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Creation - Part 2 - Last part

Fast wave took. Her away.she fainted with fear
"Your story is similar to ours"one said after listening to her,""Now our number is three",the other man said
"I won't be here"
"So what Will you do?
"If any ship comes here.I will leave'
"It is wretched island.No ship comes here.Otherwise we would have gone"
She didn't believe their words.But after a few days, she was convinced that she would have to live on this island.And she started living with those two men.
One of those men was black and the other was white.Black and white struggle is old.Whites consider themselves to be of high breed and blacks are of low breed.White jate black..In many countries,the struggle between whites and blacks is at its peak.
That white man also considerd himself as best .Did not even allow black people to come near.But luck had brought him down with black.
The black man was his companion on this deserted island.He had to live with black man, They both started living together in love.There was no quarrel or dispute between them.
But after the woman arrived on the island, disputes started between them.The white man wanted to mold her in his thoughts.He wanted to make her his.The black man also wanted the same.
The woman who came to the island was also black.The white man was racist.He hated black people.He considered them inferior to himself.Didnot like to be with them..But he had no other chance on this island.
Woman was black but her color doesn't matter .Her caste or religion or color doesn't matter.Her being an untouchable doesn't matter.
Then what matters to a woman.It is important for a woman to be a woman.The woman should be of any caste,religion,color or be of any race..All women on this earth have the same body structure.All body parts are same.
That is why she can be love.She can be sex,
And that was the reason that both white man and black man wanted to make the woman their own.Wanted to have her.
They had to fought daily to make that woman their own. And today their fight had turned into a bloody struggle.
"Why are you fighting?"she asked both.
"You are mine"White man said.
"Not his.You are mine"Black man said.
"You both are fighting for me"She said,"Do you know what will be the result of your bloody struggle?"
"What will happen?"both of them started looking at her face.
"You both will be killed in this bloody struggle.And I will be left alone on this deserted island,"she said explaining them,"Do you know what God wants?"
"What God wants from us?"Both men spoke together.
"God wants to populate this deserted island.So God first send you both on this island.Only a woman can create or a woman give birth new baby..So God sent me here too.But if you both kill each other how will God's will be done or fulfill?"She said to them,"Every problem may be solved.But not by conflict but by love."
"What is the solution of this problem"?They both asked her.
"Why are you fighting for me?I am ready to be both of you."
And they both man agreed and live with her in love

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