I don't love you - 3 books and stories free download online pdf in English

I don't love you - 3

And third one is that I will earn money and after that I will buy a house for myself and then I will give you divorce.
"What". he screamed.
And the public sitting there start looking at him as he screamed.
Then he realized that he is in public place,he take a long breath and calm himself.
"Will you like a girl who will compromise with you?", she ask.
Then he think deeply.
Ok,....done,he replied.But one thing ,...you will find a girl for me after our divorce.
"Ok,..", she agreed.
He is thinking about the whole conversation and his heart is paining from inside as he hear her heart voice.
They have been just finished their lunch meanwhile Priya's phone come.
She take the call,"Hello,... Please come fast your nani g talks to much asking for the name of astrologer and...". She interrupt her,"ok,.. coming".
I think it's done and we are just friends with lots of limit, she utter.
Hmmm,..he made a voice.
Ok,..bye .
Hmmm...bye,he replies.
She left the cafe and take her way back to home on scooty.
As she reach home,Priya open the door and Ahana notice that she is being in herself.She again put her clothes and as well she does not cover her face with mask.
"Hey,... Did nani g get to know that it's not me in the home?, she ask slowly.
Not at all.. she replied.
I put a sleeping pill in her tea because she irritated me so much blah blah blah...and now she is sleeping.She killed me....uhhh.
Hahaha.. Ahana starts laughing, and this thing make her laugh also.
Hey..You intend to stand outside,Priya said.
Hahaha.. she is still laughing.
You know... you did a great job.
Ooh.. enough.Priya said.
She look at her nani g, her mouth was opened while sleeping.
Haha.. this make both of them laugh.
They went to room Priya started saying,..you know she is an old chatterbox.She was knitting a sweater and as I look at that,she was like,"I am making this sweater for your future child".
Haha..Ahana laughed off.
I was like in my mind," what the hell"?ok,...let it be.she talk further how was your day with him?
She doesn't want to have a conversation about the meeting with him anymore.so, she said,It was good.
Priya want to ask more meanwhile she interrupt her,"ok...I don't know how should I thank you? It's only you who help me everytime".
I will help you every time whenever you feel need,.. she said.
Do you eat something? Ahana ask.
No.. your nani g order me to cook khichdi and I cook with the help of youtube recipes video.
But I didn't eat because doctors adviced me not to consume rice.
Ok....I knew that, therefore I bought this pattie for you.
Hmmm,.... thank you I was so hungry.
And on other side Parv is driving his car. He
Put his hand in the pocket from which he bring up a beautiful box of ref colour in which he bought a diamond ring for her but he didn't gave her ring.
He begins to talk to himself,"before seeing her photo I knew her already when we were child". We studied together in 6th grade and I like her at that time she was a good singer of our school I used to felt shy while talking to her whenever she comes to my place with her family on any occasion I look at her quietly.we were just like"hello..,hi..type friends.As I completed my 6th class,after that we settled in USA. But after my graduation me decided to do business in my own's country. My father is a businessman so I didn't felt any need for doing post graduation.
Then we come back to our own's country and I establish a software company.
As her Father Sunil Kumar come to know that my father is back in India.He called my father in his home and they both began to arrange us in a marriage.As my dad look at Ahana he also like her as his daughter in law.
He shows me Ahana's pic and I couldn't believe myself that she was the girl on which sometimes earlier I had a crush.
Then I say yes to my dad. Who knows that it will happen?
The car took a lurch because of speed breaker and the ring get dropped from his hand he slowed down his car and bent down to lift the ring as he come back to his position he saw a car in full speed, is coming towards him like the driver has been drunk he decided to move the car in another direction but that drunker hit his car from the side.

Boom!! Boom!!
A tree fell down due to a collision.
After few minutes there came an ambulance.

Are both Parv and that drunker get harm from this accident??? Is this accident will make a big difference in Parv life??
To know keep reading my dear friends.
Thank you everyone to read my stories.