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The Lady Cook 15

One month has passed since Sita joined our office. The first week was a total learning process for her and taking over of charge from Mrs Sharma who had suddenly resigned as my secretary. I found Sita to be quite sincere in her work and serious in her attitude. She was learning fast. I had initially thought of her as an introverted, shy sort of a person. But within this short time, she had developed quite a rapport with the key members of all the departments. All these positive reports and feedback about her, in effect, helped me. I could send a very highly recommended email to my boss at Head Office, making a case again for an urgent sanction for fulfilling the vacancy. This time it was granted. So last week I could bring home the good news to the sisters Geeta and Sita. Also over the phone, to their mother Uma in her village. I had earlier taken Sita on a contractual basis, as there was no sanction for a permanent position. But now, with this sanction, I could finally give Sita her appointment letter.

Today there was another good news which has come for Sita. She has been called for an induction programme to our Head Office in Mumbai. It will be a three day program for all new recruits all over India. The best part was that it coincided with a programme at Head office, Mumbai, also for me for those three days Thursday to Saturday, for a 'Strategic Planning session' for all Branch Managers for the next financial year.

When I got this email, I called Sita to my cabin. I gave her the good news. She was a last minute addition to the program, since she just got her appointment last week. Today is Tuesday, she has to travel tomorrow, that is Wednesday by the afternoon flight at 2.45 pm. The flight ticket and hotel bookings will be arranged by the Company. I didn't tell her that I was also going to Mumbai for those three days for a different programme.

On getting the news she was initially very happy. Then slowly her face fell. I asked her what happened. She said, "Sir, I have never been to Mumbai before. Also I have never been on a flight before. Then I'll have to stay in a hotel alone for three days. How will I manage all this ? Can I not avoid this training ?"

The big woman 5'9" tall and 80 kgs in weight, was behaving like a small girl going to a boarding school for the first time. I took pity on her. I told her, "Don't worry, I will also be going to Mumbai for the same period, but for a different meeting. So I will organise our travel tickets together. And also I will book you in the same hotel as mine. I will take you to the Head office from the hotel. Only that you will attend your training in a different conference hall. In the evenings also I'll try to be there with you, if I am not called for other meetings."

Sita was grinning from ear to ear. She didn't know how to express her joy. She said, "Sir, this evening I'm coming to your place with Geeta. I'll discuss with you in full detail what I need to do and carry for this trip."

This didn't seem to be a good idea to me. I told her, "I'm a little busy in the morning today. What you do is, come to my cabin at 4 pm. I'll explain to you in full detail what you have to do. After a full day's work, you relax in the evening. You need to also get your dresses ready. I'll tell you what all to take. I have an extra good suitcase, which I'll give you to take your stuff. Don't worry, I'll be there with you in the flight and also in Mumbai. I'll guide you there also."

I didn't tell Sita, but the real reason why I asked her not to come to my place in the evening was different. As you all know Geeta, her younger sister, is very possessive about me. She had only requested me for this job for her sister Sita. Lately she is also trying to hook me up with Sita, so that I ended up marrying Sita. This she wants, so that I remain within her family, and she can still get me, if not fully, but partially. She had expressed many times jokingly that if she had met me before her marriage, she definitely would have gobbled me up. So, Geeta, although she would be happy that her elder sister is getting this opportunity to go to Mumbai by flight and stay in a good hotel, she would inwardly be a little jealous, that I'll also be traveling along with Sita. So, to discuss the tour plans with Sita in front of Geeta, would be like adding salt to the wound.

But that is not my only concern. Geeta, along with her possessive attitude towards me, had become quite dominating in her relationship with me. She had shredded any employee - employer relationship totally. She controls my lifestyle at home, exactly like a wife, bossing me on what I should eat or not eat ; do or not do. She keeps calling me up, when I'm at the office, especially after lunch hours, enquiring whether I've eaten or not.

So, I will have to think up some way of handling her when I return this evening. An idea .. Why not get her a gift…but what gift ? Got it…a smartphone. Yes, that'll be a good idea. She doesn't have one. She uses the basic mobile phone. Actually, she cannot afford one. How can she? I got her husband a Sales job on a contractual basis only a few months back. And how much does Geeta earn, she works for me only. They also have a 7 year old son, going to school. Actually Geeta is from a good family background, a middle class farmer's family, who had gone into bad times due to a family legal dispute on their agricultural land. That is why Geeta's husband, Rajesh had come to the city with his wife and son. But he wasn't earning much in the paltry jobs he has got. On Geeta's request, I had given him a job in our company as Salesman on contractual basis.

I decided what to do. My existing phone is under one year old, it's in quite a good condition. Since Geeta loves smartphones, she plays with my mobile, when she gets it at my flat and I'm busy on my laptop. She knows how to do the basics on my phone like WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, playing games etc. So I decided that I'll give her my phone. Buying her a new phone may not look nice, especially her husband may not like it.

I started early from the office and first bought a new mobile for myself. When I reached home, Geeta was already there, almost finishing her cooking. She has a duplicate key to my flat. Nowadays she comes in a little early. She finishes her work and waits for me. As soon as I finish freshening up, the 5'9" tall and big 92 kgs girl comes and picks me up in her arms. It's too easy for her, as I'm only 5'3" and 63 kgs. Then I have to listen to all her stories and chats either sitting on her lap or being lifted and carried around in her arms in different ways, on her piggyback; cradled like a baby or front straddle. This is her routine now since the time her mother had gone back to her village and her elder sister Sita had started working in my office. This is the way she takes her share of her time with me.

Today, since I reached a little early, she hadn't finished her work by then. I generally have a bath first thing after returning from the office. I didn't have time today, so I skipped my bath. I didn't even change my office clothes. I sat on my single seater sofa and started to transfer my data from my existing phone to the new phone I bought. I purposely wasn't talking to Geeta, showing her that I was very busy. She finished her work and came and stood in front of me. She remarked, "Aha new phone! That's why you are so busy; didn't take your bath; didn't even change your clothes and also didn't talk to me."

I didn't reply. She just pulled me up from the sofa. She sat down on the sofa herself and pulled me down on her lap. But I don't tell her anything for behaving this way with me. I knew that this showed how close and how free she is with me in her actions and behaviour and relation. She pulled me inside her body. She was much bigger in size than me, 5'9" as against my 5'3" height and 82 kgs against my 63 kgs weight. She put her arms around me and hugged me tightly inside her lap, put her head from over my shoulder and said, "Why did you buy a new phone, this one was working fine ?"

I said, "I'm going to Mumbai tomorrow for an important meeting from Thursday. Most of the other Managers have this model, so I didn't want to lag behind."

She says, "Yes, I want to talk to you on your Mumbai visit. You didn't call me to tell me. Didi called me."

I said in a serious tone. "Geeta, I'm busy right now. It's almost done, give me some more time, let me transfer the full data. I have my packing to do after this for tomorrow's tour." She didn't say anything, just squeezed my body playfully.

I transferred all the data to the new phone, cleared my existing phone and said, "Give me your phone."

She said, "Why?" But handed me her phone. I first transferred her phone contacts to the sim card. I removed her sim and put it in my earlier phone. Once it was on, I made all the required settings, then I handed over my earlier mobile and her own phone to her. "Now, hold this, let me buy you a net pack online."

Geeta was dumbfounded. She was observing everything over my shoulder holding me tightly on her lap. She turned my body on her lap by holding my legs and pulling them up sideways. I was made to lie on her lap sideways being cradled in her arms. She put one arm behind my back and raised my upper body up so that my face came up to her face level. She crushed my lips with a forceful kiss. After some time, I started struggling to get free. She removed her lips and looked down at my face lovingly. With a mischievous smile, she said, "Bribing me ? Taking Didi by flight to Mumbai, staying in a good hotel and giving me an old phone ?"

I laughed. "No, I thought of giving you the new phone. Then I thought whether it would be right to give you that gift."

Geeta said, "I know my love. I know what you mean. And I also know that you bought this new phone, just to give me your own mobile, …no other reason." I was smiling.

She stood up with me, still cradling me in her arms. She said, "You don't know how happy I am today. This was my dream…a smartphone for myself. And now I've got such a good expensive brand. I love you…I love you…I love you !" She kissed me once again hard on my lips, carrying me in her arms and rocking me from side to side like a baby. "Now let me take a selfie with you in my arms." She raised her phone for a selfie.

I grabbed her hand. "No, Geeta no ! Don't do that. If your husband sees this pic on your carrying me in your arms.. It will be a disaster."

She said, "How will he see ? I'll not give him my phone."

I said, "No, that is risky. You can't say you won't show him your new phone. Even if your son sees, while playing games on your phone. Don't take that risk."

She said, "Ok, I understand. But I don't like this. Why can't a woman love two men at a time. I love you so much, but can't marry you, because of my son. Also it is not my husband's fault that I'm in love with you also."

She looked at the phone in her hand and said, "I just can't believe that you gave me your favourite phone. I know how much you loved this phone, this was your world. And you gave it to me ?" I just smiled up at her, lying in her arms.

She was so happy, she didn't know what to do. She was literally dancing around my room, with me in her arms. She said, "I want to give you something today. Tell me what you want. You can ask anything from me. I'll give you." She was looking intently at my face.

I said, "What exactly do you mean ?"

She looked down at me seriously, still rocking me in her arms from side to side very slowly. "You know what I mean. Even if you don't want to, I want to give it to you. In fact, I had been wanting to do this for quite some time, but wasn't getting the courage to tell you. Let's go to your bedroom. Let us do it today. I need you very badly."

My arms were around her neck. She was holding me up quite high on her body, on her breasts. I placed my hand lightly on her cheek. I said, "I know you love me very much. I love you too. Our love for each other is pure. But I know that I don't have the legal right on your body. You belong to somebody else. So, now even if you give me willingly and I take it, which is not rightfully mine, our love will become dirty and impure. Then after today both you and me will carry a sense of guilt. This may be commonplace in the western countries, but in our culture, this is not right. So let us keep our love alive the way it is. But I'll cherish the thought that you wanted to give me. That is the ultimate measure of your love for me."

She looked down on my face, smiled, brought her face down on mine, and snuggled her nose on my face. "Bahot lecture detey ho yaar. You give a lot of lectures. This is not your office, I manage you at home, so here I'm your manager." She started walking with me in her arms.

I was alarmed, "Where are you carrying me away Geeta ?"

Geeta looked down at me lying helplessly in her arms and said, "Don't worry, my little husband. I'll save you for my sister. But, haven't you heard, 'Saali is aadhi gharwali'. That way, you will also be my half-husband. So let me take my share". She gave a naughty smile. (Saali...aadhi gharwali = Wife's sister is 'half-wife' ).

I did not know what she was intending to do. Off late she had become very dominating and sometimes a little aggressive.

She carried me to the bathroom and put me down on the floor. She started unbuttoning my shirt. I was alarmed, "What are you doing, Geeta?"

She said, "You didn't even have your bath today." She had unbuttoned the shirt and was taking it off my body now, pulling the sleeves off my arms.

I said, "I had to transfer all the mobile data, so that I can give you the phone today itself."

She caught hold of my vest or ganjee and pulled it over my head and arms. My upper body was left bare.

Before I could protest, she had caught hold of my belt and opened it. I held her wrists. She had wide, thick boned wrists…they were double the size of my wrists. She was unzipping my pants, with me holding on to her wrists… she didn't even care. She pulled down my pants to my ankles, didn't even bother that I was holding on to her wrists.

She pulled the low plastic bathroom stool and sat on it in front of my legs. She caught hold of my pants and asked me to lift one leg. I held on to her shoulder for support as she was bending in front of me. She removed my pants off my legs. She sat up and caught my underwear.

This time I held on to my underwear. "No, not my underwear, Geeta. You are 8 years younger than me."

She looked up at me sitting on the stool, still keeping her hold on my underwear, "So what if I'm younger. Wife's are mostly younger than their husbands. And 8 years is a good age difference."

I said, "But I'm not your husband. You have one already."

She laughed, "That's your fault, why didn't you meet me earlier". Nowadays, Geeta doesn't even address me as 'Sir', just no names, like a wife.

Before I could think of a reply, she had pulled down my underwear to my ankles. She was bending down to lift my leg to take it off my ankles. I didn't lift my legs to allow her to do that. She sat up, looked up at me and laughed. She wrapped her hands around my thighs and stood up. Up I went in her arms, my feet dangling a foot above the ground, with my underwear hanging on to my ankles. My arms went around her neck to keep my balance. She bounced my body a few times in her arms and my underwear fell off my ankles. She laughed out loud.

She carried me to the shower and put me down. She opened the shower tap and stood back a little so that she wouldn't get wet. She was looking at me smiling, standing under the shower with water falling all over me. I was feeling so embarrassed, standing in front of a young woman, without any stitch of clothing on my body. I said, "You go out of the bathroom now, I'll finish my bath."

She didn't say anything, just came and put the tap off. Then she took the soap bar and started rubbing it all over my upper body, my stomach, my chest and inside my neck. She turned me around and rubbed the soap thoroughly on my back and shoulders and behind my neck. She pulled up my arms one by one and rubbed the soap all over. She spent some time scrubbing my underarms. I was past the stage of protesting by then. I had given in to her and let her bathe me as she wished.

She pulled the stool in front of me and sat down again. Now the legs. This was the most embarrassing part, because she was sitting facing my thighs. But Geeta was beyond all that. She was rubbing soap on my legs and thighs thoroughly. She didn't show any sign of emotion or excitement in her actions. She particularly spent time in rubbing and scrubbing the bends and crevices in front of and inside my thigh joints. She turned me around and rubbed the soap on my buttocks, as if she was bathing a small boy of 10 and not a grown up man of 40. In fact when she was applying soap and scrubbing my thigh joints, I was feeling that I've lost all my masculinity to this gorgeous big, tall, strong young woman. She was sitting on the low plastic stool bending down in front of me. Her face was touching the lower portion of my belly. I was rather holding on to her shoulders and head, since my legs and body were all soapy and I was slipping on the wet bathroom floor. I felt as if she was my big tall mother and I'm her 10 year old son.

Finally the face. She was sitting on the low stool scrubbing my thighs and legs. Now she stood up. She was wearing the bathroom slippers which were 2 inches thick. I was barefoot. So she was now 5'11" with the slippers on as against my 5'3". My head just barely crossed her shoulders, she was 8 inches taller than me now. She asked me to close my eyes and applied the soap gently all over my face and neck. I held onto her waist like a small boy clinging on to his mother bathing him, as my feet were all slippery with soap. My eyes were closed, with soap on my face. I felt that she held the back of my head and pressed my face forward. My face met with bare skin. With my eyes closed, it suddenly struck me that with her slippers on, she was now 8 inches taller than me. So my face was right in front of her breasts. I couldn't open my eyes as there was soap on them. I felt her hand pressing my face on her two big hard breasts. I could feel her cold soft wet skin on my face. She guided my lips to one small hard but soft little mound and pressed my head firmly on her breast. My hands, which were on her waist, instinctively came up and hugged her behind her back. It was then that I realised that her blouse is loose. But it was too late for me. I was in seventh heaven by that time. I couldn't control my emotions. I sucked on fervently as a hungry child. The pressure of her hand from behind my head eased a little. Her hand moved my face to her other breast. My eyes were still closed. One of her heavy hands was pressing my body forcefully on her strong abs. The other hand pressed on my head and buried my face on one of her big soft breasts. It was as if my 5'11" tall young mother of 32 years was breastfeeding me standing up, hugging me tightly to her tight, solid body. I lost count of time, I was in a different world.

At last she eased my face out of her breasts. She pushed me back a little, but held my upper arm with one hand. I felt water streaming down my head. She had opened the shower tap. I opened my eyes, looked at her. She was having a glorious smile on her face. She came closer to me near the shower, but stood out of it. She was rubbing her hand all over my body to wash off the soap from my body. She sat down on the stool and was rubbing the soap off my thighs and legs. Her hands moved to my joints, ankles, behind my knees, inside my thighs, under my butt. Her hands moved slowly to every part, rinsing the soap off with water.

I wasn't saying anything, I was too embarrassed and excited to speak. But she was cool. She didn't even show any sign of excitement. Her hands moved clinically, like a lady doctor examining a patient thoroughly, touching and holding all my parts, devoid of emotions.

Once all the soap had been washed off, she took my towel from the rack and started wiping me dry. She took her time to wipe all my parts thoroughly like she did while rubbing the soap or rinsing my body. Then she wrapped the towel around my lower portion, held me around my bottom and straightened up. As usual, I was up in her arms again, this time with a towel loosely wrapped around my waist. She carried me out of the bathroom and put me down on a dry floor outside the bathroom. She took my towel off. She put the towel on my head and was wiping my hair. I had to again hold on to her body. She was wiping my hair vigorously. I stood hugging her solid body in a wet sari, with not a stitch of clothing on my own body.

Once done, she kept the towel with her. She gave me a mischievous smile, "See, you made me full wet. Now how will I go home ?"

I said, "Geeta, you crossed all limits today."

She laughed, "Now you go and wear a pair of shorts at least. How long will you stand without any clothes in front of a young woman? You shameless man."

She went into the bathroom with my towel. I went to my room and changed into a T-shirt and shorts.

She came out a little later with a fresh sari on. She came to me straight. Just picked me up from the front. My arms went around her neck, my legs around her waist. She smiled and said, "So, I've started a new game today. I loved it. You come back from Mumbai. We'll play this more often. You have delayed me enough today. I'll have to go home now. You will be leaving for the airport by 12.30 pm tomorrow. I'll come in the afternoon before you leave. But Didi will also come with me. She will be going with you to the airport in your taxi only. Also you have told her that you will give her a good bag to pack her things. So, I won't be able to give you any hugs and kisses tomorrow. So here's a big one." She kissed me long and hard, till I was almost out of breath, and carried me till the door. Then put me down, gave a pat on my cheek and left.

I stood wondering …where did the fresh sari and blouse come from ? So had she already planned this bathing activity for today evening, just because I was going on an official tour with her elder sister ?

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