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Unknown Love - Episode 9

Rajveer and Anshika was in cafe having snacks together. Rajveer says with mischievous smile, " Anshika, tomorrow at morning we will change our workout means..."
Suddenly, Anshika coughs and Rajveer offers her water and then get up, rub her back gently.
Anshika says with annoyed face, " Sir... please I am fit and healthy. Please I will workout daily but not at morning at 6 am...oh...it's very early!"
Rajveer laughs on her cute expression and Anshika admires him as he was looking attractive while laughing, as she thought he is not so arrogant and rude person.
Rajveer asked her to come with him, as he having some issue.
Anshika asked is there something problem and he says, " Actually, Anshika I am going to orphanage and old-age home. I want suggestion for gifting them something good and usable for their daily use."
Anshika says with smile, " Okay! Wait I will inform Mom that, I will get late to reach out at home."
Rajveer asked her to wait outside and he will pay the bill ten come to her and, till that time she can inform her family. Rajveer goes towards counter and pay the bill. Rajveer take a parcel in that there was a cake.
Anshika was waiting and seeing a family where they were pampering a small girl with love. Anshika get emotional as she don't remember her childhood also only present moment can she remember.
Rajveer comes and asked her to get in car as he noticed her pain on her face seeing the family and a cute little girl.
Rajveer after sitting in car, he gives her tissue paper box. Anshika looks at him and taking the box say thanks.
Kavi reach to Siya's house and they discussed about their engagement ceremony arrangements.
Siya tells him about booking of hall and catering service.
Siya lives alone in the flat as she lost her family in an accident. Siya asked him to come with her in bedroom as she wants to show the clothes that she shopped for engagement ceremony.
Siya shows with excitement and Kavi sees her excited expression on face. But suddenly he kiss on her lips to make her shut up and he says, " Okay, I like all the clothes and I will wear it. But what about food please... can you make something in snacks as our new ACP given most complicated pending cases to solve...but soon it will get solve, I am hungry. I am tired, can I rest here please... By the way the house is under renovation and Papa is out of station for seminar. So engagement postpone to next week."
Siya tells him that his father told her and asked to be tension free as he already arranged everything, he just wants Kavi suggestion if he wants to make changes in food menu and decoration. But Kavi already agreed with planned arrangements of engagement 💍 ceremony.
Rajveer with Anshika reach to house, Anshika seeing his house says, " Sir, you live in flat but you was offered a row house then?"
Rajveer tells about his uncle and its flat of his uncle. Anshika reach at his flat as it was at 7th floor, as there was two flats on single floor as it was 3 BHK flat.
Anshika enters to his flat as he opened the door.
Rajveer tells her to get fresh till that time he will keep the parcel in refrigerator. Anshika asked him about washroom direction and he tells her the direction.
Anshika get fresh and asked Rajveer to get fresh as till that time she will think about gifts.
Rajveer offers her coffee ☕ and cake 🍰. Then he goes towards washroom and get fresh, after that he change the clothes in his room.
Really, Anshika was gulity as she not understand his good side of him and he was strict according to his position as ACP. As he was handling a big position with responsiblities as strict discipline, honest and punctual person is important.
Anshika thinks 🤔 and take out her phone and browse on internet about the gift ,what to gift?
Rajveer comes from his room and sit beside her. Rajveer was wearing an 3/4 pant colour black and sleeveless inner vest colour black.
Anshika looks at his biceps 💪. Rajveer asked how is the coffee as he don't know to make perfect coffee.
Anshika looks towards with smile and as was feeling an crash on his handsome look.
Anshika tells him that, " Making a coffee is not so hard; only we have to know about his quantity that we add to it. By the way, I think sugar needs more as its taste is bitter."
Rajveer snatched the cup and taste it but it was good. Anshika laughs and get up runs away from him. She tells it was a joke as coffee was perfectly made.