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The Forgotten Epic - Part 1

A thunderous sound jolted me awake and I peered out my window to behold a brilliant lightning show. My name is Peter and I come from Potside Town, a place renowned for its pot-making. I work in my father's shop, but I am also an accomplished horse rider - Belgian is my world, my faithful steed. In our time, kings and queens ruled the land and I often competed in races representing my town and winning numerous championships. My father exports Prisha from Russia - a precious germs.

One day, after a race that saw me crowned victorious once more, I was on the way back when a vision of beauty appeared before me. She was none other than Quating Pers' niece - an orphan who had been taken in by her uncle, the ruler of this kingdom. Her presence stole away my breath and I knew deep down that she was the girl of my dreams.

I sought her out in the palace as soon
When I saw her in her stunning half Saree of black and blue, I was immediately taken aback. Aaah! I couldn't believe it was really her standing before me. Overcome with emotion, I timidly asked if it was really her, and she answered with a beautiful, beaming smile that lit up her face. Her lips moved in a silent whisper, but the language of love resonated in my heart as our eyes connected. I had to know - how did she know me? She spoke my name - Peter from Belgium - and my heart soared with joy!

But I suddenly heard the telltale sound of someone approaching, so we quickly moved away. I was confused, but with her footsteps I knew it was her aunt. As I stepped out of the shadows, the day seemed as radiant as she was - a problem in our family's gem business had us in a bind. We were unable to open a shop due to lack of gems from Russia, and now even I had to find work to support my family. With no sleep that night, my mind raced until finally an idea sparked - I would go to the kingdom and try to become a soldier! Early morning found me standing before their king and he accepted me. As I waited for her arrival, I wondered what words could express why our paths kept crossing each day. How do you tell someone that you love them? When she arrived, I stammered out an apology for forgetting to ask her name - Emma Rose. She jokingly asked why we kept meeting everyday and my heart leapt into

The following week, I was unlucky enough to be involved in a war. Many of our people died in the battle, and I killed many of the enemy soldiers. At one point, a mysterious figure dressed in black with his face covered entered the fray. I recognized him as Black Thunder - someone who has won multiple championships like me. But his face remained hidden throughout the fight. We were victorious and the king praised me for my actions. Later, when I visited her again, I talked to her about the battle and asked if she knew anything about Black Thunder. She said she was aware of him but wasn't sure what would happen between us. Then I stepped forward and presented her with a necklace made of precious gems - a gift from me. Bowing down before her, I said...

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