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Unexpected Love - Episode 2

Episode 2

Ishqi was completing her task, and Ruhan just kept his laptop aside after sending an email to the client. He saw her and felt a little good, then smiled. Yuvaan comes to Ruhan's cabin to talk about a client who recently demanded expensive designer clothes for a wedding ceremony. With him Yash came, and as they both entered Ruhan's cabin, they saw a love moment.

Oh, sorry, according to them, Ruhan was hating girls but forcefully getting married for his grandmother's wish. They thought Ruhan was not interested in girls, so he must be interested in boys, but it was all wrong. Yash smiled, and he said in a low voice to Yuvaan, "See, I told you my brother is not like that; he is not as bad as you think. He likes girls, but his wishes are weird. Look how nicely he is looking at this new girl with her smiley face!"

Ruhan smiled, and he said in his mind, "She is sincere and dedicated to work; let's see what her designs are. If the designs are great and according to demand, then she can be my assistant; otherwise, there is no chance."

Ishqi saw on her phone the stopwatch, and only fifteen minutes were remaining. Yuvaan and Yash walk towards Ruhan, and Yuvaan says with a naughty smile in a low voice, "Don't stare at her so much that you will fall in love with her!"

Ruhan gets surprised and says with hesitation, "I know she is good,beautiful, smart, and has good skills, but she is not my type. Her status and family background differ from her lifestyle, don't you see? Her simple and average-looking style doesn't make me impressed."

Yash teases him by saying, "We didn't ask for your wishes or expectations, bro!"

Ruhan feels awkward, and Ishqi says with happiness, "Sir, my work is finished."

Ishqi got up from the sofa, holding the sketches in her hand. Ruhan walks towards her to see her design, then sees the time on his watch and gets impressed by her as she finishes the task before the scheduled time, which is seven minutes earlier. She handed him the design, and he took it, then saw it and got shocked. She was tense and anxious to learn the outcome, but what if she failed? Yuvaan and Yash came to see the designs made by her; they saw the designs get surprised at being so beautifully designed. Ishqi gave another paper with a description of the type of material that can be used and at an affordable price for the client and for the company too.

Ruhan tells her to wait in the waiting room. She nods her head and leaves the cabin with a tense feeling. Ruhan asked if the client came or not, and Yuvaan interrupted their conversation and said, "Fast come; they are waiting in my cabin, and the designs are still not yet prepared by the designer. What will we do now?"

Ruhan does not say anything and walks towards Yuvaan's cabin. He told the client to calm down as he entered the cabin, then showed him Ishqi's designs. They get calm after seeing the designs, and the client's fiancee says, "I'm glad to see this design is according to my demand. Why are you still waiting, and please tell us who designed it? I want to meet that designer." Ruhan gets happy as the client is an old customer of their company and also an investor.

Will Ruhan introduce Ishqi to them?

Will Ishqi get the job or not?