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Unversed - 4 - Invitation

From the dawn of time, before the battlefields were smeared with blood, death, and destruction, half of all battles were undoubtedly fought away from the front lines.

However, in contrast to contemporary perceptions, they were not in the shape of murders or treaties because a simple conversation over tea was all that was required.

While talking with Skipper, I eventually understood three things: first, that he was not in complete charge of the earth and that it was being administered.

Second, that he truly relished breaking the rules set by his superiors.

And finally, breaching those regulations entailed grave ramifications.

At the time, my sole possibility of imparting my dying words to my family and friends was by using a clandestine camera connected to my computer, which was then shattered following my fall.

Nevertheless, since it was linked to my clothing, it was mended during the process of my resuscitation.

Thus, resuming recording.

Dwelling in the shadows since they established this world, it was only logical that they wouldn't want anyone to acquire evidence that might jeopardise their concealment, and thanks to their extremely evolved technology, it would have been easy to obliterate anyone intending to do so.

Hence, it caught me off guard when he didn't warn me about filming things surreptitiously.

But, regardless, I didn't give it much thought, supposing it to be a part of his unknown plot, a predator beguiling a prey.

After all, no one ever really extends a helping hand arbitrarily.

Though it was simply with the passage of time that I realised that he wasn't merely waiting to toy with me, but rather that he couldn't.

The immense strain that he felt as a consequence of violating many taboos most likely limited his abilities to a rudimentary level.

"I'm pleased that in such a short exchange, you discovered my weakness and are now making use of it to undermine my defences. Well done. "

"I'm not asking for your gushing praise; just lower your shields so I can eliminate you."

"How do you intend to do so without a weapon?"

"Who's to say I don't have one? My fists are sufficient as long as I strike your vital areas. "

"They could rupture in the procedure."

"Then so be it."

"Ok, but why do you want to hurt me? Aren't you a tad bit ashamed of the fact that you sought help initially and were vindictive rather than appreciative later?" he remarked, grinning.

"So, how about you? We, unlike you, lose something every day, and even though pushing through the pain becomes increasingly arduous, we persevere in faith, believing that one day the heavenly father would reward our efforts. But who knew they were literally forcing us to lead a life of falsehoods whilst reclining on their thrones? Please don't make me laugh! "

"Was it really our fault now? I'm curious. After all those chances, after all that knowledge, you people still embraced avarice and made the choice that was highly favourable to you, even if it meant living in denial. Don't blame us, kid. "

"What are you talking about?"

"Have you ever heard the life tale of Tyrant King Thoros, an obscure king who didn't have a clue about fighting with any kind of weapon and yet conquered the entire world in a flash?"

"Yes, it is a well-known period in history,"

"What do you suppose he did to accomplish that? If your response is that it was largely caused by using excellent strategy or with the backing of ardent supporters, then you are absolutely mistaken because "Unversed" was what made everything possible."


"Yes, you can think of it as a customary game that is played once every hundred years. There are 400 players altogether, and the winner has the option of either deciding to illuminate the world with the truth and bring about its doom or selecting a reward of his choosing. There are no limitations on the type of reward, which may be anything from turning back the hands of time to obtaining an immense fortune. "

"Why would divulging the origins of the people endanger the world, and why has no victor preferred a prize that would benefit the community as a whole?" Isn't it peculiar that's not how we humans are? "

"Even though I'd want to talk to you more and address more of your concerns, I'm afraid that dealing with the sanctions is demanding a lot of my energy right now. I originally came to welcome you to the game and lay out the rules, but the rest you already know. I'll be leaving you with the invitation and the rules, so you don't have to worry. We'll meet up again later, if not sooner. "


"And yes, I almost forgot to add, player Will Carston is to be avoided."

With that, he suddenly vanished into thin air, leaving me with a slew of unanswered questions and an invitation that was immediately evident on my smartphone.

It was almost inconceivable to resist it, so the only option was to keep going forward.

Since refusing meant forgetting, it meant living in deception for the rest of one's life.


You've been extended an invitation to take part in the world of unversed by Skipper 1 (the one who lost his way).

Would you like to accept it?


Warning: If you decline the invitation, you will be compelled to forget every recollection from the past six hours.

Clicking "yes" will commence an overview of the game; you get one day to make up your mind.

A full day at our disposal could have meant more than just some time to think things over.

A trigger to initiate a secret quest? or obtaining a head start by uncovering something unique, the possibilities were probably endless.

However, history demonstrates that any such possibilities are irrelevant in the context of a steely will.

Whether that's for better or for worse, no one really knows.

"Let’s get to it."

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