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Target - 2

Chapter Two : The Heroine

A stylish jaguar parked in front of the Kaisson hotel in Kolkata. A hotel made for millionaires. Thanks to Ashit, Kolkata is turning out to be the Las Vegas of India. 7 star's hotel and casino is the speciality of Kaisson group. Which is wholly owned by Ashit Bakshi. This is the front desk business of Ashit.

The incident of killing a mafia boss was wiped out easily with Ashit's influence. The days were passing normally when one day,

Robindro entered his boss's office. " I have a news boss." 

" Hmmmmm." Ashit was reading a file.

" A girl made a commotion in the casino downstairs." Robindro said while adjusting his specs. 

" And why are you telling me? Inform Karan he will handle it." Ashit said while reading the file in his hand. 

" Karan informed me about her. He is still trying to control her, but she is asking for you." Robindro said. 

" Interesting." Ashit said adjusting himself comfortably on his chair, closing the file he was reading a while ago. 

" Do you know who the girl is?" Robindro said while playing the footage on laptop in front of Ashit. 

Ashit saw the girl, " I don't, but let's meet her. " He said while raising an eyebrow.

" Yes, boss." Robindro retired himself from Ashit's cabin. 

Ashit saw the footage again. " You are definitely not related to me? Then who are you?" 

Ashit walked in the casino. Karan and his men were standing there. 

" Boss " Karan came forward.

" What happened?" Ashit asked in his cold voice.

" She came in suddenly and went up on the chandelier." Karan pointed his finger up. Ashit saw the girl who was smiling at him, even waved her hand to wish a good evening to Ashit. He nodded towards the girl. " She was screaming to call you. She even locks the head of the chandelier; we can't pull it down. She said she will only talk to you." 

" You didn't send your man up there?" Ashit asked his head bodyguard. 

" I tried. But she is well prepared. She has pepper spray, Stun gun and other items with her. She has been giving trouble for the last two hours. So I called Robindro to inform you." Karan said, still head down. 

" Karan you who had killed 100 of man and broken 1000's of bones for me was troubled by a girl who is hardly in her twenties. I can't believe it." Ashit walked by and sat on the sofa. 

" Out everyone." He ordered and all left the hall. " Are you coming down or are we going to talk like this only? " 

Outside the hall, 

" I pity you Karan." Robindro spoke to his long-time friend. 

" We have to be careful, Bindro. The girl is not as simple as she looks. She created chaos in 5 min. after her entry. Just think about what she would do if she entered in boss's life." Karan expressed his concern. 

" Don't worry Karan. Boss is very capable of understanding what is wrong and what is right for him. He created the entire empire on himself alone. He will not be deceived by an innocent and beautiful face." Robindro spoke.

" Don't you know the phrase, ' A beauty can take down an entire empire with her' from a very old time. Just be careful if the boss let his guards down around her." Karan said and took his position in guarding the hall. 

" Speak." Ashit said to the girl who walked down from his costly chandelier. 

" Hie. I know I gave you trouble to come here but the thing I am going to tell you is also important. So pay your full attention. Ok." She said, 

" I am all ears. Just say fast." Ashit said while looking at the girl in front of him. A crop top and jeans shorts. She must be a college student. Ashit shook his head, the small fragile girl cost him million as the casino has closed because of her. He can't even sell her to brothel; she wouldn’t be able to recover his loss. He was waiting to hear her problem.

" Watch this." The girl slid her mobile in Ashit's direction. Ashit saw the footage of him killing Debo.

" Do you know whom you are blackmailing? You are showing me a video; I can directly give you live footage if you need." Ashit said in his cold tone.

" I know with whom I am talking. Don't call it blackmailing because I am not doing that. I am Kaya. Step sister of Debo whom you killed. I was playing around the warehouse that day, when you messed up my entire future" She said in a cold stern voice. 

" What do you mean by messed up with your future?" Ashit asked, scanning the girl from top to bottom. 'Debo's siter, Debo is the ugliest person one can be. But she looks like the beauty from heaven. Debo has a birthmark on his heart, I need to see her.' His thought intervened.

" My brother was paying for my fees. As you kill him and took control of entire business. I don’t have money and a home to stay. I have 6 months to complete my graduation. Let me stay with you for 6 months? Hey hey, are you even listening to me?" Kaya waves her palm in front of Ashit.

Ashit catches her waving hand and pulls her in his lap, in a second. With his other hand he pulls her top down to see a birthmark. Kaya was shocked beyond her imagination. She slapped his hand away and got up from him. She gave a tight slap to Ashit. Now it's his turn to get the shock. He stood up and pulled her on his chest.

" Do you know whom you just slapped?" He asked her angrily.

" Now I know that I slapped a Bastard who is a big pervert. How dare you raise your hand on me?" She gave Ashit a kick on his fragile part. Ashit lost her grip for a while, she stood on his feet with her boots and gave a hard punch on his gut. Ashit is not weak, he grabs her right hand to stop her from going out. She turned 180 degrees, her hair touched Ashit's face and he didn't breathe for a while. He sat down still stubborn to not leave her hand. Kaya was struggling hard to release herself from his grip. She punched him a number of times in his guts. But no use. She swung her leg toward his face till the time Ashit had gained his consciousness. He grabs her leg and throws her on the sofa. He moved toward her and grabbed her neck. " Who are you?" He asked. 

Ashit was surprised that the girl in his grip still was looking at him eye to eye. Ashit didn't pay attention to why she was struggling. He gets curious and chokes her neck more tightly when she smirks, but the time has passed. She successfully removed her shoe and threw it toward the emergency glass. As glass cracked the siren started to buzz in the entire building. She got out of Ashit's grip successfully. As his guards ran to help Ashit, Kaya took her chance and walked away happily waving Ashit a goodbye.

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