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The Homecoming ! - 1

Ohh ! Mumbai at last ! The city of my childhood ...the city of my growing up days. I'm returning to Mumbai after almost 10 years.

By the way, I'm Parth, 25 years of age. I was studying Hotel Management in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After finishing my course, I worked as a trainee in one of the major 5-star hotels there itself. I had all along wanted to come back to "Amchi Mumbai". So I had applied to a few of the 5-star hotels here and was lucky to land a job in one of them.

I was born and brought up in Mumbai. I studied upto class 10 in this city. After my Secondary boards exam, my father got a better position in Chennai. So our family shifted there. But I could never adjust to the new city. My father had contacts in Malaysia and he organised my admission in one of the renowned Hotel Management institutes in Kuala Lumpur. So whenever I used to come on yearly vacations to India, I went to my parents in Chennai and could never make time for a trip to Mumbai all these years.

But I missed my friends in Mumbai and especially my first love. Or for that matter, my only love till date. We were neighbours, and lived in the same apartment building. Her flat was next to ours. Deepika, her name is. Sweet, cute, cuddly like a teddy bear. She was five years younger than me. Since both of our families were neighbours, we used to be friends from childhood. In fact, not actual friends, because she was so much younger to me. But ever since she was old enough to play with me, by her age of 6 years, when I was 11, I was glad that I had got somebody to bully. Since I was bigger than her in size, I never missed an opportunity to prove my superiority by making her run errands and do things for me. And for any mistake, she would get a slap or a pull of her hair. Not very hard, but it was enough to make her treat me as her boss. But strangely enough, she did not complain to her parents nor mine. She would love to share her chocolates with me and give me her toys to play with.

We went to the same school. When she joined our school in class 1, I was a big boy in class 6. Since I was 5 years senior to her, her mother Anjali aunty, used to entrust her custody to me. So I used to take her to school and bring her back. As years passed by, I started to develop a protective feeling towards her. Although I pulled her hair even then or gave her an occasional slap, they were more meant to discipline her than to torment her.

When I reached class 8, that is my 13 years of age and she was in class 3, that is her 8 years of age, she started showing a growth spurt. I learnt later that girls grow faster in younger age because they hit puberty faster than boys.

My parents were not very tall...average height. My father was 5 feet 5 inches, while my mother was 5 feet 2 inches, which were quite normal by Indian standards. So I had also inherited my parents genes and by 14 years, in class 9, I was around a height of 5 feet 1 inch. I was also on the leaner side.

Deepika's parents were however both very tall and quite healthy too. Her father, uncle Devesh, was 5 feet 10 inches, a big boned, solid bodied man ; while her mother, Anjali Aunty was 5 feet 7 inches tall and healthy too. So from childhood only, Deepika was quite big compared to girls of her age. But since I was 5 years older than her, I had remained taller than Deepika. But from her 8 years of age, she suddenly started growing taller much faster than I was growing. So when I was in class 10 and she was in class 5, she had almost caught up with my height. Also she was quite heavier than me at that age.

I remember one day, we had gone to a mall. It was the last year of my Mumbai days. Anjali aunty, Deepika's mother had taken us. B Deepika also had a younger sister, Yashna, who was 3 years younger to her. I was in class 10 then, the board exams were just over. I was 15 years of age, Deepika was 10 and her sister Yashna was 8 years old. Aunty had purchased a lot of items from Big Bazar. There were quite a few bags. When we took the auto while returning, Aunty said that the bags can't be kept on the auto back seat floor, as it was dirty. She kept all the bags in the middle of the auto seat. She went inside and sat on one side with 8 year old Yashna on her lap. Then she asked me to sit on the other side and take Deepika on my lap. As soon as she sat on my lap, I gave out a short yelp "Ahh !"...she was so heavy. Deepika jumped up and out of the auto. She started laughing. Then aunty realised that although she was 10 years old, she was already almost as tall as me at 15 years. Most importantly, while I weighed 35 kgs then, Deepika weighed 45 kgs. So Aunty also smiled and asked Deepika to sit and take me on her lap. I was reluctant, but there was no other alternative, since I could not carry her on my lap for the 3 kms auto ride back home. So I let Deepika sit on the seat and then sheepishly went and sat on her fat thighs. Aunty told Deepika to hold me properly, so that I do not fall off her lap out of the auto. It was as if Deepika was older to me. She held me around my waist and pulled me inside her lap. Although I was embarrassed, I found that her thighs were very big and wide. It felt as if I was sitting on a soft thick cushion. She whispered in my ears, "Are you comfortable, my baby?" She was hugging me tightly and brought her face over my shoulders next to mine. She was so naughty that she purposely put her fat arms around and over my arms, so that my hands were pinned to her body. I couldn't move my hands either. She was forcibly pressing her cheek on mine and I couldn't remove her face also as she had trapped both my hands. Deepika kept on giggling in my ears all through the journey. With Mumbai traffic jams being bad as it is, I felt that the auto was hardly moving that day. Aunty did not understand the silent teasing which Deepika was subjecting me too. She was casually talking to Deepika, and constantly was advising her to hold me properly on her lap. I felt as helpless as the baby Yashna on her mother's lap.

That was the beginning of Deepika's bullying me. Since that auto ride day, Deepika started playfully slapping me very lightly on my cheek or head. She was now as tall as me at 5 feet 2 inches, although she was 10 and I was 15 years old. If I protested, she would just pick me up from the front or on her hip and walk around her room. She threatened me that if I tried to jump out or run away to my flat, then she would pick me up in the playground in our apartment complex in front of my friends and neighbours and carry me away. She used to stand in front of her full length mirror with me in her cradle and speak to me as if she was speaking to her baby. She would kiss me lightly on my cheek. She would tell me that when she grew up, she would marry me. She promised me that she would always carry me like this in her arms and protect me. Imagine a 10 year old girl carrying a 15 year old boy in her arms and assuring to protect him. Fortunately she never picked me up in front of others. Even if she heard aunty or her little sister coming, she used to put me down immediately.

I was going through a mixed feeling those days. When she used to pick me up and bully me, I used to hate her then. But back home, at night, in my bed, I felt that I quite enjoyed her carrying me and making me sit on her lap in her room.

This period did not last long. Just about one month from the auto ride incident, my father announced that he would relocate to Chennai for a better job offer. Within one more month, we had packed and left Mumbai for good. I remember Deepika crying her heart out the day we left. She didn't even meet me the last time I went to say goodbye to their family.

All this happened 10 years back. She was 10 years old then and I was 15. None of us had our own mobile phones in those days. Initially I used to miss her very much. But I was a young boy just in my growing up years, so I did not quite have the feeling of love in it's true sense. I used to call up their house in the initial few months and talk to her. What can a boy of 15 talk to a girl of 10 years, with their parents around us. Our talks were regarding school and friends, that's all.

In course of time even all these faded out, all the more so, when I entered a new life. My Hotel Management course in a foreign land made me almost forget my first love.

Now back to the present … I'm on my flight from Chennai to Mumbai to join my new job at Taj group of hotels. When my parents heard that I'll be posted in Mumbai, they had themselves called up uncle Devesh, Deepika's father, to search for a small but decent flat for me. My dad especially requested uncle to try for one which is as near to theirs as possible. Because of my father's extremely busy schedule, both of our families could not meet. They however kept in touch over the phone. I was told by my dad that Uncle Devesh had now purchased a big Bungalow. Uncle and Anjali aunty had suggested that I can stay with them as they have enough spare rooms. My parents were also happy that in such a case my daily food problem will also be taken care of. When I asked about the girls, I was told that Deepika, now 20, was studying Mass Communications and her sister Yashna, who was now 18 years old, was in class 12.

My flight details were also communicated to uncle Devesh's family and they were supposed to pick me up at the airport. My dad had sent my picture to them over WhatsApp, so that they would recognise me. I was also given uncle and aunty's mobile numbers so that I can inform them on landing at Mumbai airport.

One thing was strange, try as I might, all these years I could not get Deepika or her sister's Facebook or Instagram profiles in their names. Possibly they were using some different handles.

As soon as the aircraft landed at Mumbai airport, when I switched on my phone, a message flashed. Anjali aunty wanted me to call her as soon as I landed. I called her up. After the initial welcome, she informed that Uncle Devesh was on a business trip out of station. So the car will be there at the airport and the driver will pick me up. He will be there outside with my name placard. Just to inform the driver, aunty wanted to know what coloured shirt I was wearing. I told her I was wearing a blue T shirt and black pants.

Collecting my baggage from the conveyor, I was heading towards the exit gate. I was in the lookout for a man with my name placard. Possibly he might be outside the airport exit and not inside where the visitors are allowed.

"Are you Mr Parth ?" I was startled by a lady's voice. On an impulse, I said, "Yes, I am Parth '', and looked up at a young girl standing right in front of me, smiling down at me. She was immensely tall, I had to tilt my head high up to look at her face. I just couldn't recognise the face. Before I could say anything, I suddenly found myself going up in the air. This girl was still standing in front of me and now laughing. But there was another young woman, who had suddenly appeared on my left side and had picked me up in her arms. My legs were dangling almost a foot over the ground. With the suddenness of this action, I was so startled, on a reflex action, both my arms went around the neck of the woman who lifted me. It was then that I saw her. This young woman was also very tall (5'9"), not as tall as the younger girl (5'11") though, but definitely much taller than me (5'5"). ( I came to know of their heights later when they told me.) But this elder one, who had picked me up like I weighed nothing, was huge in size. I felt as if I was just gobbled up by her. I was lost inside her huge bosoms.

"Welcome home, my baby", the smile hadn't changed. This was my Deepika, my long lost love.

I said, "Deepika, what are you doing ?... let me down, this is the Airport, people will be looking."

"Let them look, Parth. I had warned you 10 years back, if you ran away from me, I'll pick you up in front of everybody and carry you away, but still you ran away." She put me down, smiling at me, but still held me close to her body. "I knew you wouldn't recognise Yashna, that is why I told her to stop you and I came from behind."

I looked high up at Yashna. Who would say that she is only 18 years old, she was so tall, 5 feet 11 inches. Yashna bent her head down and brought her face down to my level at 5 feet 5 inches and said sweetly, "Didi, Parth bhaiya is so small and cute… just give me your permission, ekbar mey bhi godi mey uthha loon ?"

Deepika laughed, "Not here rey...ghar ja key utha lena godi mey."

Then I said laughing, "You girls are talking about me and not even asking for My permission ?"

Deepika was still holding me in her embrace. "Why should we ask your permission? You are my property now. I won you 10 years back, remember ? The day you could not even sit me on your lap in the auto and I had to carry you home. Come now, let us take you home once again."

I had two big suitcases, I had put them on a trolley. The younger sister Yashna took the trolley and started walking. I was walking in the centre, with Deepika by my side holding my hand. I felt like a small boy being taken home from school by her mother and aunt. My eyes went to their shoes… They must be wearing high heels. But no, they were wearing flat sneakers. While walking I asked them where we will be going now ? Deepika said that since it is nearing lunchtime, they will take me to their home first. After lunch they will take me to the flat they have rented for me and get me settled. She also informed me that they were now not living in our old colony. Uncle had bought a bungalow somewhere near our old area only.

We walked towards the parking lot. They had a big car. The two young but tall, big, sisters took charge of my bags and lifted them into the car hold. Deepika went and sat on the driver's seat. I was not sure where I should sit. I saw Yashna open the front passenger side door and sat there. I got the hint and was moving towards the back door. Yashna stretched her long hand and caught my hand. She pulled me inside the front side door and using both her hands just lifted me inside the car. Yashna just placed me on her lap and pulled my body back resting on hers, with my legs dangling on either side of her thighs. She was so much taller than me, that even sitting on her lap, my head just reached her shoulder.

I saw Deepika doubling up in laughter in the driver's seat. Yashna was busy pulling the seat belt over me and her and clipping it in. Then she put her arms around me, and looked at Deepika and winked. "Didi, I've got your cute boyfriend captured on my lap and secured him. Now you can start the car." She was also laughing away in unison with her sister.

I exclaimed, "What is this, Yashna ? I am 7 years older than you, you cannot take me on your lap like this."

She squeezed my cheek with her long fingers, brought her face down beside mine and said sweetly, "Why not Parth bhaiya ? You had also carried me on your lap many times when I was a child. Now look at your size compared to mine, you look like a child to me. So I will carry you now."

I looked at Deepika with complaining eyes. She replied reassuringly, "Don't take her seriously Parth, she's only 18, she's just kidding with you." All through the drive, Yashna kept on cuddling me on her lap and teasing me... squeezing my cheeks, tweaking my nose, pulling my hair. All signs of a school kid, which she was, upto her pranks, while she held me helpless on her lap. I kept on complaining to Deepika. She laughed it away, "Good for you Parth. Remember how you used to tease me, pull my hair, when you were taller than me, during our childhood days."

Finally we reached their home, Wow! What a beautiful bungalow ! The car stopped in front of the big iron gate. Yashna opened the door and put me down from her lap on the road. She opened the big gate and Deepika moved the car inside the compound. We opened our shoes and went in. As we entered the lobby, Anjali aunty came out from one of the rooms. As soon as she saw me she came and hugged me tight. "Oh dear Parth, you are still the same size or what !! You are so small and cute, just like I had seen you last...10 years back, wasn't it…"

Anjali aunty looked so tall and bigger too. She could grow fat, that is acceptable. But now she seemed almost as tall as Deepika. Then I realised that aunty was wearing thick soled rubber slippers, which made her look taller around 5'9", than her actual 5'7" height. She pulled my face up to look at her and kissed me on my forehead. I was helplessly trapped in aunty's loving embrace. Then she released me and asked Deepika to show me to my room. "Just freshen up and come and have your lunch. Then all three of you can relax and talk about your old childhood days. Yashna you stay back and help me lay the food on the table."

Uncle and Aunty lived on the ground floor. Their drawing and dining room and kitchen were also on the ground floor. The girls had their separate rooms on the first floor. My room was just beside Deepika's room. Nice cosy bed and with all the required furniture. Deepika showed me the attached bathroom, which was already provided with soaps and towels.

She was still waiting, sitting on the bed, when I came out of the bathroom. I said, "I'm ready, let's go." She just came close to me, bent down, put one hand behind my two knees and the other behind my back and straightened up. I found myself cradled in her arms like a baby. She smiled sweetly down at me and slowly walked to the full length mirror on the Almirah. Said, "See how cute you look merey godi mey...Kaisa lag raha hai tumko ?"

I said, "How will I feel … Like a mother carrying her child in her arms…"

She feigned a mock anger, "Aww ! I thought you would say - like the bride in the arms of the groom in a Bollywood movie." Then laughed out loud.

I said, "Kya kar rahi ho Deepu ? Koi aa jayega !"

She said, "Koi nahi ayega… you saw how Mumma purposely kept Yashna down with her. She's giving us our private time." She winked with a naughty smile.

She was now slowly rocking me in her arms and walking around the room carrying me in her cradle. I said, "But Deepu, do you still have that old feeling towards me, now that you are so much taller and bigger than me in size ?"

She pulled my face right in front of hers and crushed my lips with a strong kiss, "Yess dear, I love to hold you like a baby in my arms and cuddle you. You are my cute little teddy bear." She then put me down on my feet and holding my hand took me downstairs.

During lunch, Aunty said, "I'm sorry beta, these girls made me lie to you over the phone when you landed. They told me to tell you that the driver is going to pick you up, just to surprise you." All of us laughed.

After lunch, the girls were helping aunty to clear the table. When I went to help, Yashna tapped my head and said, "Nahi Chhotu, you don't have to do this. You just wait here, we'll take you to your room and then we'll chat."

To this, aunty retorted in mock anger, "Why are you calling him Chhotu ? He is 7 years older than him Bhaiya."

Yashna came and stood right behind me and said, "Look at him Mummy, how much smaller he is than me.. his head is near my shoulders. Ok I'll call him Chhotu bhaiya." Saying that she bent down and put her right arm around my thighs, and stood up. She was so strong, I was sitting on her one arm only. Instinctively my hands went around her neck, lest I fall down. All three of the women burst out laughing seeing my predicament.

Yashna squeezed my cheeks with her free left hand and said in a baby tone, "Mera chhota bachha, don't be afraid. I'll not drop you.. You are so light I can carry you like this all day." She started rocking me in her arms like I was her baby.

Aunty was smiling, "Parth beta, what is your height and weight ?"

I meekly replied "5 feet 5 inches and 65 kgs."

All three of them looked at each other and smiled. Aunty said, " You know Parth, Yashna is now taller than her daddy also. She is 5'11" and 92 kgs and she's only 18 years. That means she will grow even taller.

Your girlfriend Deepika is 5'9" tall at 20 years. She might also grow for one more year. And with her weight of 105 kgs, I think she can toss you up and catch you back.

And, you are 2 inches shorter than me also. Good for me, I'm no longer the shortest of the house at 5'7". And I'm 80 kgs, so I think I will also be able to lift you."

Yashna was all along holding me up in her arms. She now excitedly carried me to her mother and said, "Mummy, why don't you try holding Chhotu bhaiya in your arms ?" She was holding me out to aunty as a mother generally passes her baby to another woman.

Aunty stepped back, "No no Yashna, I don't want to embarrass Parth. Look at his face, he does not like that you are carrying him like a baby."

Deepika came forward and took me from Yashna's lap and said, "Yashna enough ! I think you are bullying Parth a little too much. He has taken this job in Mumbai only because of me. So, give him some time to talk to me at least. I'll bring him down at tea time and then all of us can sit around and chat. Till then please don't disturb us." Saying this, she turned around and started carrying me in her thick arms up the stairs…

I was wondering where I have landed myself amongst these three giantesses...was this the homecoming I had planned for ?