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The Secret of the Naga Forest - Episode 5 - Shadows unknown

Chapter 5

Shadows unknown

Despite the abundance of forest with immense resources in India, the Siddhas chose only a few forests as their permanent abode. Among them the forests in the south Pothigai,Kolli,and Chathuragiri are worth mentioning. Some forests in the Himalayan region are also known for their herbs. The Siddhas found many unique species of herbs there which they have mentioned in their books.

Daruka forest, Naga forest, Maya forest, Vrindavan and Sanjeevi forest are believed to be the abode of gods and goddesses.

Nagamma in Naga forest is worshipped as a very powerful goddess. The tribal people believes that Nagamma roams around the forest in the midnight with her anklets on. Many tribal people who has went for hunting in the late hours of the night has heard this sound’chil,chil,chil’.They also believe that if they hear this sound they will not be affected by any diseases for the rest of their life time. Some of the tribal people say that Nagamma roams around like this in the forest to give special powers for the herbs.

There is a herb called 'Yavana Kanthi' which prevents aging in the Naga forest and it is believed that it will not grow in a place if there is any human movement near it. It will not tolerate even a slight tremor in the earth. This all makes Naga forest a real mystic forest by all means.

A mobile tower was there nearby!

Mohan called Menon.

“Did you reach, Mohan?”

“I am speaking from Naga forest only, sir. "

“There isn’t any rain, right?"

“No sir... but there are no facilities here to stay”

“Then, try to stay in the nearby town and manage.”

“The nearby town is too far from here, sir... but I’ll manage. "

“Do not take the risk of staying in the forest unnecessarily. There may be a guest house for the forest department officials there… Go there and use our channel name, they will accommodate you, I hope. "

“That is a good idea sir. I'm leaving now, by the way,Manolala is here only, sir.”

“How do you know?”

“I met an interesting character here. I got the information from him. Manolal is not the only mystery in Naga forest, sir.”

“What else is there?”

“A lot sir... there is no place here without a mystery.”

" I don’t understand, Mohan, could you be more specific.”

“Dr. Raman Kutty is also here.It seems like recently, four or five people were swallowed by a mountain snake alive after the tribals tied them in a wooden log as punishment ... "

“Do mountain snakes swallow humans?"

“Yes,sir,so far, it has swallowed more than four people ,there is a lot of cruel and stupid customs and traditions here. A woman has given birth to a baby and the husband says that the baby is not like him and he doubts his wife. They call for panchayat meeting in one Nagamma temple, where there is a snake hill and they force the girl to put her hands in the snake hole there to prove her innocence.”

"Did you see all this live?"

“Yes sir.. I do also took a photo and video”

“Good, You shouldn’t let go of these superstitions when you see them.”

“Sure sir”

“How did you find that Manolal is there?”

“I got myself introduced to an youngster by name Punuku Pamman. Funny name isn’t it ,sir?"

“The tribal people’s names are like that only… As he collects civet, his name is Punuku Pamman. If someone collects honey then his name may be Honey Kora, If he collect gall nuts, then his name may be Gall nut Kumaran…”

“Excellent,sir,you have got a very good knowledge about the tribal people, sir. "

“Come to the matter were saying something about the Punuku Pamman?"

“That Punuku Pamman is a forest escort for Manolal when he go for hunting, sir...but when I asked him whether Manolal is there in his bungalow, he immediately left the place without answering anything.”

“I hope you are going in the right direction, Mohan and one more thing I am very happy that I have assigned the right person for this important assignment.”

“Sir, appreciate me after I conclude my investigation successfully. I have only started the work, however thank you for the trust, you have kept in me! "saying this Mohan cut the call.

The thoughts about his love Mohini disturbed him much and he wasted no time and called her the very next minute.

“Hai, Mohu...”

“Come to the matter directly dear, I know well how much you love me.”

“Darling, I am talking to you from the mystic Naga forest ... "

“I do not know whether it is mystic or not for me it is only a forest like any other!”

“Don’t make fun of me, dear be serious.”

"First you learn how to present an information brief and without wasting time and always remember that you hold an important position as Investigative Journalist in your channel.”

“Oops ...but dear, you do not even allow me to speak then how can I present it?.”

“Who said, now come out with the information you have. "

“Ok,Madam, I'm coming to the subject, listen carefully … the doctor whom you were searching for is here only and I have reason to believe that the herbs that are needed to cure your dad is available here in plenty.”

“Man, don’t waste your time just talking, get those herbs and let my dad come out of his illness, I have to take my dad before that greedy city doctor and ask a few questions at his face. Then we can discuss in detail about our dream marriage, if not just forget me forever that is my final answer to you, my sweet heart.”

“Dear, you are becoming very selfish day by day!”

“Not like that darling, it is just to make you more responsible.”

“Mohu, I feel like if you were with me now, this cool breeze and the darkness around me reminds me of the moments we were alone in the beach planning our future!”

“It is good that I am in your dreams only now as I have to wash a bundle of clothes here... "

Mohini’s words made him a little upset.

Half mindedly he said, "Ok,my angel, bye."

He put his mobile back in his pocket. It was getting dark. There were no one to be seen in the nearby area. A slight fear enveloped him. Suddenly a mongoose jumped and crossed him giving him a shock.

He started walking with the big question in his mind ‘on which side of the forest the guest house will be?’ At the same time a shadow behind a tree started observing him. In that pitch darkness no one could feel or see it…