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Unexpected Love - Episode 1

This story is about simple life which turns into complicated life because of a decision.
For family we do whatever possible for their happiness to see and give them an protected life, but sometimes we have to wear a villain mask on face to safe them from danger situation.

Here is the story of two people where they are the reason of family's happiness, but then an drastic decision make them unhappy.

So let's start the story,

Ruhan Mehra is good, smart and handsome guy. He is young and 29 years old, he is hides his pain and emotions by acting arrogant with rude way. His family knows it as his mother is paralysis due to accident. He helps his father at very young age by taking house responsibilities and also helped him handling business too.

His father was proud that his son Ruhan complete his studies by helping him. Ruhan completed his master's in financial management with diploma of fashion designer for handling the company of his father.

Ishqi Sharma a beautiful smart girl with beauty. She is young beautiful girl age is 24 and studying in last year of MBA in fashion designer. She applied in an company for assistant position to help her family in financial condition, she understands her father need a support financially as he feels hard to handle the expenses of house needs and other. So she decided to do a job to help him and she will get an good experience of work also.

The beautiful morning for Ishqi as today she was going to office to sign the contract for her new job, she got job as assistant in Mehra Fashion House Company under the CEO of the company.

Ishqi was praying in Ganesh lord temple, she say in the mind, "Oh Bappa morya please today is my day for job so bless I would do my job and also complete my responsibilities too in good manner. You know I never wished for self I always want my family happy, successful, secure and health. By chanting your name lord and worshiping you give strength to face the problems."
Ishqi after praying see her father waiting for her at near temple stairs.

Ishqi see her wrist watch and remembers she has to reach on time at 10:15 am sharp at office.

On the other side, Ruhan Mehra was totally opposite to her as for him family and business is only important not other things.
Ruhan reached office and his friend cum brother Yuvaan came with his coffee mug.
Ruhan thanks him for bringing his coffee for him, Yuvaan is childhood friend of Ruhan and his business partner of company.

Ruhan's father Rahat Mehra is owner of the company and he made Ruhan CEO of the company. Yuvaan was son of Rahat's best friend Sachin. So, Rahat made his son the business partner of the company.
Ruhan's brother Yash was working in this company as Yuvaan's manager as he was completing his internship under his guidance.

Ishqi reaches to office and tell her father that she will talk to him at night while dinner time now she is going to office.
Her father say, "All the best and stay calm dear don't get angry, and focus on your work got it."
Ishqi thanks for his suggestion and runs towards the office entrance by climbing the stairs fast.

Ishqi rushes to Yuvaan's cabin by knocking the door of his cabin. Yuvaan ask her to get in the cabin, she walks in the cabin with nervousness and polite way.

Yuvaan seeing her get little tensed and asked her to sit on the chair. Ishqi sits on the chair by thanking him.

Yuvaan say with hestiation smile, "Sorry Miss Ishqi Sharma actually my friend is little crazy and arrogant but not so rude. He will test your skill then test your ability suitable for being his assistant or not. Then you can sign the contract papers."

Ishqi get shocked and say, "What? Oh... Okay I will do Sir. When he will take the test?"
Yuvaan say with tensed face, "Go to his cabin and give this file to him after entering to cabin, got it!"

Ishqi take the file from his hand and nods her head. Yuvaan tell the direction to her of Ruhan's cabin.

Ishqi walks towards that direction and say in the mind, "Oh Bappa what is happening with me? Never get succeed easily after hardwork too...help pass me in this test. You know I want this job for helping my Dad that's it not for self needs. As I am satisfied whatever I get... please Ishqi stay calm face the situation."

Ishqi see the cabin door there was Ruhan's name plate was stuck on the door. She knocked the door and ask permission to get in the cabin.

Ruhan asked her to get in and Ishqi walks towards his desk and give the file that was given by Yuvaan to her.
Ruhan tell her to sit on the front chair of his desk. She thanks before sitting on the chair.

Ruhan read the file see her feels is she applicable for begin his assistant.
Ishqi wore simple jeans and long full sleeve kurti, she was ready in simple way.
Ruhan wore a stylish suit and looking stylish handsome guy.
Ruhan say with attitude smile, "Miss Ishqi you don't have experience and studying in last year of MBA fashion designer. Hm... your score is good. Okay, Yuvaan must told you about I want to test your skills, then you can sign contract papers and start working."
Ishqi politely say, "Hm...Okay, I am ready for test Sir!"

Ruhan give her task to design the bridal and groom dress but there are some conditions they kept it should be simple, not heavy to carry on body but should look like royal dress.

Ishqi note his points on a notepad by writing, then he say she has only one an half hour for designing the dress.
She get little tensed but then he say, "Go you see the sofa near window sit there and complete the task. Oh...you note down the points good but go there complete the task and let's see what you do!"
He called peon tell him to give her color pencils, scales, blank white papers and what materials she needed to design the dress ask.
Peon gives all needy things to her, she thanks him. Ruhan get back to his desk and switch on the laptop and do his work.

Ishqi chant the mantra and ask God to bless as she is starting her test.
Ishqi take her phone out and put on the stopwatch for completing her task. Ishqi see the points written on the notepad and draw the designs on the white paper by sketching it.

Will Ishqi able to complete her task on time or not?