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The witch

It was winter time…..Dense fog covered the city. My maternal grandfather was a big officer. As usual, on that day when my maternal grandfather finished his work and started going home from office, he stopped to collect some goods from the market on the way. The rest of his companions went ahead and he was left behind.
While taking the goods, he did not know the time and when Nanaji saw his watch, seeing the time, he felt that it would be too late to reach home today. He thought that if I go through the forest, I will reach soon, so he drove the car towards the forest. It had become quite dark. Nanaji was driving at high speed but a woman came in front of his car. He had to hit the brakes with a jerk. The woman who had come in front of the car was crying loudly.

Nanaji felt that she must be the wife of a laborer who has lost her way. The road was deserted, so he thought that this woman should be helped. He asked the woman what is she doing here alone? She did not answer and started crying loudly. It seemed as if the whole forest was resonating with his voice. Nanaji asked where is her house, even then she did not say anything.

Nanaji told him that you come to my house with me and I will drop you at your house in the morning. She agreed to walk with Nanaji and sat on the back seat of the car.

Due to custom, he had put a veil over his head, due to which his face was hidden. Everyone on the car was waiting for Nanaji, as soon as the sound of the car came, everyone ran away and gathered.

When asked about that woman in the house, Nanaji told the whole story. Nanaji said that this food will be prepared today. But my mother got suspicious of that woman. They thought that it was some thief who would steal the things of the house and run away. Mother asked her to go to the kitchen and cook, she left without giving any answer. Strange sounds were coming from the kitchen.

After keeping all the things in the kitchen, my mother told him that everyone is hungry, so cook food quickly. Sent him to the kitchen but the mother's mind still did not calm down. After 10 minutes, when the mother reached the kitchen, she saw that she was still taking out the fish from the bag. Seeing this, the mother got angry. He told him that you have not started cooking yet, when will it be made and when will we eat.

The woman's face was still covered, so no one saw her face. Mother kept trying to see his face but she did not even see a glimpse of him. Mother said if there is any need, call her but still she did not say anything. she thought that she might be afraid of unknown people. The mother left the kitchen but when she came back after 10 minutes, the mother got scared seeing the kitchen scene. His feet froze there. There was no sound in his throat.

she saw the woman sitting on the kitchen slap and eating raw fish. Bones and pieces of meat are scattered all over the kitchen.

The veil of her head was also removed, her face was very scary. The hair is very long and the nails are black. She was engrossed in eating fish, that's why her attention did not go to her mother. Mother did not even cry that she should not become more dangerous.

Mother picked up a plate and she ran towards it picking up the burning coal from the stove.

she still sees that woman today.

Coal was thrown at that witch, because of the burning of the fire, the witch started making loud noises. Hearing her voice, the whole house gathered.

she was thrown out of the house by showing fire. Her voice was so loud that even the people around him gathered outside. The witch ran towards the forest, clearing the crowd of people, all the people were trembling with fear and were also appreciating my mother's courage that if she had not driven the witch from the coal at the right time, I don't know what Happens.

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