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Come Back to Leave Me... Again - 21 - Convincing Her

It was mid of August 2015; I was getting frustrated day by day. My parents used to ask me about her parent’s final decision regarding marriage. Every time I was giving different excuses to them, as I never wanted them to know that the answer was ‘NO’ from Hritisha’s side.

. Almost ten days had passed, we had not talked properly. All the days we used to talk only for 6 to 7 minutes when, during our relationship days, we used to talk for 6 to 7 hours per day.

I could not concentrate on my daily life. I was suffering from insomnia and in the office, I used to stare blankly at my laptop screen, without doing any fruitful job. Hritisha stopped wishing me Good Morning and Good Night, which were her daily habits. Her cold attitude towards me was driving me crazy and it was going beyond my tolerance.

‘Please try to understand Hritisha, I can't live without you’ I tried to convince her in each and every, possible and impossible ways.

She was the first girl who loved me back in my entire Twenty-Six year of life. I had many crushed and one-sided loves before, but Hritisha was the only girl who loved me actually. I could not let her go so quickly.

‘Please, Siddhant, do not spoil my mood by saying the same thing repeatedly. You know me very well, that once I make up my mind, I do not shift from my decision.’ She said.

‘But what happen to you a suddenly yaar? Within twenty-four hours, how can you change your mind? You have started hating me now.’

‘What is your mom saying? Is she supporting your dad,’ I asked her curiously?

‘No, my mother wants to see you as a son in law but she cannot go beyond my dad’s will.’ She answered.

       ‘May I come to Delhi again to convince your dad?’ I asked.

‘No need, I know my father very well, he will never say yes to this relationship.’

‘Tell him that I would settle down in Delhi within a year. I think after hearing this, your dad should be okay with this marriage.’

‘Shut up!  Siddhanth. Why do you want to play with your career just for the sake of our relationship? ''

‘Why? If a girl can leave everything for a boy after marriage, why can't a boy?’

‘Your pay scale will be much less than what you get in Dubai. Don’t be silly, so, let’s not talk on this anymore.’

She was quite protective towards my career and me and was not ready to sacrifice any of them just for the sake of marriage. She was practical-minded and matured too. However, the situation pained her but she was not ready to express it.

She disconnected the call as soon as her father entered the house from office and messaged me that, for the last time she would try her level best to convince her mother.

Vidhyaben, her mother, firmly believed in Kundli and matchmaking before marriage. She again asked the same Swamiji whether Hritisha and I still could get married or not. Vidhyaben needed a strong reason to convince Hritisha's father again.

I heard somewhere that if your luck is not in your favor, the dog can bite you even you are riding on the camel. The same situation happened to me. Suddenly the Swamiji who was happy with our marriage changed his opinion too. The same Swamiji who was praising me two months before, he started saying the worst things about me.

‘It’s utter rubbish,’ I said out of frustration.

‘Why don’t you consult your Swamiji?’ Hritisha suggested.

Just because of Hritisha I consulted an astrologer in Dubai. He too advised that our Kundli does not match and we are not made for each other.

‘Bullshit!’ I said to Hritisha.

‘So now you don't want to believe in Kundli too, right?’ Hritisha said.

‘Yes. I still do not believe. We both know that we can understand each other very well and it will continue after marriage also.’

‘You must believe in Kundli Siddhant. Our culture is not always wrong.’

‘You believe in Kundli Na? Give me an answer, Why Lord Shri Ram has to suffer in Jungle for fourteen years after marrying Sita?’ I asked

‘What do you mean?’

‘I guess there must have been firm believers in Kundli during Satyug too. The Gyani Swamiji matched their Kundli before getting married. Then why they both had to go to exile for fourteen years?' I asked.

'What a silly question is this, I cannot beat you in any discussion' she said.

'It's all about karma and deep love. The great God always helps us to find a way If our love is pure and honest.'

'Really? Then tell me why Lord Shri Krishna could not marry Radha ji, his one, and only love. Their love was also pure and honest and on top of that, he was the God himself. Still, why he couldn't help himself to get his love Radha ji?

I was quite for almost 2 minutes, as I did not have any answers to her question.

'Bolti bandh Na? It's all in our destiny Siddhant. It would be better if you can accept the truth and move on with your life.'

'Is it possible for you to move on?' I asked.

'I am not an emotional fool; I always think practically, bye now.’

She disconnected the call.

I also realized Hritisha's situation. She was the elder in her house; her father was having low blood pressure and was a heart patient and she was the favorite child of her father. If she settles down in Dubai with me, she would not see her parents frequently. At one hand, I respected her decision as being a good daughter but on the other hand, I felt like I was cheated. My mind and heart started fighting over the loyalty of Hritisha.

She started avoiding me. She stopped coming online on WhatsApp and Facebook. She ignored my texts and calls. I did not know whether she moved on or just trying to help me to keep a distance from her. She blocked me from every social media and blocked my number too, after my constant harassments.

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