss his lovely Sara's wedding 😥 ?

Me : you are right.... how can i miss my sweetheart's great day ?

Sara : Charan.... you....

She runs towards me and give me a fine hug 🤗.

That day was so wonderful. The place was full of excitement as it was a joyous celebration everywhere. Elders discuss about wedding arrangements and plans. My cousins and I all have some fun talks about your childhood, schooling, college life and more....

I feel like suddenly that place has become so different. I don't know why.....

Oh god..... again I heard that voice in air..... My eyes searched for her all around.

I noticed someone standing on the balcony. The moon's delicate light had just turned the world a flame with silver when I saw her.

She is very simple in her casual green midi. Her simple look makes her more beautiful 😍. That muscara with eyeliner adds more magic to her eyes this time. That small bindi between her eyebrows gives her the perfect look 🥰.

I was surprised to see the same girl again in my house. I'm willingly wanted to get lost in her eyes with an everlasting gaze.....

I came to reality when Sara put her hand on my shoulder.

Sara : hey Charan, are you alright ?

Charan : yaa... I'm alright 🙂.

How can I tell you this Sara ... she is doing something in my heart.... It was said to be a party attended only by family members. If she is here then who is she ? I'm so confused. How can i know ? Who can help me find it ?

I notice her talking friendly with my parents and Sara’s parents.

After sometimes i go to a table in a far corner, where there is a low light, sit on a chair and watching my family members activities. They are all busy in dancing. I spend some time scrolling my Facebook page. I feel so tired, so I went to bed earlier.

I jumped on the bed, close my eyes and try to sleep. I am feeling that I'm on a seventh Heaven when her face come to my mind. An unknowing smile appeared on my face 😄.

" who are you baby ? Why are you disturbing me like this ? "....

Days passed like this..... no change...

Throughout the day I follow her and absorb her without her knowing. Of course god give good vision power so i can follow her from the distance. But the minus point is i still don't know her name.

I found some good actors sleeping inside me in those days. Whole day i follow her but no one knows it. When my parents ask me, "Why do you wander around like a cat here and there?". I replied to them "I am learning Indian culture".

When my elders ask me to help them, first I agree, when they explain the work or try to make me understand, I blink at them as if I do not understand, and then they leave me on my way. Then again I start my work.

My inner voice constantly questions me. Is this right .... ?

When i meet my family and cousins, we discuss about our future plans, our carrier, sometimes we play games, sometimes we watch movies. We do so much fun together, no one keeps secret. I love them all. We love each other and respect each other. After all i am a secret keeper in our group, so any one can talk to me about anything. Like i know that sara's love towards aarav before anyone knows ( still everyone thoughts its a arranged marriage but i only know the truth ), Tina going to propose her crush tomorrow, kaviya had secret crush on her classmate kunal, anisha decides to run away from home to find her dreams.

On the other hand i am like an library, i don't have any secrets to share, everyone knows me.... i don't believe in things like love. I had only one aim in life, to start my own business and stand on my own leg and make my parents happy 😊. But today I forget all my dreams and hang around behind her. How stupid you are Charan.... 🤷‍♂️.

In this one week i only find she was a wise selfless, patriotic in nature, daddy's little princess, responsible one, but jolly in nature, homely, beautiful, matured and organized 💖. Alongside she was also compassionate and cheerful, pack of surprises and humorous, in total she was a dream package 💖.

The first day i meet her .... i felt several attachments towards her . Well of course i took it as a attraction first.... but it's not true. Of course i was trying to suppress it, but day by day her control over my heart was increasing, i was craving for her presence and dying to know her more.

Finally I sought Kaviya's help to know her name. I'm not shy but I was afraid kaviya would tell everyone about this. Before that I have to do one thing.

Me : hey sweety....

Kaviya : yaa bro.... what you want ?

Me : of course i want something.... where is raj uncle ( Janani's father ) and his family ? I have not seen him these days.

Kaviya : they all are out of station. I think they back in two days.

Me : oh i see.... okay.... then....

Kaviya : then.... what ?

Me : how can I ask you this.... ? ( with little bit hesitate )

Kaviya : oh c'mon....

Me : i want to know one girl's name 😁....

Kaviya : girl ? You ? who ? 🙄

Me : that girl with red dress....

Kaviya : she ?

Her response seems sarcastic.

Kaviya : What will you give me if I help you 😝 ?

Me : anything..... just name it what you like ?

Kaviya : oh how sweet my bro is.... I will use this gift in the future. Don't forget your promise.

Me : okay cool.... answer to me... who is she ?

Kaviya : oh c'mon brother, Have you forgotten her ? She is your eternally beautiful childhood friend.

Me : what ?????????? Is this she ? 😳

I would never expect this answer from kaviya. She has changed a lot over the years.

Searching for writer.....

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