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The Secret of the Naga Forest - Episode 4 - Punuku Pamman

Chapter 4

Punuku Pamman

There are so many hidden treasures in the forest like Gold, rare herbs and mountain springs. If there is a mountain spring in the northeastern part of any forest and if you take a bath in it in the early morning hours on the day of the Chitra Pournami it will improve your health to a great extent.

Similarly, those who are in extreme poverty, if they could find a limestone spring and take a bath in it during the Brahma Muhurta on the day of Deepavali their miseries will be washed away. But the truth is, it is very difficult to find a limestone spring in any forest. Most of the of limestone springs are located in icy mountainous areas. The water in this springs will be very warm. It is believed that during the morning hours of Deepavali, the water in the springs will get filled with positive energy which will benefit the people who take bath in the spring at that time. It is a common belief that water from all over the world will merge into the Ganga river in the early morning hours and taking a bath at that time will relieve all your sins.

The tribal people who were assembled there could not believe the confidence and the speed at which Nanji put her hand in a hole in the snake hill and took it back out after a long time. She then looked at the crowd, had a glimpse at her baby lying on the blanket and again put her hand into another hole in the snake hill.

Fortunately the snake did not bite her.

Mohan thought that Nanji was not bitten because there were no snakes in that snake hill.

Nanji was sweating like anything she looked at the crowd ferociously , bent down and took her baby in her arms.

The village head looked at her sympathetically and suddenly started slapping himself on his cheeks saying, "Oh, divine mother…forgive me you are the protector of the justice…I have no doubt about it... you have proved it my mother..." he said emotionally.Nanji’s husband came forward and stood before the village head admitting his mistake.

“Hey....Chatha, is your suspicion over? “the village head asked.

Chathan shook his head in agreement.

“You fool, do not blame that poor girl any more go and live with her peacefully, understand?”


“Oh,Nagamma,my divine mother in your name now I dissolve this panchayat. “said the village head. He looked at Mohan and said a little loud so that everyone can hear, “Hey,you outsider leave this place immediately, we do not need your help to develop our tribe.”

What the village head said made Mohan to stand there totally confused and helpless regarding what to do next?

The crowd started dispersing.

Only the literate young man and Mohan were left alone.

"What Bro,Why are you so tensed after hearing the village head’s words?”

“Bro,I can’t understand why your people behave like this?”

“Bro,what to say, here our life is like that we have only limited freedom we are controlled by the age old traditions and customs. I am suffering a lot here but even if I wish I can’t go out from here.The reason being the ‘naga tattoo’.”

“Naga tattoo, What’s it?”

“Bro,you look at my back.” He removed his vest and showed the naga tattoo on his back to Mohan.

“What is this?”

“Naga tattoo.”


“As an identification which depicts that I am a person who has attempted to go out of this forest breaking the traditional rules.”

"Attempting to go out...I can’t understand what you say!”

"Oh,bro, I went out of this forest deciding to live in the nearby town but my people caught me and brought me back here to the forest and as a punishment they put this naga tattoo on my back. Once again If I make an attempt to go away from this forest they will tie me in that wooden log near the Naga Linga tree and that will be the end of everything. “He said.

“That will be end…how?”

“Yes,Bro... see that wooden log kept there ready, it is for that purpose only... " The young man showed Mohan the wooden log which was near the Naga Linga tree.

“Bastards..,they have kept a wooden log also for this purpose permanently? "

“Yes,Bro... if we they tie someone there means his life is over.”


"A very big mountain snake called Karkodaka is here in this forest. It is believed that it will swallow alive those who disobey our customs and traditions."

"So what you say is that the Karkodaka will come and swallow the persons tied to that wooden log at night?"


"Has it swallowed anyone before?"

"Yes,Bro, in the past two years it has swallowed five people alive. "

Mohan was quiet upset hearing the news of innocent people being killed in this way so brutally. His face expressed his inner feelings!

"What is your name.....? "

"They call me Punuku(Civet)Pamman,Bro"

"Punuku Pamman? I have never heard of such a name. What is this,bro?

"There are many civet cats in this Naga forest,bro.They call me so because I used to collect the civet from them."

"Civet…what's it’s use?"

"It's a type of medicine...some people also use it as a perfume"

"Medicine... how do you make that medicine?"

"Bro.... I do not know how to make that medicine and all. But in our tribe, we use it to heal wounds. We use the civet mixing it with castor oil to heal burns faster."

"After collecting the civet, what you will do with it?"

*There is a Siddha doctor in this forest ... I will give it to him in exchange of something which I need."

"Is that enough for you?

"Bro,we get everything for a livelihood here rice, vegetables and fruits. We hunt rabbit and pig for meat. So whatever I get is more than enough for me."

Mohan was in a world of his own after listening to Pamman.

"Ok,bro,may I know your name? "

"I am Mohan."

"Mohan... It’s a very popular name like Mohanlal?"

"Ha,Ha sometimes it may remind you our superstar."

"Yes, they came here once for a shoot and at that time one of their team member was bitten by a snake and died on the spot and they stopped the shoot and left from here, it was quite unfortunate… "

"Oh…do they shoot films in this forest?"


"Pamma,you have seen any films?"

"How can I see know they do not allow me to go out of this damn forest, right? "

"Let it be. Do you know where the bungalow of the superstar is in this forest?"

"Why not bro,you mean Manolal sir, right?"

"Yes,Pamma,have you seen him..."

"Bro,he used to come with me for hunting and all…" when Punuku Pamman said this Mohan got shocked!

He started thinking about a way to extract the maximum information from Pamman.

"Pamma, I have come to Naga forest to meet our super star Manolal for an interview.... We got an information that he is here, Is he really here now...Do you know?"

"That...that…bro,I don’t know. "Pamman tried to avoid the topic.

"Pamma, I know that you know it, but for some reason you don’t want to tell it, its ok."

"No,bro,it’s not like that, I have to go now, I have got a lot of work to do."Pamman was trying to leave the place at the earliest.

Mohan understood that Pamman is not interested in giving any more information.

Still he asked,

"Ok,Pamma,can you do me a favour?"


"I'd like to stay here for a couple of days. Please help me…"

"This is a forest, can you stay here?"

"Then, how did that doctor you said stayed here?"

"Hmm….there is a place called Peacock spring here with a cave near it. He used to stay there."

"Inside the cave... there won't be any light in the night, right?"

"You have to use a torch,bro!It is very difficult to get a place like that here and how can you expect light and all!”

An unknown fear enveloped Mohan.