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Unknown Love - Episode 8

Anshika says with tensed look, " We have to go office and check the call details. I am sure no one will come to check Meena."
Rajveer asked Aditya and Kashish to stay and keep eye on Manish and Meena.
Rajveer and Anshika reach again to office and check the call details.
Rajveer get surprised to see Vinay's call details, because one number was not common but he daily talk to that person two to three hours.
Rajveer asked Harsh to check the details of both the numbers. One number which was common between three of them but other number found in Vinay's call details that was surprising.
Anshika and Rajveer reach to mental alysum and see Meena was missing. Aditya and Kashish was injured and unconscious laying on floor.
Rajveer think it must be Manish and his girlfriend.
Rajveer asked Harsh to call the doctor and they need treatment with first aid.
Anshika looks at Rajveer and they both leave the alysum and they both reach to Vinay's house.
Meena, Manish and his girlfriend (Sheila) reach to Vinay's house and he was scared to see them by giving them surprised visit.
Sheila says with serious look, " Vinay, you and your wife making fool to other people by snatching the lands and selling to builder in high rate. Manish thanks for help as you really love me and think to get change by supporting me. Vinay see my sister she lost her baby and mentally ill, your son Ricky daily abused mentally and physically. She was pregnant due your son. Ricky was crazy and you know we make him kill same way as sister was abused. Your wife is responsible for my father's death. So, we murdered them and now your turn you thought. I am in love with you no...no... come... let's play a game. Manish bring floor cleaner liquid and you have to drink it..."
Rajveer and Anshika reach on time and save Vinay's life. Vinay says with fearful face, " Sir...Sir...save me from this mad people."
Manish and Sheila surrender self to them and accept that they plan robbery to show by giving them money and then murdered them. Manish and Sheila asked to arrest Vinay as he also responsible for illegal business of land grabbing from poor and weak people.
Rajveer asked constables to take them and Sheila request Rajveer to take care of her sister as she done crime for their father and justice of Meena's bad condition.
Anshika says with emotional face, " Sheila, you have right intension to justice but the way you choose was wrong. But, because of your crime she has to spent life time without you."
Manish says with emotional face, " Madam, we does it for justice of a girl who was abused mentally and physically, she lost her baby before coming in world. I know Vinay has heamophobia and we try to show that he does it in frustration. But, all plan got spolied."
Mental alysum staff then take Meena and Anshika was feeling like she will get faint and having pain in her head. Rajveer holds her and make her sit in car and he give her water bottle to drink.
Anshika tells him that she is fine and it must be due to her hurt that she got on forehead. Rajveer says in lower voice, " Ashi, sorry I remember my past and so...but next time, I will try to control my anger."
Anshika gives a smile and says, " Okay fine, I finally got it that an arrogance behaviour person change to sweet guy with concern. I like it and will you take to tea shop or cafe. I am hungry."
Rajveer with annoyed look says, " I think you should be a chef because always in dream land of food. You are big foodie."
Rajveer stop the car at cafe and she have some snacks and tea with it. Rajveer was looking at her and think how she scold him with love and concern for him. Anshika was busy in eating food and Rajveer remembers that she stop on time but because him she got hurt. Rajveer think she not blamed him and said nothing. Rajveer thinks she feels his pain without saying anything and give a good suggestion as no one tried to understand him and only his uncle understand him then now Anshika.
Rajveer was getting attracted towards her with unknown feeling of love. Anshika was unknown of her own feelings for Rajveer which making her happy by his presence.

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