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Unexpected Love - Trailer

Eager, naive Ishqi Sharma starts a job with one of the largest fashion companies in the India, but it isn't as exciting as she'd hoped. She want to be a famous designer, she finds herself nothing more than a struggle to face in way.

Then, she accidentally meets CEO Ruhan Mehra and she gets two things she didn't expect from the life a love partner and her dream job as fashion designer.

Ruhan is good, smart and handsome guy. Ishqi a beautiful smart girl with beauty.

Ruhan was sad and frustrated on his wedding day, he was marrying a girl for family's happiness sake. But the girl who he was going to marry runaway from the wedding venue.
Ruhan's brother inform him about that his bride is runaway. Ruhan seeing a girl remembers something and called his advocate to talk.
Ruhan then called that girl after an hour and kept a condition which was shocking for her.

Few days ago,

Mr. Ruhan Mehra hires her means Ishqi Sharma as his assistant and he ask her to prove herself sincere and honest with the work.
Ruhan was attracted towards Ishqi with her beauty, attitude, intelligence and sweet nature.

Present time,

Ruhan throw some papers on her face and warn her that if she did marry him now, he will destroy everything in her life which is precious for her in the life the most.
That girl was Ishqi, she was crying badly sitting on the floor, she saw the papers get tensed what to do?

Ishqi was trapped in tensed situation and confusion, she can't sign the contract papers. In Ruhan's wedding only two hours were left, he was tensed that how he will handle the situation.

Ruhan was shocked by Ishqi's behaviour by seeing her in beautiful dress and she say with attitude smile with upset feeling, "Don't think Mr.Ruhan Mehra I signed the papers for your money or status. I signed for your family and my family's sake. For me status and other things doesn't matter as family and responsibilities matters most. I am ready as you see!"
Ruhan after marrying her, he show the face her to media for the photo in front of media. A journalist ask Ruhan who is this girl? And where is his bride?

Ruhan was questioned what to say but suddenly Ishqi spoke with annoyed look, "She left Ruhan Sir alone in this situation and Ruhan Sir married to me for family's sake for safe their respect in the society. I supported his decision as I can understand when someone left us in the situation where we needed them most. Please I request you all by joining hands don't make this news release as he is helpless so marrying his assistant. Make that person helpless who left him this situation to face problems."

A reporter applause by listening her words and taking stand for Ruhan as life partner in front of everyone.
Ruhan was shocked by her behaviour and he saw her with surprised look.
But Ishqi hide her pain as losing her parent's trust and support in this decision.
Ruhan say with attitude smile seeing in her eyes with confidence, "I am happy that my wife Ishqi understood my situation and also make me remember of my responsibilities towards my family and her. I am happy that her family gave her good manners and upbringing."

Ruhan and Ishqi was showing that they are happy with their marriage decision but that was not true.

Will Ishqi get her parent's trust and support back?

How Ishqi and Ruhan will get together?

What about their relationship will fall in love or not?