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Revenge of the Ghost - 45

Hello, my lovely and very supportive readers,

I was unable to write the episodes as planned due to my health. I was down with multiple issues was unable to use my hands. Hence, I was not able to type any new episodes since a long period of time. But I promise that from now onwards every week I will post a new episode of this novel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind support.

Mahabali was still chanting some mantras loudly and the mirror in which Ravindra’s image was being captured started to glow. Ravindra was screaming out his lungs and kept on repeating a sentence in a ghastly voice, ‘Leave me alone or I will kill everyone of you. Leave me alone.’ Mahabali was in no mood to let that happen. Mahabali was now in full force, and he created a swastika sign on Ravindra’s forehead. Ravindra was unable to fight back.

Meanwhile, Baba woke up and felt the known presence. He immediately realised that his saviour had arrived. The saviour who had taught him everything, who had taught him to fight evil and protect the innocent. Mahabali was trying very hard to protect Ravindra, but the evil force was too powerful. The swastika sign was being burned on Ravindra’s forehead. Mahabali was trying very hard to use his right hand to take the last step to remove the evil soul from Ravindra’s body, but he couldn’t. Baba realised this quickly, but he was not at his full strength. So, it took some seconds for him to gain some strength to support Mahabali. Baba was ready and he supported Mahabali to hold the mirror tight. Baba saw Mahabali and in the blink of an eye he understood what needs to be done, so he after confirming a grip over the mirror he freed his hands to finish the task.

Baba cut his right hand’s thumb with the dagger which drew a thin line of blood and it started to drip on the floor. Baba drew a circle around Mahabali holding the mirrored Ravindra and Ravindra himself. Ravindra’s screams were dying. The entire atmosphere was filled with tension so hard that it could be cut with a knife. It was a matter of life and death for Ravindra. Ravindra was like a son to Baba and Baba was even ready to lay down his own life to save Ravindra. But, for now Baba had to free Ravindra from the evil clutches of the evil spirit. As soon as Baba finished the circle of blood, Ravindra screamed with a shrilling voice and fainted. His body fell with a thud.  Without worrying about that Baba continued to chant some mantras along with Mahabali.

Baba put his thumb which was pouring blood with a steady stream. Baba drew a reverse swastika which was already burning and being marked on Ravindra’s head. The regular swastika drawn with Mahabali’s blood and reverse swastika drawn from Baba’s blood combined created a force so powerful that the evil soul started to feel the heat generated from the combination of those extremely powerful primeval forces which had a power to burn the evil soul to its core. The evil soul started to scream like hell, and it was impossible to bare that sound with such a high pitch plus with every scream Ravindra’s agony started to increase and it seemed that chances of Ravindra recovering from all these was hanging by a very thin thread. Baba was standing like an iron pillar between Ravindra’s death and Ravindra.

Meanwhile Mahabali saw a thin ray of hope. The mirror holding Ravindra’s image was started to melt. The solid mirror was converting into a liquid one. Mahabali realised that he needed this liquid to collect. He pulled out a small jar but big enough to hold the liquid form of mirror. Mahabali started to collect the liquid into that jar. Soon the jar was fool, and the mirror was empty and just the frame of the mirror was there. And then there was no sound. Everything stood still. Mahabali chanted a very specific mantra and the liquid turned blood red in the jar. Then the liquid started to burn, and orange fumes were coming out of it. After a while the entire jar was filled with dense smoke, and nothing was visible.

Baba and Mahabali looked at each other with worried eyes. Their eyes were glued like hot rubber melts and sticks on a surface. The smoke got cleared and there was a just ash. Ravindra moaned and Baba was joyous. Mahabali thanked the almighty God for all the help to fight the evil force and to save an innocent one. Baba very tenderly held Ravindra’s head in his hand and stroked his hair. Ravindra started to wake up and opened his eyes. He was completely flabbergasted about the recent events and was utterly confused about how he was there in the hut and who was the other person in the room with Baba.

Baba said, ‘Don’t stress yourself Ravindra. Everything will be explained to you. And this is my mentor, Mahabali. He taught me everything I know. He is the holiest person I know in the world. His soul is pure, and nothing can harm us now because of his presence.’ Ravindra folded his hands in the Namaste mudra and tried to stand up, Baba stopped him and asked him to lay down for a while. Ravindra took a deep look at Mahabali. Mahabali was a towering personality with silver white hair. He had a big round face with a child like smile on his face. The eyes were the purest part of Mahabali. Mahabali smiled and said, ‘Ravindra now are you free of that evil spirit which was in your body earlier. And I have carved the holy symbol on your forehead which will be invisible after a while to naked eyes and that symbol will protect you from any such incidents.’

Ravindra was feeling safe, but the real problem was still looming like a snake and was biting his soul every second of his life. His beloved Satya was still missing. When will Satya be back with Ravindra? How will Mahabali help Ravindra to fight the ghost? To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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