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Target - 4 - Last Part

Chapter Four : Targeted

In the gap of a week, Kaya generated enough proof to confront commissioner Batra about his corruption. She sent a letter and called the commissioner to the nearby port. She arranged the camera on a nearby pole to get the confrontation footage. As though commissioner Batra walked in with the letter. 

He saw Kaya there, " What is this nonsense Kaya?" He asked furiously.

" You going to tell me the truth of this document or should I check this my way ?" Kaya asked.

" Did Ashit say anything? Do you believe in a criminal more than your subordinate Kaya?" Batra asked with confidence.

" I believe what I see. I used to admire you but when I found this document I was shocked. Would a person like you do anything horrible like this really Commissioner Batra? " She said with a sad look in her eyes. Commissioner Batra was her hero. She admires him from her training periods. She was the happiest person on earth when she knew that she would be appointed under her favourite Commissioner Batra. When everything was going smooth & fine a selfish man like Ashit came and sowed the doubt in her mind. To clear her hero's name, she dug in his past, what she got from the digging shattered her trust in humanity. How can someone be this corrupted or as Ashit said she is a rookie to not understand the reality of this harsh world.

Commissioner Batra sighed when he saw Kaya's trembling body, the girl actually was his fan. He took two steps towards Kaya, " Kaya darling listen to me?" 

Kaya pulled out her official revolver and pointed in front of the commissioner, " Stay where you were." She ordered.

" You are crossing your limit Kaya. Put it down. Let's talk." Commissioner Batra warned. " Where were you? I got news that Ashit kidnapped you? He is manipulative Kaya. Don't believe him."

" He did kidnap me, and I definitely have to thank him for that. I was following you blindly. At least now I know where I have to go." Kaya said, pointing her gun toward him.

" Ashit has a record that he never left his prey unharmed or alive. Then how come you are here unharmed and still alive? Blaming me when the cat is drinking milk with closed eyes ha?" Commissioner Batra blamed Kaya.

" I do follow you in the past but I am not you who will lick the foot of a criminal wearing the police uniform. I am here because I ran away from him. And trust me it's your bad omen that I am alive and unharmed. In half an hour the Police will come here to arrest you red handed. Start to count your time." Kaya said. 

" I know how to handle my matter, but you will not be there to see it." The commissioner pulled out the gun and tried to fire a shot on Kaya.

Before him a bullet fired near from Kaya directly in the heart of Commissioner Batra. Kaya turned back and saw Ashit at her gun point. " What are you doing here?" She asked.

" Of course saving you. What else can I do here?"  He said putting his gun down and walking toward Kaya. 

" Stay where you are or I will shoot you." She warns but Ashit still walks toward her with his secretary and guard behind him.

" I don't need your help. You are no different than him." She shouted.

" I am different. Very different from him. You will see this soon." Ashit said while walking near her.

Kaya fires two warning shot near Ashit's leg but he doesn't stop. He walked near Kaya and stopped near her gun. " If you want to kill someone, shoot here." He took her gun up to his heart. 

He saw tears forming in Kaya's eyes. He wanted to console her but didn't know how to do it. Before he could say further, the police siren can be heard from a distance. Kaya wiped her tears and took Ashit's gun from his hand. cleaned it thoroughly with her white kerchief and put her and the commissioner's finger prints on them. " Go away. I am letting you out of this case because you saved me." She said,

" But you owe me." Ashit started his talk when Kaya glared and Robindro took him away as a Police siren could be heard nearby. 

The police came, Kaya explained the situation to her second in command with proof that she knows about commissioner corruption and because of that reason he tried to kill her but in a fight mistakenly she killed commissioner to protect herself. Two shots were fired from her service revolver as well as the commissioner must be charged for keeping illegal firearms with him through which he died. The second in command assured Kaya that this incident will never affect her previous record and even advised her to stay strong.

When the investigation took place with a very swift move Kaya retired her wall cam without any attention.

She sat on the nearby rooftop of the warehouse. Ashit also follows her this time without any security. He sat near her. It's time for sunset. The sun was going down in the warm hug of the sea. The sky was orange, it was beautiful. None of them speak anything. The police sealed the warehouse and took Commissioner's body away. The siren, and different voices of people all were gone with the body. 

Kaya finally spoke, " What are you doing here?" She asked while looking in Ashit's direction.

Ashit turned his head in Kaya's direction and took a long breath. He put his hand on Kaya's head, looked directly in her eyes and said " It's not your fault. Whatever happens with the commissioner is his bad karma. Don't blame yourself." He caresses her hair.

First time in life Kaya was smiling through her eyes, the way she was looking at Ashit was a new feeling for her which she never felt for anyone before. She wants to laugh loudly but she will not submit in front of this man.

Before this,

Robindro asks Ashit to leave the premises and he will personally update Kaya's situation to him. But Ashit was adamant on his decision that he will stay near her no matter what. Today she definitely needs him near. Robindro was unable to understand Ashit in this situation. Why does someone want to console his enemy? Ashit climbed the same roof after Kaya in his expensive designer suit and sat near her. He saw the sad look in the girl's eyes and kept quiet until she calmed down. After she asked first, he finally consoled her, but she was only looking at him. With a different feeling in her eyes. No words were exchanged between them. Her eyes were glowing happily may be. He doesn't know. He has never seen such deep eyes. He never consoles anyone. This is the first time. He thinks this girl needs him. But why? He doesn't know.

Kaya looked down and shook her head, then glare at him " I know it's not my fault and I am not blaming myself. Because I am going to blame you for this." She stood up at her place.

Ashit also stood up, " What? " He asked.

" You are a murderer Ashit Bakshi." Kaya said in a fake furious voice " Don't give me those motivational supportive quotes. You yourself molest me in the first meeting."

" You also poisoned me after that. And it will not be molesting. I just removed your top to see and clear my doubt." Ashit explained.

" Touching women's fingers without her permission is also known as molestation. You still try to remove my top." Kaya was determined on her point. " And don't you dare to think that just because I didn't say anything means I am with you. I am collecting evidence against you. The day I received the proof of your deception you will be finish Mr. Bakshi. Be careful." She walked away.

" Yeah..." Kaya stops on her way and turned her face to face Ashit on his call, " I know you are not with me. But I am with you. You will see that I will never deceive you." Ashit says staying still in his position.

A smile curved on Kaya's face. She posed like a gun with her right hand, pointed it towards Ashit, " Target locked. Detested aware." She said and Ashit chuckled at her childish act.

He does the same pose like her, " Target locked. Fondness aware."

It's a starting of a dangerous love story. 

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