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An advice To My Younger Self!

Hello guys!!
Today I am here with a new topic to discuss with you.

Many of you or your child are passing from the Teenage or younger age. As we know that many changes are seen in a teenage child
Some of them are facing the problem of "frustrating" in some work.
It is also seen that a teenage child is feeling "lack of love" in his/her life.

Because of many other reasons they are not able to concentrate on their studies,on their career and at last on their future!
Many students in this age want a person in their life which can understand them, support them, advice them,make them feel secure and at last one who love them...

Today,I really want to talk with you not as a writer but as a friend and your advisor..

This type of changes are very normal in adult age.But we have to remain concentrated about our future and studies. If you are seeking for true love in this age then trust me ,love yourself...

Love yourself that much enough,that you need nobody to love yourself and to seek love outside....

In this age, many of us don't know that what are the aspects in which we can judge or select a true love for your might happens that we became at choosing a correct person for us...
And remember,.whom you are loving..can give you happiness in this age but he/she has a power to push you in sadness and at last to destroy your future

Many people will try to criticize you..
Many will insult you..
Many will not appreciate your work...
Many will try to lose your confidence...
Many will make you feel disable...
But your hardwork, your courage, your trust for your dream, your strength can answer those people one day...

Never feel demotivated due to other people..
Trust yourself and your dream...

In india, it is generally seen that parents motivate their children by demotivating them.
I think the time arrive to stop this generation trauma.
Now the time came to understand your child not to make them understand...
Now the time came to motivate your child my supporting them in their work,which they love to do...
Now the time came to make them feel secure while expressing them..
Now the time came to not make feel embarrassed while expressing their feelings....

The three advice which a teenager should give to herself/himself..that is

1.Never compromise
2.Never Copy
3.Never Cheat...

This advice will be helpful to you in your future also..
Never compromise your work in any circumstances... but that is equally true that time changes are priority .
Next advice...
never copy !be the only best one in the field in which you are working!!
And the last advise is never cheat !!
don't you cheat your ownself or anybody else.
don't cheat yourself in the work which you are doing! Always loyal yo your work!

Okay guys..
Thank you !!
we will meet soon with a new interesting and a motivational topic..

Thank you 😊

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