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The ugly girl - 1

Chapter 1: The ugly girl

One day a new girl came to school. The new girl was excited to make new friends with people, but kids always run away from her.

Because kids always tell her that she’s ugly. Kids don’t play with her, they do not to sit beside her and they do not talk to her.

The girl came back from school, and started crying and she said that, she do not want to go to that school anymore.

Her mother told her to sit down, when she sat down her mother said, do not worry very soon you will start to get used to what people talk about you.

Her mother told her to clean your face. She cleaned her face and went to her room and slept. When she woke up, she felt better.

And hugged her mother she took her dinner and went to bed.

The next day, when she went to school she greeted her teacher sat down on her chair. She saw the students were whispering to each other. The ugly girl smiled to herself. She told the teacher, the teacher told them to stand up.

They stand up, one of the boy that was standing up. Saw the ugly girl smiling, when he saw the ugly girl smiling, he was angry

The teacher saw the boy looking at the girl. The teacher beat the boy, the boy shouted. The teacher said to the boy, after the class you will have detention. After the class, the girl went back home. She told her mother what happened in school.

Her mother said if the boy is older than her. The girl said that the boy is older than her, her mother said that if you told the teacher. He will very soon do his own back to you. The girl was scared, of what her mother said.

The next day she went to school. The girl was very scared when she went to school. Saw the boy that the teacher told him to stand up. She saw the boy had a wound on his fear.

The ugly girl felt bad for the boy, she went to the boy to tell him sorry the boy pushed her. The boy was laughing at her, the boy told her that he doesn’t have any wound on his face. He said that it was just a prank. The boy called his friends. They all started to beat the girl they wounded the ugly girl.

The girl started crying she ran away to the bush. The girl stayed there for a very long time. When it was closing time, the girl woke up she went back home. She ran fast to her room and locked the door.

She was crying since in her room. Her mother went to her room to tell her what happened, but the girl told that she want to be alone for now. Her mother went away. The girl was still crying in her room.