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Unversed - 2 - Snow And Ice

We all can't really recall much of anything from our childhood, and I was no different; yet, the image of a bright and naive Juelle was something I vividly remembered.

Being four years older than me, she mastered all the ways to circumvent me for my rightfully earned munchies, all while seeming innocent in my mother's sight.

If only she had thought about raiding Mom's cabinet for "the true treasures," I might have lived in peace.

But that thought didn't occur to her until she was 12 years old.

"They are both like the sun and the moon; the bigger brings light to the smaller."

"No, she's the moon, and I'm the sun!"

"I do not even mind being a moon; the sun has a lot to share, so your goodies are mine."

"I am the moon!"

However, after observing how the tragic incident's aftereffects profoundly damaged my sister, I had a change of heart.

I ultimately began to believe that if I had been the sun, I could have had the opportunity to preserve Juelle's upbeat demeanour, which was then long gone.

Developing into a cautious and composed individual, Juelle did all she could to thrive in a harsh environment.

Even with the backing of her uncle and aunt, people continued to ridicule her behind her back.

"Did she truly tried to save them?"

"She even stopped Elvan, who was attempting to do something."

"I heard she didn't contact anyone for aid."

"I hope my children aren't like her."

But, with her zeal and perseverance, she surmounted all impediments and continued to live her life with renewed pride and some happiness.

With the hope of finding salvation for misdeeds she never perpetrated.

"Uncle... Where is Juelle?" I inquired, pausing.

"I don't know," he sobbed while fighting back tears with the help of his tank top.

"What do you mean, you're not sure?" I exclaimed, supporting my head due to the abrupt heaviness that had overwhelmed me.

"She was the passer-by who observed the murdered corpse, so the cops hauled her in for interrogation, but she vanished after only a few minutes and nobody saw her depart the car she was being questioned in," he replied, sitting on the floor after losing all the nerve to stand.

"Vanished?... but that's simply impossible," I gasped, absolutely astonished by what I suddenly heard.

It was all extremely complicated, and as I could see he was out of explanations, I helped myself to a seat across from my uncle and tried to make sense of the situation.

Nevertheless, despite my best efforts, I was unable to concentrate since my head was becoming heavier and heavier as each searing agony pulse repeatedly hammered my senses.

Fortunately, there were some tranquil times when the anguish was simple to manage and to even ignore, but these were fleeting.

"No, it doesn't make sense," I mumbled.

"Even we couldn't make sense of it," remarked a state trooper who approached me from behind.

"The location has been under proper observation, so we already have all the records, particularly regarding who comes in and goes out, but we couldn't track your sister," he added, clawing his upper forearm incessantly.

"So, what now? Isn't it your obligation to locate someone who slipped just under your radar?" I said sternly, gazing at him in the eyes.

"Naturally, how can we let a killer off the leash?" He gesticulated for me to follow him while grinning hideously.

What?... A murderer? Juelle? No, something is not right... He was holding back his laughter. I saw it.

"Will you please hurry up?"

"Ah... Y... Yes, I am coming."

"By the way, I hoped you would have noticed by now, but it appears I misjudged you."


"Wait... Uncle and aunt, where are they? This man! I'm going to kill him. "

"If you intend to kill me, I would advise you to reconsider."

"Is he reading my thoughts? No, that is not possible."

"Don't be concerned; they're on their way home right now."

"Just what do you want?"

"Now what's with this big hurry? One needs to have great patience to accomplish loftier aspirations. Let's reach our destination first."

It was hopeless, it really was.
With the understanding that I had no actual influence over the situation, I had no choice but to follow him.

The destination, alas, was a tavern not far from Barringbiens Crossing, which reinforced my belief.

He is not a law enforcement officer

The tavern gave out an unwelcoming and grimy impression from the outside.
The entirety of its exterior was constituted of lime plaster and intricate woodwork embellishments.

As I entered the tavern through the old, arched door, I was greeted with a sense of foreboding.

The bartender was the only person in the room, and she continued to wipe a pint glass from the linen without making an effort to acknowledge my presence.

But it didn't take a genius to figure out if she was real, because the malfunctioning lights, countless cobwebs, and walls covered in a coating of greasy dirt already alerted me to the fact that the bartender was a sham.

It's all a ruse.

"Don't you think we would have made it look like one if it really was one?" He guffawed.

He really can...

"Read my thoughts?"

"Are you also a player?"

"What else do you reckon?"

"How is that possible?"

"Oh, well, despite being the only player with two strong passive skills, you don't fully comprehend how they function."

"What do you mean?"

"Normally, a passive ability is triggered whenever a user satisfies some certain conditions, however here it works the other way around."

"It deactivates any time the condition is met?"


"Even while that might be the truth, nobody is aware that I am also a player."

"If that's what you firmly believe, you are ignorant because Emma here knew about both you and your sister, as you can see."

"My sister?"

"You are unaware that she is also a player, then." He sighed, "Let's just get this over with. You're just bait for her anyway."

As soon as snow and thunder collide,
Please be a sword and show us the light.

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