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Onsite in Germany - 1

Rishi was excited. This is the first onsite project posting he has received in his career. Rishi, 33 years of age, is a Software Engineer in one of the major IT companies. He had joined this company some years back. With his sheer skill and dedication, he had been able to convince his seniors to secure this online position in Germany. He had developed a very good working relationship with the overseas client and as such the management felt that Rishi would be able to generate better revenue if he was posted at the client's location.

Rishi was at the Airport about to board his flight. This was his first visit out of India. All arrangements have been made by his company for his initial stay at quite a decent hotel in Frankfurt, his city of posting. Lot of thoughts were going on in his head, while he boarded the flight and settled down on his seat. He will be reaching early morning on the next day, which is Sunday. He has already shortlisted from the internet some flats he can take on rent. He had to join his Frankfurt office from Monday. So he has only this Sunday to search for a flat. He cannot stay in a hotel for long, as this will eat into his allowance. But the next leave will only come six days later on next Saturday. This was a point of worry, as searching for addresses in a new foreign city will be difficult on the first day of visit.

Furthermore he is the first person from his Company to be posted for this onsite project. All these months, this project was being handled from the offsite location in India. So Rishi cannot fall back on any support from a second member of his team posted in the Frankfurt office. Whatever issues come, official or personal, he would have to handle it alone.

The flight had a stopover in Dubai. Good that his company had booked him through Emirates Airlines. At least the aircraft was superb, as also the Air Hostesses. Beautiful tall girls, lovely figures. Rishi had this thing for tall girls. Didn't know why, all the more so because he himself was not tall. In fact at 5 feet 3 inches (160 cms) and 64 kg in weight, he was quite a small man, even by Indian standards. But although he liked taller girls, he could not muster up the courage to befriend them, lest he gets turned down because of his short height. The issue was that he actually was rather of an introverted character. That is one reason why he is still unmarried, as he could not get into a relationship with any girl. And he is totally against the idea of any arranged marriage which his parents had been advocating for him.

He forced himself to have some sleep as he knew it would be a tiring first day in Frankfurt going around the city in search of flats on rent…if only he had an Indian colleague there to guide him in this unknown European city...He dozed off…

On landing at Frankfurt airport in the morning, he went through the customs and immigration formalities and collected his two big suitcases from the conveyor belt. Were they heavy !! He had difficulty in getting those heavy bags off the conveyor and then onto the trolley. As he was about to push his trolley towards the exit gate, his mobile rang. He has activated his international roaming as of now… will have to get a local sim card at the earliest. The call seemed to be from a Frankfurt mobile number.

A lady on the other side chimed, "Hi Rishi ! Landed ? Welcome to Frankfurt !"

Rishi couldn't recognise the voice. He replied, "Yes landed, thanks ! But who is this ?"

The lady laughed, "You won't recognise me ? I'm Cassandra Jones. I'm waiting at the exit gate of the Airport."

Rishi was still perplexed, " But how will I recognise you ?"

The woman responded, "Don't worry, I have your picture, I'll come and meet you."

Rishi didn't expect that anybody from the Client's company would come to receive him. They didn't inform him earlier of any such arrangement. Possibly they have given his photo and mobile number to this lady employee. He was inwardly very pleased at this gesture of the Client company.

Once he was out of the exit gate, he stood to one side and was looking around for any lady coming in his direction. Suddenly somebody bear-hugged him from behind. He found himself bodily lifted off the ground, his feet dangling almost a foot above the floor level. He heard a woman giggling away behind him. He turned his head. This must be Cassandra, the lady who telephoned just now. She had picked him up from behind and was laughing away to glory ! She put Rishi down and he turned towards her. Ohh what a sight ! It was as if he was facing a black giantess ! She was just huge ! Definitely a foot taller than him and double his size. The massive African origin lady extended her hand towards Rishi. His palm got totally engulfed in her big hand. Top of Rishi's head did not even come up to her shoulders. He had to tilt his face literally at a 90 degree angle to look up to her face.

The huge lady was all smiles, "Hi Rishi ! I am Cassandra Jones from the Admin department. Sorry, I couldn't resist picking you up in my arms, you are so small and cute !"

Rishi could only reply, "Nobody informed me that you are coming to receive me, Cassandra ?"

" Yess.. I wanted to surprise you! Aren't you glad to see me here ?"

Rishi actually was relieved that he would not have to find his way to the hotel in this unknown foreign city. As it is, with the brief interaction he had with people at the Airport, he found that it was quite difficult to communicate as people mostly spoke in German, and only a very few knew English.

Rishi had to admit, "Yes, it's really thoughtful of your company to send you to receive me. Thank you so much for that."

She smiled sweetly, "Yes, we thought that since this is your first visit here, it may be difficult for you to reach your hotel with all your luggage. Also the language can initially be a problem, since you had mentioned that you did not know German. So we thought we could help you with this."

"That's great Cassandra, so kind of you. Do you live near the airport ?"

"No, no Rishi...my apartment is about 8-9 kms from here.. Today is Sunday, so I took a bus and came here to receive you. Come let's go."

She took hold of the trolley handle and started pushing it towards the gate, with Rishi walking beside him. Rishi was feeling extremely awkward walking beside this tall, big giantess. He felt so small. He looked around to see if people were looking at their height and size difference and laughing at him. Cassandra observed this and looked down sideways at Rishi and remarked, "Anything wrong Rishi, you seemed to be looking for somebody. Are you expecting anyone?"

Rishi responded, "No, no … Actually I was worried that people would be looking at us and laughing...I look so tiny walking beside you. You have a fantastic height Cassandra. By the way, how tall are you? "

Cassandra threw back her head and laughed, "I'm 6 feet 2 inches, Rishi. You don't worry, nobody's bothered about our height difference. It's not so uncommon here. But are you feeling awkward walking beside me because I'm so much taller than you ? Then I have a solution for that." She looked at Rishi with a mischievous wink.

"What solution ?" Rishi was curious.

"Well," Cassandra was laughing, "Let me pick you up in my arms and carry you, so that people will think that you are my baby."

Rishi took two steps away from her, " No, no, never ! Please don't pick me up again in front of so many people, like you did when you met me. It was so embarrassing !" Cassandra just laughed.

They had reached the exit gate. Cassandra asked Rishi to wait with his luggage, while she went to book a cab at the counter. Rishi was thinking about Cassandra. He estimated that this middle aged lady to be about 38-40 years of age. She actually seemed quite jovial and helpful too. And what a magnificent height of 6 feet 2 as against his 5 feet 3 inches ! She would also possibly be about 100 kgs in weight, compared to his 64 kgs.

A taxi drove up and Cassandra came out of the back seat. Both of them put the two bags in the dicky. In fact Cassandra only lifted the heavy bags into the hold. Rishi only moved the empty trolley away. They both sat in the back seat as the cab drove away towards the hotel. Rishi asked, "Cassandra, how much was the cab booking charges? Tell me, I have Euros with me ?"

Cassandra replied, "What's the hurry Rishi ? I'll definitely take this money from you; I know you will be reimbursed this taxi fare by the company. And call me Cassy, my friends call me so." Cassandra smiled sweetly.

It was Rishi's first visit abroad. He was excitedly looking out the window as the taxi sped through the city. Cassy was pointing out some buildings or parks which were important locations of the city. On reaching the hotel, Rishi checked in at the counter. He asked Cassy to come up to the room to have some coffee, which she was quite happy to comply with. The room was quite comfortable, not very big, but with all the required facilities and a fantastic view from this 12th floor room window.

Rishi freshened up and then sat down beside Cassy on the two seater sofa. "Cassy, you had to start early in the morning for the airport...shall we have breakfast in the restaurant or order it in our room?"

Cassy smiled, "You take rest Rishi, I'll make a move."

Rishi was insistent, "Why Cassy, have breakfast with me. Do you have anything planned for the day?"

"No no, nothing planned… I just thought that you would be tired and jet lagged too, after such a long flight ", Cassy replied.

"No Cassy, I don't have time to relax today. You see I have lined up about six flats, which I have to check out and finalise one of them. See, I'll have to start work tomorrow. I don't know whether I'll be getting enough time in the evenings after office, to check out those flats. I also cannot possibly stay in this hotel for the whole week, that'll be too expensive for me. I definitely have to finalise a flat today and move in latest by tomorrow or day after. So, I was thinking that if you can spare your time today and be with me and help me decide on a flat. You see, I do not know this city. So if you can please be my guide and take me around. You are now my only friend here, I don't know anybody else," Rishi's voice was pleading.

Cassy was quick to reply, "No problem Rishi, I will be with you the whole day and we will finalise a place for you today itself. Just show me your list, so that I can make a route plan."

Rishi's face lit up with joy and relief. He said, "I don't know how to thank you, Cassy. Wait, let me order breakfast for us and then I'll show you the list." He called up room service and ordered two standard breakfasts from the menu card.

He came and sat beside Cassy and opened an email on his phone from the German agency who had sent him the list of probable flats on rent. There were other details given like rent, location, number of rooms, facilities etc, which he started reading out to Cassy. There were pictures of the flats and the rooms also, which he was trying to show her, as he read about each flat.

Cassy said, "Rishi, can you please give your phone to me, so that I can read and see the pictures. I can't see properly from your hand since you are sitting beside me. Please also appreciate that you are a little too short for me, so the angle is not right for me to see your phone screen in your hand."

She paused and continued, "Rishi, If you don't mind, can I suggest something ? It will be easier for both of us to see your phone screen together if you come and sit on my lap. Then your height will increase as you will be sitting on my fat thighs. So then if you hold the phone in your hand, I'll also be able to read from your screen from behind your back."

Rishi felt this was a little odd, but Cassy's logic was correct. And since there was nobody else in the room, it wasn't so embarrassing. He reasoned that since Cassy was helping him out so much in every possible manner, he can definitely now take her as a good friend. Also she seemed older to him by about 5 to 7 years surely. So, he went and sat on Cassy's big and wide lap.

Ohh ! What a soft feeling ! It was like he was sitting on a soft but firm and immensely thick and wide cushion. Even sitting on her lap, the top of his head reached Cassy's chin only. So even then she had to bend her head down and bring her face beside Rishi's, and look over his shoulder, so that both could look at the phone screen held in Rishi's hand. Cassy wrapped her arms around Rishi's waist. He felt like he was a child sitting on his mother's lap. Cassy had a faint smile on her face as she discussed each of the cases carefully with Rishi. After a detailed discussion, it turned out that out of the six locations, three were ruled out, because they were too far from the office. So it was decided that after breakfast, they will start their visits to check on the final shortlisted ones.

Since the discussion was over and the breakfast wasn't served till then, Rishi started getting up from Cassy's lap. Cassy held him back. She said sweetly in Rishi's ear, "Why don't you keep on sitting here Rishi ? I am enjoying having you on my lap. You look like a small cute baby sitting on my lap."

Rishi couldn't say anything. After all, Cassy had been extremely helpful and kind to him since the morning.

The room doorbell buzzed. Rishi got up from Cassy's lap to open the door and the waiter placed the breakfast on the coffee table in front of the sofa. They had their breakfast discussing the pros and cons of the three flats they were about to go and see.

Rishi had already called his parents in India and informed them of his safe arrival. He now had one more request for Cassy. He wanted a local sim card for Germany. Cassy informed him that the day being Sunday, every shop and store will be closed. She will try, but she will definitely get him a German sim card by Monday, that is the next day.

By the time they went out it was 11.30 in the morning. It was again an exciting experience for Rishi, travelling by the buses and trams of Frankfurt. What maintenance of the vehicles and punctuality !

Rishi was having one problem though. It wasn't always that they were getting vacant seats, it being a Sunday and people were out of their homes. The overhead rods of some of the buses were too high, meant for the tall Europeans. He was not able to reach them with his short height. But he was lucky to have Cassy beside her. He was holding on to Cassy's arm which she was holding on to the rod. She felt it was very funny and put her arm around Rishi to hold him to her body. Rishi was thinking, how strange it was that the person about whom he was thinking of having the maximum trouble with in Germany, turned out to be extremely helpful to him.

The visits however were not very fruitful. Two of the flats were not worth the rent they were charging. The third was relatively better, but the rate was exorbitantly high. It was going much over Rishi's budget.

While returning, Cassy suggested dropping by on to her flat for coffee. They didn't get time to have a proper lunch. So they bought some take away food and went to Cassy's flat. It was around 4pm then. Her flat was small. One bedroom, which was of medium size and had two twin beds placed side by side. There were storage cabinets in the bedroom. There was a common sitting and dining space and a kitchen and a bathroom. The flat seemed small but cosy and comfortable to Rishi. Cassy said that the rent was 1100 Euros. This obviously was more than Rishi's budget of 700 to 800 Euros.

Cassy said that she was actually sharing this flat and rent with a Korean girl, who had just left a month back as her project in Germany was over. She was in fact in search of a roommate to share the flat and obviously the rent. Rishi's eyes brightened. He said expectantly, "That means you actually have to pay 550 Euros per person. That's well within my budget. But I think it's not possible to share with a guy; your flat owner and you also would possibly object to that ?"

Cassy was smiling. She said, "Actually I had never shared a room with any guy; but I don't have any problem in sharing with you, if you don't have any problem. I know, you Indians are quite conservative. As far as my flat owner is concerned, she wouldn't mind. She is only bothered about the rent. In fact, if you want I can talk to her to make the rent agreement and receipt in the names of both of us."

Rishi was almost ready to jump with joy. "Hey you naughty woman, why didn't you tell me this in the morning ? We needn't have wasted the full day going around the city looking at flats."

Cassy was laughing, "I didn't know that you would want to share a flat and that too with an old woman ?"

This time Rishi went up to Cassy and stood in front of her. "Who said that you are an old woman ? You are definitely older to me, but you have already become my best friend in Frankfurt." He was smiling and looking high up to Cassy's face, who was also laughing to her heart's content.

Cassy bent down and scooped Rishi up in her arms. Rishi was now cradled in Cassy's arms, high up on her breasts. Cassy's right arm was under Rishi's two knees and her left arm was behind his back. The suddenness of the lift startled Rishi and he flung his arms around Cassy's neck. Cassy threw her head back and laughed. Rishi's face was now right in front of Cassy's; his body held in mid air in her arms.

Cassy looked lovingly into Rishi's eyes and asked, "So, what is your decision now, my young friend ? Will you move in with this black giantess? I can offer you some more additional benefits along with the shared rental. You'll get a reasonably good cook for free; you will have a free interpreter since your German knowledge is zero; you will have a guide to take you to all parts of Europe; and to top it all, you will get a free body guard in this foreign land, because I will always protect you as if your are my little baby, cradled in my big arms. Now tell me where can you get all these services free with a flat costing you 550 Euros only ?"

Rishi was smiling, "So what am I supposed to do now ? Will you take confirmation from your flat owner lady, that you are taking in a man friend in your flat ? How soon can I move in ?"

Cassy started walking slowly, carrying Rishi in her cradle, from room to room, all over the flat.

She said, "I don't need to take any confirmation as such. I haven't yet informed her that my flatmate has left. I had paid the last month's rent in full on my own. I will just inform her that I have a new flatmate in place of the earlier one. She should now make out the next month's receipt with my name and yours. And change the agreement names accordingly. I'll just have to send your identity details to her. As it is, you will not be needing any rent receipt to submit to the Company, as you will not be reimbursed for this. So what's your problem ? You can move in from tonight itself if you want."

Rishi wasn't so convinced. He said, "Cassy, why don't you just call her up and check if that is ok with her. I do not want to keep anything uncertain, especially in a foreign land."

Cassy looked at him with a smile on her face, "You are such a fussy little man. Ok I'm calling her right away." She went over to the dresser where her mobile was lying, bent forward so that Rishi could reach the phone. She asked him to pick up the phone and gave him the name of the flat owner to search from the list of contacts. Then he asked him to dial and put the phone on speaker. Rishi held the mobile in front of Cassy's face, as she kept on strolling from room to room carrying Rishi in her arms holding him up near her breasts. When the landlady came on line, Cassy briefed her about the change of her flatmate. She said that her office colleague, an Indian boy, will now be staying in the flat in place of the girl who has already left a few weeks back. The lady said it was quite ok with her and asked her to send Rishi's name and copies of his passport, visa, his transfer letter to the Company in Frankfurt etc. Cassy suggested that if she wanted the lady could also have a video call with Rishi, since he was in her flat right then. The lady said that she was busy and that one of these days, she would come and visit them in the evenings or weekends with prior information. She said that Rishi could start staying there from that day itself. Cassy thanked the lady, and gave a sweet smile at Rishi who was also smiling floating in her arms.

Cassy looked at Rishi and said, "Well, now let us not waste any time, and go and fetch your bags from the hotel. Do you want to shift today or enjoy the hotel for the night ?"

Rishi said, "But tomorrow morning I will have to go to the office on time. I think I should check out today only and shift my bags here. Then I will have to mail my documents to the flat owner also. Let us complete all that tonight only."

So, off they went and checked out from the hotel. They booked a cab and brought Rishi's bags to Cassy's flat. Then sat over steaming cups of coffee and mailed all the required documents to the flat owner from Rishi's laptop. Cassy sent a text message informing the lady that all required documents have been mailed to her. By the time everything was done, it was already 7 pm.

Rishi stood up and ceremoniously extended his hand towards Cassy. She responded by bending down and gripping his thighs and straightened up, picking Rishi up straddling her from the front. With the sudden impulse, Rishi's legs went wrapping around Cassy's hips and his hands went around her neck for support. Cassy hugged Rishi tightly to her breasts and pressed behind his head so that Rishi's face got hidden inside the crook of her big neck. She started rocking Rishi in her arms like a baby. She pulled Rishi's face right in front of hers and planted a long kiss on his cheek and said, "From now on you are my little baby; I'll lift you and carry you whenever I feel like and as long as I want."

Rishi was confused. "What are you saying Cassy? It's ok that you are carrying me like this helpless in your arms inside your room. But please do not pick me up like this in front of others. That'll be very embarrassing for me."

Cassy immediately replied, "No dear.. I have that much common sense. I'll never do anything which will embarrass you when we are amongst others. But I hope you don't mind if I carry you around when we are alone ?"

Rishi said, "Cassy, you are a middle aged woman, possibly 5 to 7 years older than me and here you are carrying a full grown adult man of 33, helplessly in your arms like a small child !"

Cassy said, "But sweetie, I may be an old woman of 39 and you a young man of 33, but I'm about a foot taller than you and would be about one and a half times your weight. So in size and physical strength you are just a child to me. You are weak and helpless in this old woman's arms; and you need me to protect you in a foreign land." Cassy squeezed Rishi's cheeks between her fingers and again planted a big long kiss on his cheek.

Rishi was confused....a middle aged woman 6 years older than him, but almost double his size, lifting him up in her arms as if he weighed nothing; captured him totally with her physical strength, high up on her breasts, but was not treating him like a man. But she seemed to be behaving as if she was mothering him and treating him like her child.

The way Cassy was holding Rishi, he was fully trapped on her big, full breasts, in her strong arms, sitting high up on her hips about 4 feet above the ground. Cassy was rocking him like a baby and walking all over the flat carrying him helplessly trapped on her breasts. She was holding him up with one hand under his back; and with the other hand pressed behind Rishi's head, she was forcibly kissing him all over his face, his forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, chin... everywhere except his lips.

This really was strange... What has Rishi landed into ...in the captivity of this giant amazon woman !?!

( To be continued ….)