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Unversed - 1 - NightShade

I'd often pondered what it felt like to be afraid of the dark.

" Run! Don’t look back "


I had no idea it meant the urge to be conscious at all times.

"Take him, Juelle, and protect your brother forever."


Because if you close your eyes inadvertently, your heartbeat quickens and you sweat profusely.

"Elvan, come to your senses; do you wish to ruin their efforts to save you?"


You get a rendezvous with the god of death.

"Elvan and Juelle, we shall be looking after you both henceforth."


On December 11, xx24, I turned 19, and despite having spent much of my days inside the four walls of my bedroom, I had three pals.

One of whom, Andrés, a gaming geek renowned for his compassion and caring attitude, decided to utilise his free coupons from Daneys, the only notable eatery in the heart of Brares, to host a surprise party for me.

But his tendency to argue with strangers he perceived to be wrongdoers kept us on our toes once again.

"It's wise to look down, but on floors rather than people."

"Huh? "What do you mean?"

"They are here to serve food, so pick up the trash for the ancestors."

"Do you want to fight?"

"If you really want that, but you're up against the world's current number three..."

And that was the end of it.

Strangers = 10 Andres = 0

Andres groaned, his face pale. "He was supposed to punch me after I was done saying my part."


Slowly, as time proceeded, we spoke about our most awkward experiences, played a few rounds of monopoly, and reminisced about the day Danez originally proposed to Claire.

Being a natural stunner with sparkling hazel eyes and flawless skin that accentuated her tresses alongside an athletic frame, I really never blamed Danez for falling in love with her.

As for Claire, Danez's capacity to address numerous serious difficulties, owing to his exceptional insight, the loyalty and modesty that ran throughout his blood, and the fact that he was always available for her during ups and downs, inevitably led her to feel something mutual.

Watching them all joyous and spending quality time with them often used to help me forget about the horrific nightmares of the past, but only for a brief duration because the one who wrote my fate devised many means to make me relive those portions.

This time, it was the screens mounted on the walls throughout Daney's restaurant that did the job.

"The Lizard strikes again. The daughter of head inspector Kerrel Coleman becomes the next unfortunate victim. The deceased was discovered by a pedestrian at Barringbiens Crossing in Taclon Square. The public wonders what prompted a paragon to become a notorious villain. "

Sensing my emotions instantly, Danez understood that I urgently needed a distraction, so he staged the ideal stunt in the guise of a breather.

He yawned and tossed a tiny gift into my lap as he straightened his arms and stood up from the chair.

"This is a present for your sister, so don't unwrap it without her approval." Ah man, I'm so full right now that I need a stroll. Let us drop you off at your house. "

" If you like, I will come along, but surely being escorted by the world's current number three…"

Claire = 1 Andres = 0

"This is just not my day."

Upon finally arriving at the gated entrance of my apartment building, I thanked and bid my pals farewell before walking up the stairs to the fifth floor, where my unit was located.

Using an elevator is indeed an easy way out, but would you ever contemplate swimming if you've had a near-death encounter with it?

Elevators make up one-third of my nightmares.

Anyhow, accomplishing the goal was pointless since I went all the way up only to discover the door shut.

Admittedly, it was an unusual find, considering both the uncle and aunt rarely left the house after twelve.

"Did Juelle manage to get them to go somewhere? If that's the case, she'll remain giddy for the rest of her life." I mused and laughed.

Although my mirth was short-lived after speaking with our next-door neighbour, Mrs. Selvi, an elderly woman in her early seventies with silvery long hair that hangs over a forlorn countenance whom I seldom approach to get notes left by my uncle for me.

"He didn't really say anything today, but your uncle and aunt have presumably gone to Barringbiens Crossing, though I didn't see Juelle leave with them."

"What gives you that impression?" Isn't this the site where...?

"Yes, yes," she hastily responded, stopping me short partly through, "I just overheard them, but even I am perplexed as to why they would go there."

"You may take this car key if you intend to go there; the owner is out of town and will not be back anytime soon," she added, her eyes twinkling.

"Thank you so much, that would be deeply appreciated," I said, hurrying off to where the car was parked based on the information she had given.

Taclon Square, situated at the connected borders of Mageville and Brares, is a 40-minute drive from my residence.

Once noted for its multicultural identity and elegant towers that crowded its skyline, it is now just an uninhabited area of Brares due to the tremendous damage it sustained from the terror bombing in Mageville.

Despite this, individuals do occasionally, if not frequently, visit Barringbiens Crossing to pay their respects to the deceased.

"Perfect spot for a predator," I muttered.

As I approached the square, I heard a significant number of sirens, signalling the presence of a large number of police officers on the site.

However, given that the victim was the chief inspector's daughter, this was to be expected.

But what I didn't expect was to witness my aunt and uncle sobbing in front of a patrolling minivan, clutching Juelle's belongings.

"Please... No... Not Juelle," I plead.

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