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Revenge of the Ghost - 24

Shankarbaba stood up immediately and told Ravindra to stay there and went out. Ravindra felt a sudden chill and he realized that the ghost was there. He ran out despite of Shankarbaba’r order. As he came out, he just could not believe his eyes and almost turned to statue when he saw the most horrific scene of his entire life. It was noon but it was dark outside. There were no clouds, but it was raining as Ravindra felt some droplets on his face. When he checked a droplet with his fingers, it was blood and he got scared to his bones. He was unable to decide what was scarier the blood rain or what he was seeing with his eyes.

There were almost 100 bodies of women floating surrounding the hedge of Shankarbaba’s hut trying to get inside but could not as the hut was protected by some unknown force field. It was dark so faces of the bodies were not clear, but the eyes deep dark red eyes were visible, and they were scarry as hell. Blood was dripping from wounds on their bodies which were ghastly pale. All were banging their fists on the force field to enter. Ravindra was stunned, scared, and glued to the land. Each and every cell in his body was scared to its core and he could not either move or speak. His was brain freeze. He just stood there. Meanwhile Shankarbaba was chanting some hymns and that was making the ghosts angrier and angrier. They started to scream louder and louder with every chant.

There was the deep dark empire of evil fighting with all its strength. But Shankarbaba and Shashtriji were fighting very hard as if were a question of life and death. The atmosphere was filled with screams, chants, blood, fear, agony, and what not. There was death all around.

A loud bang and everything stood still. It was still dark but without any movement anywhere. A shrill was heard. ‘Raviiiiiii’ ,Satya was calling Ravindra for help. Ravindra could not believe his ears and shouted back, ‘Satu where are you?’ Someone appeared just outside the hedge. Face was not clear so nobody could identify her. Suddenly, she looked up and Ravindra’s heart stopped it was his Satya. Satya was floating in mid air and her face was normal. She was crying tears of blood. Ravindra could not see that and ran as hard as he could to help her. Shankarbaba stopped him and said, ‘She is not Satya, Ravindra please calm down.’

Satya was crying and calling Ravindra for help. Ravindra knew that it was not her. But he could not bare those screams. He covered his ears and closed his eyes to avoid those soul crushing screams.

A grisly sound was heard, and Satya spoke, ‘Ravindra, I warned you. Do not interfere in this matter. But you did not listen, and you continued to interfere. Now be ready for the consequences.’ Satya then floated very high in the air and fell with a loud crash. Everyone could listen the sound of cracking of bones followed by painful screams of Satya. Ravindra ran like a bull but was stopped by the same person who informed Shankarbaba about this. He was a giant man and Ravindra could not find a way pass through him and could not reach to help Satya. Then Satya gave an angry look to Ravindra. Her nail on the right hand’s first finger grew in length and Satya started to cut her own throat with that extremely sharp nail. Ravindra could not bare that. There was blood gushing out of the cut rapidly like a mad river flowing down a mountain. Satya was breathing heavily and still requesting Ravindra to help her with all the possible emotions through her eyes.

Ravindra fainted as his brain was completely overwhelmed by the scene and his helplessness in this situation. Seeing that, Satya rose to life and said, ‘Shankar do not cross my path. Otherwise, you will not be spared. Your dog will not be able to save you this time pointing towards the giant man who was still holding Ravindra. Shankarbaba said, ‘Do what ever you can. But you can not do anything to these kids. They are under my protection, and I am under Lord Shiva’s. Then he took some powder in his palm, chanted something, and threw on the ghost. The ghost was taken aback with a loud scream as it burned her skin and currently Satya’s skin. Baba said, ‘I know who you are, and I can help you leave this world and continue your journey. Revenge will not give you peace and until you find peace you will be stuck in this world and will be in constant pain due to same.

The ghost said, ‘Do whatever you can to stop me, but I will exact revenge, and nobody can stop me now. This is just a warning to you and now be ready for your destruction with full force of my strength.

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