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I was come back from jaipur during the covid-19🦠😷 pandemic for barmer my hometown. it's a second time critical situation happened . generally I was using a bus 🚎 transport for travel but that time i was using train . because I want new experience for long distance from train 🚇 transport when I was travel I always wants a window seat and again that day . i was but in my conpotment a one joint family travel with me so that's why .I wouldn't get a window seat because they already booked it. family which travel with me they were from jodhpur as they revealed me. In this family 👪 two women s, one man and two small child was. A small girl which was so cute her name jivika bhtnakar she was just two and half years old but she was so smart then her pal age children's she was follow all the instruction. which was gave by her mother. During travel I was also carry a 📕, earphones and newspaper for timepass . because I wouldn't have a smart phone 📱. A girl whose mention I was, came near at me and asked me about myself and I was spent so much time with her and their train was stopped fulara station which was first station after jaipur . After that train started it's same momentum girl was sleep 😴 some time after. And I was started reading a book which name inner engineering wrote by sadguru who is a monk, life management guru and a motivational speaker. If you were interested in yoga 🧘‍♀️ , consics mind and mentally active. it was so helpful for you. After one and half hour I was fill headche . So that time I was using a tablet for recovering from headche . A family which travel with me request for change my seat because they were two child with them . So I was change my seat and came into manoj bhiya conpatment . who was my maternal uncle son and also a my roommate. A girl(rekha) whose travel with us manoj bhaiya's friend in this conpatment . Most of passenger were change their seats. during lack of passenger and some people were watching ipl 14 season . which was so trending on those days. I was interested in ipl but not during the travelling. And some time I was played ludo with lajpat(roommate), and rekha whose already mentioned . train stopped three or four station but jodhpur station which was a biggest station between jaipur and barmer. Train was stopped and we were bought some chips 🍟 biscuits🍪 and three small pacts of 🍹 juice. We sit and train again started .Now I and lajpat were change our conpatment and came into another one their were only three passenger in it. Two were talk to each other and other one was sit right side of us. Who was so poor person and I thought he was mentally disabled. because doing many fools like activities . He was eating food 🍲which was so badly situation because firstly he was smelling and after that using for eat. That day ,I was feeled actually value food. Because when I was getting food, so I was flattered and said wasn't like all of that. But that day ,I was feel nothing important what you want happy with you have now. I was talk to this man but he wasn't interested to talk to any one. He needed water so I was gave him. He was changed his conpatment so many times because he wouldn't have ticket 🎟 . Some time after he was went from my conpatment and we were talk to each other. It's 12:40 O clock so lajpat would went for 😴. And I was came into manoj bhaiya's conpatment and talk to him for some time. During that I was not sleep because crowed of trains veels. And I was hearing songs 🎵 . Train again stoped kawas station. Which was around 150km far from my distinction . And now I was feel so taired but not interested for sleep. so that's why ,I was played ludo with computer and some time heard songs .after that I was reached at my distinction point📍. It's so experienced journey for me. Thanks to you all my dear reader 🙏🙏

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