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Revenge of the Ghost - 25

The mystery man with Shankarbaba lifted Ravindra in his awfully big hands and took him inside the hut. He placed Ravindra on the ground and Shankarbaba drew a circle of some powder around Ravindra. Shashtriji inquisitively looked at Shankarbaba upon that action. Baba said, ‘this is the holy powder made up by my Guruji which can create a protective circle which cannot be penetrated by any evil spirit.’ Then Baba set on his elevated place and started meditation. Shashtriji sat near the circle and kept a close eye at Ravindra. The mystery man was as usual nowhere to be found.

Suddenly, the entire hut was filled with a loud scream. It was Ravindra. He woke up and screamed his lungs out by calling his beloved Satya. Shankarbaba stood up and started to pamper Ravindra. Ravindra cried like a baby and told, ‘Baba, Satya. What happened to her? Did the ghost kill her? Is she dead now?’ Baba said, ‘No Ravindra. Satya is alive and there was the trick from the ghost to distract us so that we cannot find the reality about its story. So, don’t worry Ravindra, the God is with us, and we will not let anything happen to Satya.’ Ravindra looked a bit satisfied with the answer, but he still had his doubts. Though there was no other way around this situation apart from trusting Shankarbaba.

Ravindra asked, ‘Baba what now? How will we find my Satya?’ Baba said, ‘let me finish the story as every answer lies within that story.’ Baba continued from he was interrupted by the ghost. ‘Shyam was unable to decide whether to leave or to help those girls. The decision was hard to take because it was a matter of life and death. Even if he helps those girls, when Surajsinh finds about that he will surely take revenge on his family. Shyam could bare anything in the world, but if anything happens to his family, he could not bear even a thought of that. Shyam was in this dilemma. Eventually he decided to help those girls as the pure blood within his veins which was inscribed with bravery and purity won that battle between right and wrong. His moral compass could not allow him to leave those girls in that condition.

‘But then that was not the only question of saving girls. Shyam wanted to put an end to this entire operation. So, the biggest challenge was how? With a heavy heart Shyam decided to leave the place and went back home, but with a firm decision to help those girls. It was late and when Shyam reached home, his daughter Mithu was already asleep. Sonal was awake and seeing Shyam in that condition, her heart sank. She did not say anything, but deep down her heart she knew that something bad had happened and her pure heart was shaking with fear of happening something worst. Shyam did not utter a word and just went to sleep after getting cleaned up. Shyam tried very hard to sleep, but the horrors of that entire day did not allow him to sleep.’

The mystery man came in, whispered something in Baba’s ears and left. Baba continued, ‘Sonal woke up early and could not find Shyam in their bed. She just rushed out to find him. She found him in the little temple of their home. He was praying and after finishing that he turned around and found Sonal standing there. He knew that he had to give a lot of answers. So, he pulled her aside and told her the entire story and explained that if he helps those girls, it would be extremely dangerous for her and their daughter. Sonal was also a brave wife of a brave husband.’ She said, ‘Shyam I like two things the most in you. Your strength and your moral ethics. I know the dangers associated with this action but, I want you to help those girls as hard as you can without worrying about us as there will be many more girls who will be saved from this vicious cycle of physical abuse. So, take the blessings from the God and be victorious in your fight against evil.’

Baba said, ‘Shyam was now ready to take the next step. He was a brave man but not a foolish one. So, he started to keep a watch on this entire racket. He wanted to know, how the girls are targeted and who is that hidden person who supplied all these girls to Surajsinh. This was a very closely guarded secret by everyone associated with Surajsinh and that person was the most important person in this entire business. Shyam was unable to gather any clue for a week. He was about to lose his patience and a miracle happened. Something happened and that shadow person had to come out in the open. Shyam was behind all that as he came to know that a truck was going to deliver 30 girls to Surajsinh and Shyam put a plan in motion. ‘

What was the plan? Will Shyam succeed? To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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