Unusual experience in English Short Stories by Shravana Amaragol books and stories PDF | Unusual experience

Unusual experience

A girl named Riya was studying in 10th grade. She would never go out. Morning she would go to school and then evening back to home. She never hanged out with friends. She spoke very less to strangers and was unaware of outside society. As exams were near she had some extra classes, for which she had to stay back after her school hours. Before she never ever travelled alone from home to school. That day it was mandatory for her to stay back. She also informed her parents to pick her up after her extra classes. There was some problem due to which the class hours extended. When her father came to pick her she said him that time was extended. Her father had some other work which she knew,so she said him that one of her friend would accompany her after the classes. Her father said he would wait but she thought he would get late and so sent him back. Before the class started she had asked one of her friend to get with her after the class. Her friend had also agreed. Both of them were neighbours so both agreed to travell together. Riya had maths class whereas her friend had social class. As her friend's class completed early she went home without informing Riya. After the class Riya searched for her friend but did not find her. She started crying and became completely nervous. Because it was her first time travelling alone. And she never used public transport alone. She would have asked her teacher for help but she didn't. Then she started walking alone wiping her tears. She was afraid and didn't know where to go. She saw a auto standing. She went there crying. The driver asked her to say her adress. As she was nervous she didn't say a word. She just kept on crying. The driver saw her school ID card. He got her adress and said her that he would drop her till her house. Other people in the auto were laughing at her. They said,such grown up girl don't where her house is. Hearing all this she became more nervous and started crying even more. She never thought she would get in such a situation. When she was in auto it was 6pm. The driver started driving. He stopped at one place and asked the girl to get down. Yet she didn't know which way she should go. The driver asked some passerby to show her the way. She gave her ID card to the passerby. He was kind. He showed her the way. It was completely dark till she reached her house. All her family members were tensed. When she reached her house she saw her grandmother asking all her friends. She reached her house safely. Then she got a call from her mother. Her mother scolded her badly for not knowing her house adress. If the auto driver was not good then what about her life. Then the next day itself her father took her and shown her all the areas and taught her how to use the public transport. Though she was innocent,she would have atleast known some general things around her. She always cried thinking of that incident. That day she realised that she should take care of herself. The girl who hated strangers realised that there were some good persons who still help others. When she shared this incident with her friends,all laughed at her for being dumb. But she atleast realised that general knowledge was necessary. From then she learnt doing all her works alone. She stopped being dependent on her parents.

"If we can't help others,we should never laugh at them".