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The Teaching of the clock

Yes, you read 'the teaching of the clock' correctly. It may seem a little strange to read that what else can we learn from the clock? Does the clock only indicate time? What do we teach the rest of the clock? Many writers and poets have said in their own artistic way that it is like adopting and bringing to life from the many natural elements around us. Yes, that too is true. But on the other hand, many man-made things also teach us a lot. This watch is one of them.

In everyday life, we often use sentences like, 'Hey, it's been a long time?', 'Oh, I've been here for so long? ',' It's too late today. ',' Are you still here? '.... etc .... All these sentences a man often speaks only by looking at the clock. All these gestures are the trick of this watch.

If we take the first example of our life as a teaching of such a clock, then in this clock-like life there are three thorns called present, future and past. The hour hand indicates the present, the minute hand indicates the future, and the second hand indicates the past. If a person starts following the rule of these three thorns, then man not only lives but also enjoys life.

In this clock, just as the three hands move in the same direction, so the three blacks also move in the same direction. Like today's present is tomorrow's past, tomorrow's present is today's future and today's future is tomorrow's present. Thus all three turn the wheel of blackness. That's what I say.

"One who understands the law of the three hands of the clock,
It's time to dump her and move on. "

Another example is that in this clock-like world, friends are like these three thorns. Just like when all three thorns come together, sometimes they are completely opposite to each other. The same is true of friends, sometimes they get annoyed with each other and sometimes they show anger in front of the annoyed ones. Just as these three thorns are connected to each other by the same link, so also friends are connected in the same life from the link of friendship.

If we take the third example, we can compare the family members with the hands of the clock. The oldest means the elders are equal to the hour hand and the adult means our parents are equal to the minute hand and the youth is equal to the second hand. Just as a clock, if it does not have a clock, becomes useless even if it is turned on. It is the elders who have perpetuated the ancient culture. In the same way, without the Mobhis, the irrigation of the sacraments is also useless. Now the adult, like the thorns of the minute, is also responsible for tying the chain of sacraments in the family. If there is only a second hand in the clock, it is useless even if the clock is on, that is why the joy of living with the elders in the family and following the social customs does not take us back from any corner of this world.

It is said, 'The Lord created you today. Just like that, "O man, this watch made by you teaches you to live life today."

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