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Autobiography - Forgotten Memories - 2

Once Bapu took me to Agra to show me Ram Barat.We saw the . Movie,"Hm sab chor he," on night.I had passed fifth class from Acharya from utter prdesh.Then Bapu was transferred to Bandikui.Here he got a quarter in guard line.I got admission in six class in railway school.Railway multi purpose higher secondary school was just behind the guard line.At that time the principal of this school was HK shrivastava.He was a man of disciplined lover of strict nature.
Because of this nature,he was famous as the name of Hitalar..Not only students but teacher also used to be afraid of him.
I used to go to school in the morning and house was nearby.that's why I used to come home for lunch.
I still remember an incident when I was in class 6th.i had failed in history in the half yearly examination.That day due to fear,I didn't come home for lunch.I roamed around the school.Had to come home when school was closed.
Bapu also used to come for lunch in the afternoon.But due to work he also did not come home for lunch .When Bapu came home in the evening mother said to him,"Didn't come home for lunch in the afternoon."
"Why didn't come home for lunch"Bapu had asked me.
I kept quite.He asked again then I started crying.
"What happened? Why are you crying?"
I said while crying,"I have failed in History."
"Show me your mark sheet."
Seeing my mark sheet,Bapu said to me,"You have good marks in all subjects.. There is less in history."
Then he said explaining to me with love,"There is no reason to cry in this.Work harder in history.You will definitely pass in the annual examination."
Bali's advice come in handy and I got very good marks in history in the annual examination.I studied up to class 7th from railway school Bandikui.
In those days in the year 1962 China attacked India..Even today I remember the blackout in those days and the defeat of India in the war,Then our prime minister was Jawahar lal nehru and defeat in war was due to his policies.
One of my brother wad born in Bandikui during war time.
Bapu was transferred from Nandini to Ajmer on promotion.Here also he got a railway quarter near the railway hospital in Ramganj.
I was admitted in Virjanand higher secondary school in kesarganj Ajmer.From this school I had passed class 8th and 9th.At that time BN Sharma was head Master of school.He was very strict.Ghan syam malpani, virendra kumar, Gautam,Rasa singh and others were teachers.Rasa singh was also elected member of parliament later.
I would like to mention one incident here,Bapu had gone to Nuksan for training.It was nine months..Bapu used to send money by money order every month on getting his salary.This incident happened first time.He send Money Order in my name.I was under 18 years at that time.So post man refused to give me money.
Dhani Ram lived in our neighborhood.He was also in RPF..He took me to the Head Post Office.The head master said that money order should come in the name of his mother.My mother was illiterate.

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