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                                                                         Eternal love-  “love that lasts forever”
One such love story that has a long wait along with the distance. Let's start................


At the church,

Kavita:"Finally! Today is my childhood best friend's wedding, I am really happy for her. It's not easy to find a best friend these days but I'm lucky to found that idiot, we were neighbors as well as school mates. Well, he is also coming today, for 2 years I didn't even see him. I wish he would come on time today."After few hours couple entered the church. Aww! They look so cute together, so it's the time. Finally he is here, I ran as fast as possible to hug him (with having tears in my eyes). "Kartik I finally got to see you............................."

10 years ago,
2nd July, 2018
Kavita: "Hello, I am Kavita student of class 11th. Well, science stream 'stream which takes everyone's life', I want to be a software developer that's the reason why I choose this stream. Today's the first day and I am getting late because of my crazy neighbor. Her name is Kiara, she is my best friend as well, just because of her I made record of getting late for classes."
Kavita (shouts):  "Girl will you come today or I go to school without you?"
After waiting for 10min.
Kiara:  "Hey girl"
Kavita:  "Hey bitch"
Kiara: "So rude"
Kavita (angrily): "At least, I didn't slap you, today's the first day and we are getting late just because of you"
Kiara: "Sorry! I promise it will not happen again"

After wasting 20min. in this conversation we go to the school
At the school,

Kavita: "Finally we made it on time now let's go to our class"
Kiara: "Girl slow down, we will go into the class after taking rest"
Kavita: "No!!!! We are getting late teacher won't allow us to enter the class after it get started"
Kiara:" Girl why are you so boring. Ok then let's go to the class"
In the classroom,
Me and Kiara sitting together,
After few min. class starts,
after about half an hour two boys entered the classroom, both of them entered the classroom without taking the permission and silently goes to an empty bench,
Kiara (noticed them): "Look two handsome boys"
Kavita (without looking at them): "shh! Look at the blackboard, pay attention to the class"
Teacher (noticed them):" You two stand up!! Students at the back, what's your name?"
Kartik (stands up): "Good morning Miss I am Kartik"
Aarav (stands up as well): "and I am his best buddy Aarav (in dramatic way) miss I am not feeling well and he is actually helping me when we reached here we saw you already start teaching so we silently comes in and sit on this empty bench, so that the whole class doesn't get disturbed, we are sorry miss."
Kartik: "Yeah, we are really sorry miss"
Teacher: "its ok sit down, it should not happen again"
Well, I don't like such undisciplined boys before meeting him.
During lunch,
Kartik and Aarav become the centre of attention, whole class surrounds them, after seeing such crowd in our class me and Kiara goes to the canteen
At the table,
Some other girls of our class also join us,
Aaruhi:"Hey girls new admission boys are really handsome, aren't they?"
Palak:"Yes, they are really handsome, I wish one of them will become my boyfriend, the boy with the name Kartik"
Aaruhi:" But I listened some rumors about him, that he dated about 10 girls in last 2 years"
Kavita (angrily): "A playboy with cute face."
Oops! Did I say cute face...........?
Palak: "Come on its normal nowadays and you are just jealous of him because he is also the topper of our class"
Kavita:" Topper my foot! Kiara let's go to the class I am full now"
Kiara: "But I am not"
Kavita (death glare): "Kiara let's go to the class"
Kiara (scared): "okay let's go"
As I turn I see Kartik standing in front of me,
Kartik: "so you are also the topper of our class oh come on what are you going to do after all this, at the end you just have to take care of the family or I can say becoming a housewife"
Kavita (burst in anger):" Hey you 6feet2inch who told you that the only work of women is to take care of the home or becoming a housewife, Indira Gandhi took care of the whole nation don't forget that"
after that I left without seeing his reaction and Kiara follows me but accidently she collides to Aarav, well Aarav likes my best friend from the very first day but as I told you she is an idiot, she doesn't get any hint,
Aarav: "I am so sorry by the way what's your name beautiful?" (Helping her to stand up)
Kiara: "so Mr. Popular doesn't know the name of their classmates"
After that she left,
Aarav starts walking dreamily and see Kartik standing in front of him angrily, after seeing that he comes to his consciousness,
Aarav:" Dude what’s happen?"
Kartik:" That topper of our class 'Kavita' shouts at me how dare she I hate her as well as her friend Kiara"
Aarav: "Oh so her name is Kiara, what a beautiful name"
Kartik (death glare): "What did you just say? Stay away from both of them"
In the school hall,

Kiara (panting): "finally I got you"
Kavita: " how dare he I really hate him"
Kiara: "Ok girl calm down only two years of our school left just forget about him after two years we didn't even see him anyway"
Kavita: "Yeah, only two years left I wish that these 2 years pass as soon as possible"
In the class,
As I entered in the class a small bucket full of water falls on me.........................

Kavita (shouts): "Who did this?"
Kartik: "off course it's me, no one will do such a great thing except me"
Kavita: "you!! Just wait for my revenge"

about 2 months of 11th class goes like this we fight each and every day, so finally one day teacher of our class complaint about us to the Principal and she immediately call us to her office, as I already told you I am actually a studious student as well as disciplined one for me it's really embarrassing,

In the principal office,

Kartik and Kavita: "Good morning miss"
Principal: "Good morning sit down, both of you already know why I called you?"
Kartik and Kavita: "It's her/his mistake"
Principal: "Shut up! Both of you, as the student of same class you should support each other instead of doing quarreling, just focus on your studies"
Kartik and Kavita: "Sorry miss”
Principal: "It should not happen again, now go back to your classes and Kavita you are the most disciplined student of our school I didn't expect it from you"
Kavita (tears start forming in my eyes): "Sorry miss"
Principal: "It's okay now go back to your classes"

Kartik notices tear in my eyes and gives me his handkerchief, I just look at him and he says," don't be surprised I am a gentleman I can't see a girl crying in front of me", after that I just took his handkerchief and say, "okay", he replies, “ just okay don't you have to say something like thank you Kartik", I laughs and say," Yeah thank you Kartik" , he is just looking at me continuously I don't know why but my heartbeat increased...............

Kavita (stutter): "Is there something on my face?"
Kartik (slightly blush): "No I am just thinking is there any reason for crying? You are such a crybaby"
Kavita (death glare): "Shut up"
Kartik (laughs): "ok now let's get back to the class"
Kavita: "Yeah"
I saw his caring side first time on that day,

In the class,

Kiara: "What did the principal say? Just tell me I will smash Kartik’s face"
Kavita: "No! He is not that bad Principal just says that it should not happen again"
Kiara: "He is not that bad seriously as I remember someone says 'I hate him' are you falling in love with him?"
Kavita (blush): "No! You are just thinking too much"
Kiara: "Oh really?"
Kavita: "yeah"


Aarav: "So what did the principal say?"
Kartik: "It should not happen again, well now we become friends"
Aarav: "Friends are you serious as I remember someone says that 'I hate her' are you falling in love with her? If yes, then propose her dude just look at you no one will reject you after that please request her to talk about me to her best friend Kiara"
Kartik: "No, it's not like that. By the way when you start liking her friend Kiara?"
Aarav: "From the very first day dude but due to your fighting I am not able to tell you"
Kartik: "Okay well, I don't think she will accepts you just look at yourself"
Aarav: " Come on dude I am serious"
Kartik: "OK cool let's see what will happen"
Aarav: "yeah, bench beside them is empty can we go there?"
Kartik: "sure"

Both of them come and sit at the bench beside us,
after that me and Kartik look at each other and smiles, we don't know what is this feeling, but our friends know that already that we start loving each other just by looking at the way we see each other......................................

Kiara and Aarav (coughs): "Guys, class is going on in front"
Kavita and Kartik (blushes hard): "Yeah we know!!!!!!!!"

In this way we all become good friends; even me and kartik also become close friends. We start sharing each and everything with each other even our family problems also. Finally, 11th class over and result day arrive but this time I check Kartik's result first. It happened just as I feared he gets more marks than me but I am still happy. As you know I have to act normally so I shout at him " How did you get more marks than me?" and he says, " cause I write the answers" and start laughing, I am just glaring at him after that he says, " ok I am just joking. Do your best next time". I am actually blushing after seeing him, he was laughing like a child and I say, "Off course I will". After that we all go back to our homes. On that day I get mobile as a gift from my parents. Bro I am so happy after that I immediately goes to Kiara’s home and tell her about it, after spending some time with her I said, "I wish I have Kartik's number."

Kiara: "Oh really are you missing him?"
Kavita (blushing): "No, it's not like that"
Kiara: "Ok then"
Kavita (sad): "yeah"

After that I went home for dinner and then I went to my room, I am actually missing him. I am just staring at my phone and waiting for his text..........................

At midnight I get a message from an unknown number, finally he messaged me and told me that Kiara gives him my number. Now we started chatting late night, each and every day I wait when will it be night and I talk to him. Finally school reopens, last year of our school one of the best year. I just want to see Kartik, so this time I try my best to reach the school on time, as I reached there I saw Kartik is already there standing at the door. I feel like he is waiting for me, I just go and hug him tightly surprisingly he hugs me back and says, " I miss you" I replied, "I miss you too." After that Kiara and Aarav says, "We are in the class love birds, please do romance outside." Both of us realizes it and moves apart blushing hard and shouts, "we aren't love birds!!!!!!” After hearing that Kiara and Aarav starts laughing and says, " yeah you are 'just friends' we know". Kartik says," no we are best friends." But I don't know why it hurts me when he says that we are best friends maybe I am expecting more than that but still I say, "Yes".
After that class starts we all sit together. I enjoy seeing Kiara and Aarav childish fight. So finally at lunch break when I saw Aarav is staring at Kiara continuously I asked him, "Do you like her?" he blushes and says, " yes I do but how do you know did Kartik tell you?".

Kavita: "No bro you are so obvious"
Aarav: "Am I? Still that idiot didn't get it"
Kavita: "yeah she doesn't get hints you should tell her"
Aarav: "Not right now what if she breaks our friendship too?"
Kavita: "Don't think too much you have tell her sooner or later. Let her decide what she wants"
Aarav: "Yeah"

27th April, 2019

Today is Kiara's birthday and she invited everyone at her home. Well Kartik is also coming today and here I am still choosing which dress should I wear today? Damn! This is so difficult. After getting ready I reach her home and staring at the door continuously, "waiting for Kartik", Kiara says.

Kavita: "yeah (realizes what I just said) what no!!!!!"
Kiara: "Girl just stops pretending I know you love him"
kavita (blushes): "yeah, sorry for not telling you earlier"
Kiara: "it's okay so my boring best friend is in love. When are you going to confess?"
Kavita:" I don't know what if he rejects me?"
Kiara: "Girl just confess your feelings, don't think too much"
Kavita: "yeah ok"

After waiting for an hour he finally arrives, Kiara told him that I want to talk him about something important but I am not able to confess my feelings, instead of that I talk about everything. After that we danced and play games, cake cutting and all. Now it's time for unwrapping of gifts, someone gifted a big teddy bear to her and Kiara loved it. I clearly see jealousy of Aarav. So, finally everyone is gone and we tidied the room. Then she asks me, "did you confess or not?" and I answered, "No, I am not able to I become so nervous that I talk about everything except that". She laughs and replies, "Its okay girl but you have to confess your feelings sooner or later, I saw you guys dancing, you guys really look good together". I started blushing," really thanks, yeah I will confess to him".
So, now summer vacation starts after periodic tests and I am getting bored at home. After lunch I went to Kiara's home, but I saw her crying badly in her room after she calms down, I ask her reason for that.......................

She told me that there's a hidden camera in the teddy bear and she always put that in her room, she's so terrified what if each and everything get recorded? What if her parents find out about it? I told her not to worry and tell everything to her parents. As soon as I reach home I tell about it to Kartik and next day we all three: me, Kartik and Aarav goes to her home. Finally after few hours she gets confidence to tell about it to her parents. Her parents hug her and say" don't worry dear it's not your fault, everything will be alright". But Kiara changes now, she doesn't smiles the same anymore. Finally summer vacation over and Aarav try his best to make Kiara smile again in the same way. After few months everything gets back to normal. I am really thankful to Aarav for that.

In the month of December, I got admitted in the hospital due to viral fever. Kiara visits me every day. That idiot told about it to Kartik and the other day Kartik and Aarav also arrived. As Kartik entered in the room I hide my face under the blanket, I don’t want him to see me like this. Kiara pulls down my blanket and say, “Girl what are you doing?” I am really embarrassed after that we talked for few minutes. Suddenly Kartik told Kiara and Aarav to leave the room for a bit. After they leave Kartik asks me to turn to the side where I am comfortable. I am actually gets so nervous but still I turn on my right side. He lays beside me and hugs me from the back. My heart starts beating faster and my whole body gets heat up. He said,” stupid you really can’t take care of yourself, you know how much I am worried about you” I try to look at his face and say , “ I am sorry” after few minutes he stands up and look at me with smile on his face says,” ok then take care get well soon and get back to school I really miss you” after that he leaves the room. Kiara entered the room and ask me what happened I am blushing hard and told her everything. She told me that maybe Kartik also likes me. I am really happy on that day. After few weeks I get back to school now it’s the time for pre boards. As time passes by I wish that it will stop I want to spend more time with Kartik in this school. There's also a time when I want that these 2 years passes soon and I get rid of Kartik, but now I want exact opposite.

On farewell,

Kiara forcing me to confess my feelings to Kartik. Finally I get some confidence, but I found him kissing one of our classmates Palak near the washroom…………………………

I am completely heartbroken I wish I have never seen that, after that I just left the school as soon as possible. Kiara saw me and she immediately goes to Aarav to know the reason. Both of them also see Kartik is kissing Palak. Aarav runs to him and punch him in his face. Kiara slapped him also and says, "You're unbelievable" and left the school to my home. She stays with me all the time until I calm down. Here Aarav yells at Kartik," what's wrong with you I know you love Kavita then why you did this? Answer me" Kartik starts crying and says," yes I love her but I am not perfect for her." Aarav punch him again, " are you insane who the hell are you to decide if you are perfect for her or not just let her decide bro. Go and say sorry just confess your feelings ". Kartik says, "okay sure I will if you also confess your feelings to Kiara", at that Aarav laughs and hugs him," Sure dude I will". Aarav clears everything with Kiara first and request her to get the things well between me and Kartik.

3rd Feb., 2020

Kiara invited me to her home at the evening but when I reached there I see nobody even the lights are off. I shout," Is anybody here?" and the lights turn on I see Kartik standing in front of me with a bouquet. I am angry but still after seeing him I am happy and tears start forming in my eyes. He comes to me and say," I am really sorry for that day I overhear your and Kiara conversation but I think I am not perfect for you and you deserve someone better so I did this to make you hate me". I replied, " Are you insane who told you that you are not perfect for me, even if you are the most imperfect person in this world I will still love you, I LOVE YOU Kartik, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH". He says, "That’s wrong I am supposed to confess first" I started laughing and he handed me the bouquet and say, “I LOVE YOU Kavita. WILL YOU BE MY GIRFRIEND?" I just kiss him and say, "Yes I will". After that he says, “there’s another surprise also, Aarav wants to tell you something Kiara". After that Aarav also confess his feelings to Kiara, but Kiara throw some tantrums first and finally accepts him. After that we all promise to get married on the same day.

Finally exams are here. Last paper is cancelled due to corona virus, and then lockdown. I am so upset cause after we get into relationship we are not able to spend more time together and now this lockdown. We all just talk on video call. Finally results declared this time I get more marks than Kartik. I told him that I promised to score more than him this time and see I did it. But he says," I am lucky cause last paper was cancelled". I replied, "oh really". He laughs and says, "Sorry I am just joking". We all got admission in same college but different branches luckily me and Kartik is in same class. Online classes start after that, I am actually waiting for offline mode, because I want to meet my friends especially Kartik first.
Finally, offline classes start also, but we all get busy. We aren't able to spend that much time together.

20th November, 2023

We all planned for today's trip to Manali. One of the best trips of my life. We really enjoyed a lot. But next day in the morning I found myself cuddling Kartik, completely naked. I am so scared what if I get pregnant I just dressed up and leave the room………

After that day I doesn't talk to Kartik that much. I am just ignoring him. After few days I found out that I am actually pregnant, first of all I tell about it to Kiara, she told me to tell about it to Kartik but I don't get enough confidence. Finally, on my birthday………

2nd December, 2023

Kartik planned surprise for me at the Kiara's home. Finally I got some confidence to tell him that I am pregnant, surprisingly he hugs me and say," I am so happy Kavita, will you marry me?"I start crying and say," yes I will." He told me that today he is going to ask his parents for marriage. I am so happy, we all enjoyed a lot…………

3rd December, 2023

I am on my way to college to submit some assignments by car. Kartik calls me and told me that “his parents agreed for our marriage and today they come to my home to get the approval of my parents and 'I LOVE YOU', submit your assignment as soon as possible and arrive at your home”. I am so happy. At first I hate him, but I don't know how I start loving him and now I am going to marry him. But maybe God's planning something else for us, as I take a turn a speeding truck hit my car and I am died in the moment. When I open my eyes I see everyone crying in front of me and then I look at my dead body, I start crying so hard, now what am I going to do? No this is a dream I know it's a dream wake up Kavita you have to go home and talk about the marriage please wake up!!!!!!!! But nothing changes I just see everyone crying in front of me but I am not able to wipe their tears. I remembered the promise which we all four made to marry on the same day. After that I request God, " please let me meet them during my friend Kiara's wedding please God" and they agreed they told me that they are able to see me on that day and I can talk to them but after that I will vanish and come here again…………

Finally after five years Kiara agreed to get married to Aarav and here I am.............

6th December, 2028

Kavita: "Kartik I finally got to see you I really miss you a lot"
Kartik (hugs me back): " I miss you too, please don't leave me again, I can't live without you."
Kavita: "But you have to. Please accept the reality that I am died (I look at him) when your time comes I will be the first one to meet you in the wedding dress. I really love you and always will, nothing can change my love for you I am waiting for you. Be happy please I can't see you like this, now smile"

After that I wipe his tears and congratulate my friend and finally disappear. After few years Kiara gives birth to a baby girl and named her Kavita, she is really my best friend. I am so happy for her. Kartik also doing his job very well, whenever he misses me he just talks to my photo and hugs it. I can feel his warm hug. Each and every year they celebrate my birthday. In the office one of Kartik’s colleagues tries to flirt with him. That bitch I am completely jealous but Kartik push her back and told her that “I already love someone and I am waiting for her”. After that she leaves and Kartik look at my picture and say, “You don’t have to be jealous I won’t give your place to anyone I LOVE YOU always”. I feel like he is standing in front of me I LOVE YOU TOO Kartik I really miss you. I wish we meet soon. Time passes by………..

2nd December, 2051

after celebrating my birthday all alone in his room, Kartik just took my photo frame and says," I love you, I really miss you Kavita I wish we meet soon" and he hugs it after that he went to sleep while holding it.

3rd December, 2051

In the morning when Aarav arrives at his home, he founds him dead. He is still holding my photo frame. According to the doctors he died due to heart attack.

Finally when he opens his eyes he found me standing in front of him in wedding dress and he starts walking slowly towards me and I run fast to hug him, " finally! I got you, I love you" and rain starts, here Kiara and Aarav standing near the window hugging each other as well, " finally! They met".

After sometime rain stopped and a beautiful rainbow appeared, we all looking at it happily. I am really lucky that I had best friends like Kiara and Aarav in my life, Kartik as my best friend as well as my lover. After that Kiara calls her daughter ‘Kavita’ to see the rainbow.
Kavita: “coming mom…………………….”


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