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The Forgotten Epic - Part 2

There was a loud noise. A large tree collapses as some soldiers in black are rushing toward a cave to signal the approach of the military.
Every soldier entered the building and let out a groan: "No, we can't do it, ruler."
Ruler: go ahead and wage war against them; they thought I couldn't, but they had no idea who I was. Solider: what can we do.
The black squad will wage war on us. King, what can we do.
King: Finish them because they are few in number.
Black squad discussion
Stronger: they're prepared
Ruler: They believed we had nowhere to dwell and that we were a tribe living in a cave.
Ruler: Konics Town is where we have moved.
We will prevail and establish our hegemony. This town will be sufficient; we must now invade additional towns throughout the revo country.
The other kingdom kings were in shock and fear because they didn't know when this situation would arise. The black squad had a great plan and won Konics.
Black Squad has now taken control of Konics Town.
even after the konics town was wiped out. Black squad was moving in the direction of our Kingdom.
I came across a note as I went to the kingdoms' entrances at random. I read it after taking it. I am approaching you, it was written. As everyone was in a good mood and the kingdom was shining more brightly than normal, I kept this a secret. It was soon the birthday of the quating ruler. I want to see Emma, but she neglected me for some reason. I questioned why she was avoiding me. She asked if we could just be friends. I'm not here to cause pain. I'm unable to sense you in that way. Her eyes were speaking the truth while her lips were lying. I warned her not to lie so you can't hide anything.
She stated that she planned to attend the meeting.
I was really depressed after her remarks.
Unexpectedly, the ministers declared that there will be war against the Kreedom kingdom. So, they sent a warning to prepare our weapons.
A loud noise was heard.
With our weapons at the ready, we were.
They came into our kingdom and began to attack us. They and I were fighting, and we established a strict rule that no one was allowed to enter the palace of our kingdom. But, I was abruptly hurt by a soldier. I was thrown off the horse. I was convinced I was going to pass away. I was guarded by a sword from the adversary. Again. That was the enigmatic black figure that rescued me.I was moving after the black man. The black figure's mask was abruptly torn off by an enemy sword. The fact that it was her, Emma Rose, completely surprised and confused me. That black woman was she.
I entered the fight with surprise. She was unavailable for conversation. Even the most ardent of our side's fighters had given up hope and energy. All of a sudden, black soldiers were defending us. We were shielded from the kreedom realm by even them. Even so, we emerged victorious. At supreise, everyone was present.
I questioned her, "Are you the leader of the black squad?"

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