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Revenge of the Ghost - 44

Nagesh drove like a maniac, and they reached within a thin stretch of time. Shashtriji and Nagesh lifted Baba and Ravindra one by one and took them in that secret and sacred chamber. Once they reached inside, they both let out a sigh of relief. Now they were completely safe as the entire area was safeguarded by all the possible runes, talismans, and sacred symbols/hymns. Shashtriji checked pulse of both, and they were steady, but both were unconscious. They couldn’t do much till the time Baba comes out of the unconsciousness.

Nagesh was sitting in a corner praying and chanting some mantras constantly. Shashtriji did the same thing and he realised that Baba’s finger moved. He felt a streak of happiness. Baba slowly opened his eyes and looked around. Immediately he shouted and asked where Ravindra was. Shashtriji pointed towards him, and Baba looked relieved. But he was not aware of the gravity of the situation yet. He slowly stood up and went to check Ravindra. Ravindra was still unconscious. Baba felt to his gut that something was not right. Upon a hunch Baba checked Ravindra’s eyes and he was taken aback.

The eyes were pitch black with no sign of light. Baba realised that Ravindra was in grave danger. Ravindra’s soul was locked by the ghost and Ravindra was put in a deep sleep coma. For the first time Baba felt fear of losing Ravindra. He felt helpless. Shashtriji was still perplexed about the situation and was looking inquisitively at Baba. Baba said, ‘We are late Shashtriji. We are very late. The ghost has done her tricks and our beloved Ravindra is now in great peril. We have to wake him up within the next 4 to 5 hours or he will be dead after that.’

Shashtriji’s heart sank, and his power of speech left his side and could not frame a single word. Baba said, ‘there is only one way out of this situation. But it requires some help from my teacher, the great Mahabali. The only problem is I am not aware of his whereabouts. He generally comes here to meet whenever I am in great trouble. And I think this is the same time. So, come on Shashtriji let us pray that Mahabali comes here before the time limit to save Ravindra. Nagesh was a quiet listener to the entire conversation. It was out of his wheelhouse, so he was just a spectator in this entire situation.

All three of them were praying silently and without uttering a word. There was a dead silence in the environment and the only noise was originating from their laboured breathing. Suddenly with a very loud scream, Ravindra was awake. Baba got befuddled and could not understand how something like that could happen. He surely underestimated the power of this ghost. Ravindra’s eyes were bloodshot, and he was looking around like an untamed animal who was about to attack anything which moves. Ravindra very quickly moved to Baba and tried to hurt Baba and he was thrown back some 3 to 4 feet. It was Nagesh who was between Baba and the blood hungry Ravindra who was actually not Ravindra. It was some evil soul in the body of Ravindra.

Ravindra gave a death stare to Nagesh, and he rushed towards him and clutched his neck between his super strong arms. Ravindra was trying to choke Nagesh with his bare hands and it was a death grip. Nagesh was unable to breathe normally and was about to die. Baba was still there, and he chanted some mantras and sprinkled some holy powder on Ravindra. Ravindra screamed very hard and left Nagesh quickly as his skin started to burn. To everybody’s surprise, the skin healed pretty quickly, and Ravindra was again too powerful to handle by three of them.

Ravindra landed a very powerful blow on the chest of Nagesh and cracked his multiple ribs which might led to the puncture in his lungs. Nagesh crashed into a corner like an empty sack. Ravindra’s next target was Baba. Ravindra was now confident and careful too. He started to swirl around Baba and then at some moment he attacked Baba with all the power he had and that dumbfounded Baba. Baba was unable to defend the sudden attack and his body could not bare this raw strength. His body was already weak due to previous encounters. Ravindra was about to land a very lethal blow to the head of Baba and the entire room was filled with smoke.

Ravindra looked around and there was no one. To his surprise Ravindra felt some presence in the room but could not understand anything. A silhouette appeared and Ravindra was trying very hard to see the silhouette. It was Mahabali the great teacher of Baba. He had some form of weird knife in his hand. Mahabali cut his palm a bit deep, and a gush of blood oozed out of that cut. Mahabali pulled a mirror from his bag, and he held the mirror to capture the image of Ravindra.

 What would happen next? Would Mahabali be able to save Ravindra from the evil clutches of the ghost. To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.