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Hey am 15 year old ,
This app thought how to be me .
To stop comparing myself to others.
Helped me to overcome my insecurities "kinda guess it told me to be me at all times.☺

I dont have a lot of friend am just antisocial to people or just because i was once stupid to people i dont know .

I used to be so ashamed of myself around people i felt i was just to diffrent .In life i went through alot but people won't get the situations you are dealing with they might think you are just acting up but at some point now i get when you reach a level of bieng a teenager you face a lot phases in life but sometimes you have to understand its life you better understand.

As teenagers we go through through peer pressure cause you see other people doing it and think its cool but its actually not.

I realized that when u grow up you loose friends,besfrinds and other whatsoever .A relationship with someone you thought you loved could just vanish and end up looking it never happened before.

Me and my bestfriend we used to be very close used to put a smile on my face but eveything just faded i felt like to her maybe i wasnt worthy enough maybe i was boring and stuppp.

In life i learnt to be myself put myself first before anyone but not i a selfish way.Am proudly happy to say that i am a new am growing up so i gotta make my own decision.....gotta face reality.

I dont know if am weird or what ??,just that i dont know what i want ro be when i grow up its just that i dont trust myself in anything like i wouldn't say i am a smart kid at school its just that i try my best to be the best ...all i know is that everyone is unique in their own way so be proud of yourself accept yourself

U are perfect and we are all equal whether you are black or white whatsoever caller you even if you green i dont care but everyone is perfect in their own way so be proud of yourself ♥️.

I hope you are proud of yourself and you appreciate yourself and you value yourself dont let anyone put you in a bad way and you down and make you feel like you are not worthi... enough makes you feel like you feel like you are not perfect ♥️

You are pefect dont let bad energy pull down your self esteem dont let social media pull you down everyone in life has a purpose to be here just that you should pray and believe in yourself and face reality its life in life there will always be challenges and you gotta toughen up and face them ....went through hard times but one thing in life i learnt to be myself ♥️

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