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Target - 3

Chapter Three : Assumption & Truth

Sunny entered the cabin, 

" Bro are you ok? What happened? I heard about a fire in a building?"  He fired questions on Ashit. Robindro and Karan were standing in the same cabin for hours.

After taking a close look at Ashit, Sunny gulped. He has never seen Ashit lose his cool and calm tone for anyone before. He moved near Robindro. " What happened? Why does he look like this? I have never seen him this much furious before? " Robindro just shook his head and gulped as he was restless because of the entire scene created by Kaya.

Ashit's phone rang, " Ashit." He said as he received the call.



"OK." In the entire 5min. He only used these three words after his name. 

Ashit rested his head on the headrest of the chair, " Karan." He called his guard nearby. " Call your man and tell them If they want to see tomorrow's morning, they have to find the girl before 6.00." Karan nodded and left the room.

Sunny signs Robindro to ask further, " Boss, sorry to ask you but may I know what has happened after we left the hall?" 

Ashit smiled wickedly, " First time, I met someone as crazy as me. I want her here by tomorrow. I don’t know Robindro, but she is special. I gut feeling is telling me. I can bet millions on her." 

He remembered something and called a number in his mobile, " Karan, when you found her, take twenty of your men and make sure to avoid her hair, she has some poison powder in her hair. Hmmmm." 

" Boss, did she use that powder on you?" Robindro asked. 

" She did Robindro and she will pay." Ashit said.

" Can someone tell me, what we are talking about?" Sunny asked irritatingly.

After getting permission from Ashit, Robindro tells Sunny about Kaya. " Bro, why do you leave her injury free?" 

" I didn't, she left willingly. But she doesn't know me. She entered my life with her will, now I will decide her future with my will." Ashit said. " Robindro make the arrangement. I am staying here tonight." He ordered.

In two hours,

Karan and his efficient team find Kaya and even kidnap her from her place. When Kaya opened her eyes, Ashit was standing in front of her. 

" Bastard, what am I doing here? Why did you kidnap me?" She hissed in her tied position.

" Kaya, what do you introduce yourself as, Debojeet's step-sister? Right?" Ashit started his investigation. 

After the fire alarm broke and Kaya vanished between the crowd, Ashit was very much sure that the girl was going to become big trouble for him. He called his best friend and the district attorney Siraj Saha. Siraj can gather any legal-illegal information in hours. He told about that girl to Siraj and found out about her. In half an hour Siraj's men were on Kaya's way. Siraj checked her documentation and government record and everything was clean and clear, which means she was not lying when she introduced herself as Debo's step sister. But Siraj trusts Ashit more than the paperwork. He followed her personally. 

On her way back, Kaya stops at a small hotel for dinner. She did her dinner there alone. A passer-by has forgotten his wallet on the table next to her. The wallet generated Kaya's curiosity and she ran toward the man who forgot his wallet. Strangely, between her few steps running she slipped a note with something in that unknown person's wallet. Siraj was definitely impressed by her. He didn't need to follow her more. He just checked out for the man. 

The man was no other than police commissioner Neeraj Batra. The commission was now in his 50's. Still he was fighting against Ashit. He must be. If he doesn't fight, his retirement would be worse as his illegal money will stop from Ashit's opponent. Yes, right the corrupted commissioner works for Their opponent. But why is this girl with him ? Siraj dug more in the commissioner's file and found what Ashit wanted. He dialled Ashit's number. In two rings the call was answered, " Ashit, " Ashit's cold voice replied. 

" Hey man, your doubt was right. She is not related to Debojeet. She is a detective but till today she is stationed at a field job as a spy. Two years’ experience. And specialise in martial arts."

" Hmmmm." Was the reply he received from Ashit.

" Full name: Kaya Sundarlal Parekh. Birthplace Gujarat. Studied in Delhi. She was crazy about the Police and Army. Took military training after 21. After the continues forcing of from her parents she changed her military job in Kolkata police station." 

"Hmmm." Again same reply from Ashit.

" Aie, I check, she doesn't know about Batra's intention. She writes a note to Batra that you are a dangerous person and she is aborting the mission. So let her slide from this matter. You can vent your anger on Batra as he forced the girl to trap you after knowing that you killed Debo whom she was tracking before. She was there only to try the water." Siraj finished his side conversation.

" OK." Ashit cut the call. Siraj hopes that Ashit will leave the girl alone.

Back to the present, 

" So tell me, what do you want from me as our conversation was interrupted by an unimportant event?" Ashit said, still glaring at the girl.

" I don't want to talk to you. Leave me." Kaya said while trying to release her hand from the back of the chair. Ashit's man tied her hand to her back with a steel chain then they tied her on a chair with rope. She was trying to break that rope first.

" Kaya Chandro Sen-Gupta or should I call you Kaya Sundarlal Parekh?" Listening to her real name from Ashit's mouth Kaya's eyes widen in second's. She doesn't stop for a moment.

" What now? You know my name. So? What are you going to do? In the worst situation you will kill me. Nothing more nothing less." She said to Ashit looking directly in his eyes. 

He slapped Kaya hard and yanked her hair back, " Who said killing is the worst punishment. You are really new to this world. Didn't Batra explain to you how the spy ended here in Kolkata." 

With 5 fingers imprinted on her fair face and a little blood near her lips, Kaya spoke fearlessly, " I don't care what happened to me. But with my down I will take you with me."

" Your Batra will not be able to save you." Ashit said with the evil smirk on his face, " He is fully corrupted, you were only a pawn for him. He will sacrifice you."

" I am not a stupid girl to walk up to you without any protection. If I didn't reach my place till morning, your killing story video would be all over the internet. I am an independent girl damn it. I survive on my own." Kaya said, still struggling in Ashit's cage. Seeing the smirk on Ashit's face she smiled again, " Don't you dare to think that you can wipe my account. In two years of service I have lots of accounts in which I already had pre planned it."

This is the attitude he never saw in any woman. All woman who came into his life till date were came near him only for his money and power. She is the one who challenged him on her own power.

Ashit brought his face near her and kissed, Kaya bite him in this forceful kiss. She even drove a blood from his lips. 

" Bastard." Kaya cursed and continued her rope breaking work.

Ashit didn't answer her and walked away. 

A small dot black camera was witnessing every moment of Kaya. Ashit entered the secret room where the camera was placed. 

" How was it going?" He asked his subordinates.

" She was trying to break from the moment she opened her eyes. You were right boss, she is very sly." Robindro spoke. 

" But she is too beautiful to be a spy. Bro. And the way you both kissed ohhhh Hot." Sunny complained.

" Sunny damn it. Don't go after beauty. You just saw kiss, didn’t paid attention when I slap her. You know how hard my hand is. With full strength I slap her. Still she was looking at me angrily. She is a dangerous for me. But I still want her near me. " Ashit said.

" Just go and offer her money. She will wag her tail behind you." Sunny said.

" She will not. If she wants that, she will never slap me for removing her top slightly."  Ashit again said in a frustrated tone and Robindro & Karan's eyes went wide with that.

" That's why you have a fingerprint on your face. I knew something was wrong with you." Robindro explained.

" Boss allowed me to teach her a lesson." Karan came near Ashit.

" Relax guys, I want to try something new. And Karan inform everyone no one is allow to touch her." Ashit said with his eyes still stuck on the monitor. " And here she untied the rope."

Kaya stood up near the door and listened for the footsteps. Two guards outside, she calculated. With her tied hand she unlocked the door with a pin from her hair and marched towards the guards. Using only leg she dismissed two tall men.

" Karan, make your best man to follow and guard her. Commissioner will definitely try something on her. Make sure I have her every minute update."  Karan nodded on Ashit's order.

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