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Revenge of the Ghost - 46

Ravindra felt rejuvenated and fresh after a long time, he was for some time tension free in the vicinity of two great souls. Nagesh and Shashtirji were recovered too. Ravindra didn’t remember anything but deep down his heart he knew that he did something terrible. Ravindra folded his hands and asked for forgiveness using the oldest language on the Earth. The language of silence, the language of eyes where eyes could express everything. Every inch of Ravindra’s eyes was sorry, and he was so overwhelmed that he could not utter a single word to anyone. He just kept staring at everyone one by one and kept asking for forgiveness. Nagesh came forward and hugged him tightly and just said nothing. Not a single word was being uttered but there were words to fill a book or two. Baba and Shashtriji were smiling while Mahabali was trying the grasp the situation. 

Finally, Mahabali said, ‘Guys please let him rest for a while and signalled Ravindra to lie down for a while.’ Ravindra did without any question as now he understood and realised the power of the ghost and who could help him to fight the ghost and save his beloved Satya. Ravindra slept like a baby in a while and his face was calm. Baba folded his hands in “Namaste” mudra and tried to touch the feet of Mahabali. Mahabali stopped this gesture in between and hugged his favourite disciple. Mahabali inquisitively looked at Shashtriji and Baba introduced him as his friend against the fight to the ghost. 

Nagesh was already known to Mahabali as Mahabali was the only one who knew exactly who Nagesh was. Nagesh had many stories to tell but this was not the time for the same. Mahabali smiled at him and asked him to sit near his feet. Mahabali was sitting at the elevated stone and everyone else sat in front of him to seek guidance in the darkest time of their lives. Mahabali asked Baba to explain the entire situation in extreme detail as he also knew that the soul, they all were against was extremely powerful and they all had to put their best to fight against this one.  

Baba took utmost care to explain as hard as he could but still Mahabali was not convinced. Mahabali said to Baba, ‘You should continue the story once Ravindra wakes up and till that time everyone, please have some rest. I will be in “Yoga Samadhi” for some time. Nobody will disturb Ravindra till tomorrow morning. His soul is scarred, and he needs full rest to replenish it.’ Everyone agreed without any shred of doubt and Shashtriji started to move out as he was the only one who had a home apart from Ravindra and Ravindra was not supposed to leave the hut. 

Shashtriji turned around and Mahabali spoke and to everybody’s surprise, Mahabali was in “Yoga Samadhi”. He was neither moving nor speaking anything as his lips were tightly sealed and still there was no sound. He continued to speak, ‘Nobody will leave this hut as I have created a defensive circle around this hut and that will keep everyone safe.’ The sound of Mahabali’s voice was echoed in everybody’s brains, and everyone was shocked to witness the gravity of the situation. Mahabali was guiding and defending them without even being awake or without speaking a single word. Every head bowed to that, and everyone thanked the almighty God to send him in the form of a saviour. 

Baba indicated Nagesh to arrange the beds for everyone. The hut was not so big from outside but still there was enough space for everyone to sleep which was amazing and unimaginable. Nagesh arranged beds for everyone in the same room. The scene was unbelievable as there was not enough space to walk and there were 4 people sleeping in that room. But it was true, and everyone slept after saying a small prayer. Every brain was so stressed out that they wanted just a good night’s sleep without any sort of unexpected events which were kept on happening in their lives since last couple of weeks. Everyone loved Ravindra but the biggest challenge was they had to their lives on the line to save Satya whom they hadn’t even met. And that was commendable and that proved that good people do exist in the world no matter whatever the condition is. 

There was pin drop silence in the hut. Everyone was in deep sleep. And after a while Mahabali opened his eyes and he stood up from his place. He looked around and everyone was calm. The night was still young, and everyone needed the much-anticipated rest. Mahabali pulled out some sort of powder from his bag and spread by blowing at the powder from his right-hand palm. The entire room was filled with smoke but not a dangerous one. Everybody’s silhouettes were visible and nothing else. But Mahabali was still able to see through that smoke and the chariot of the Sun arrived. First ray of the Sun hit the Earth and carpeted the entire Earth with its brightness. Mahabali smiled. 

What will happen next? What was that smoke? Why did Mahabali smile? To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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