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Unknown Love - Episode 7

Manish was working as doctor there and he was in mental asylum room and having romance with a girl. Manish was forcibly trying to kiss her and getting intimate. Rajveer with his team reach to mental asylum. Aditya asked a ward boy about Mainsh and he showed the way of special ward. They reach to specail ward.

Rajveer with his team caught him up with evidence and that girl confess that he forcing her to kiss and trying to get intimate.
Anshika take the girl aside and Kashish handle her. But that girl says, "Madam, actually I was anger on him and he was making me smile by acting romantic."
Manish says with fear face, "Who are you and without appointment...?" Aditya shows the ID card to Mainsh. Manish says with fear, "S..Si..Sir, she is my girlfriend and we just..."
Anshika asked Manish about murdered lady Asha by showing her photo in mobile. Rajveer beat him badly and asked him to tell the truth.
Manish tells with fear feeling, " I will tell everything wait...!"
Manish get up and open the cupboard and show the client files to Rajveer & Anshika.
Anshika notice a common name that was of that lady means Asha who got murdered.
Manish tells that, " Sir ji, she had illegal work of fake land deals and once she offered a person of 1 crore deal of land. She with her son Ricky reach to that person home and he was living with his daughter. Then, Ricky abuse his daughter in front of him and she asked him to sign up the papers of that land. Then she sell the land to a big builder. But her son Ricky was attracted to his daughter so daily he go to abuse his daughter and she got pregnant. But then they both daughter and father got missing, only his daughter got and she is here in asylum. Sir, you can meet her but she is not mentally stable."
Anshika got the case solution, " Rajveer Sir, case is solved means her father is culprit behind this robbery and murder. See robber's finger prints of other person means he plan the robbery first. Then after robbery he murdered them by smartly without any evidence. But robber forget to wear gloves,so finger prints we got."
Rajveer says with tensed look, " Means this murder is planned and robbery also.I have a plan Manish you inform that him that his daughter's health is detoriating and need to handle her with care."
Manish tells, "Sir,but an NGO is taken her responsibility."
Rajveer asked him to just do what he say!
Manish make a call to NGO by telling that Meena's health is getting detorating so if they want to meet they can! Rajveer asked, "Aditya, you to take a get up of ward boy and Kaishish you be with him as doctor. Meena's father will definiately will come and I know he is working their. Anshika have you understood."
Anshika shows the file that her father work in an NGO so he must taken help for Meena's treatment.
Rajveer then asked Anshika to go and see is CCTv working or not because it will help to get know about the Meena's father apperance and his act.
Anshika asked Rajveer, "Sir, before going I want to tell you that please dont get angry and try to control." Rajveer gives her an annoyed look. Anshika feels hestiate and walks towards control room of CCTv.Manish asked his girlfriend to contiune their romance after they all go from here. Manish's girlfriend was scared and try to skip from there with a personal reason.
Anshika remembers Manish's girlfriend having same white small scar on left cheek of her. Anshika open the file that Manish gave in that there was Meena's father photo. Manish's girlfriend was looking similar to him. Anshika make a call to Rajveer and pick up the call seeing it's Anshika calling him.
Anshika asked to come Manish's cabin.
Rajveer was in tension as what must be the reason?
Aditya and Kashish was protecting Meena.
Rajveer reach to Manish's cabin and see Anshika get annoyed with her act.
Anshika shows him the photo of Meena's father and Manish's girlfriend similar scar. Anshika tell him that she work in same office which Vinay works.
Harsh send the details of Meena's father as he having two daughters. Meena's father is death and the finger was match to a criminal and know is in jail for new mobiles he robbed from a shop.
He also checked the call details of Vinay, Asha and Ricky's call details but one number is common in it.

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