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Autobiography - Forgotten Memories - 3

Dhani Ram argued that money order can be given to an illiterate woman then why not to an educated minor.And post master agreed to give me money order.
My two brothers were born in Ajmer..Both were twins..Ahmed's kachori was famous.I used to it kachori when I went to kesar ganj to by vegetables.
In those days pictures were shown by the Ministry of Broadcasting at public places.There was a park in front of our quarter.Screen was installed there.Movie was also shown along with the documentary.Aarti movie was shown here.Shree talkies and Ajanta were built when we were in Ajmer.Some of the movies that I watched in Ajmer are Apeel fool, Shahnai, bharosa, king kong,Dosti, Rajkumar, Victoria 203, Sadhu aur shetan and others.
From here I was fond of reading newspaper..Then Dainik Navjyoti was very popular and read a lot.
After the transfer of Dhani Ram,Kailash had come to live in our neighborhood quarter.He was newly posted as sub inspector in RPF.He was going and unmarried that time.. Later in the relationship he became my brother in law.
Kailash wanted to marry such a girl who is modern and full of all qualities.And the age has passed in search of such beautiful girl,then even without wanting he had to marry the one he got.
Like I said earlier also my uncle kanhaiya lal was a railway driver.Kailash elder brother Mahavir was also railway driver in Bandikui.I got to know him..He was very soft spoken,kind hearted and cooperative in nature.. Kailash's brother so also my brother in law in relation.He was friend's till the end.He is no more but his memories in my heart will remain ever.
Daulat bagh, Bajrang gadh and Pushkar are the places to see in Ajmer.There are many more places to see in Ajmer.Every year a fair is held here in pushkar.Every year Urs is also held at the Dargah of Chisti.Lakhs of people from all over the country and abroad come to participate in Urs.
In the year 1965 Bapu was transferred from Ajmer to Beawar.Here. Bapu also got a railway quarter just behind the railway station.I was admitted in class 10th in the government school.The school was about half a kolo meter away from the station. The school had to be reached on foot.
The principal of this school was Durga parshad.Later he became my cousin's brother in law.When relations Were coming for my marriage,then he also wanted to marry his daughter to me.
When Indra Gandhi was information minister,she had come to Beawar by road and caught 1 up Mail for Delhi from here.Then she stayed for a few hours in the RPF office waiting for the train.Then I got a chance to see her very closely.
When we were in Beawar,then Pak attacked India.The prime minister Of India at that time was Lal Bahadur Shastri.He was very bold. India won the war The war of longewala is still remembered.Shastriji had gone to Taskand where he died mysteriously.It was great setback to our Nation.That day I had my English paper of half yearly examination which was cancelled.