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An Evening With A Glass Of Wine

New Year, New Resolution!

We all have taken up numerous resolutions but we skip them soon this time before taking any Resolution include one Resolution which is to take care of yourself and to keep yourself happy. Before working on any resolution, happiness and care towards yourself are very important because it leads to a strong and clear mind and it always helps to fulfill our resolution.
A question raises in our mind that is How to fulfill our resolution?
Down the paper, we have some ways to achieve them but befor, let 's us peek into a short introductory part.

We all humans are in want of something or the other. We all have created many purposes and resolutions to live in this crucial world. All humans are handling themself to reach the victory level related to their resolution.

But not everyone is achieving success in their Resolution because after facing limited frustrations to reach our goals/resolution we tend to give up and so we do. After setting a goal one must not think to give up, working hard for the goal is not the only point to slip into but working smartly on them is also mandatory.

The questionnaire is for all people who desire to achieve their goals, before getting to any goal one must find the answer to the below-given queries.

How to achieve those goals?
We need to set a measurable goal. Setting high goals which are beyond our reach at the possible second can inject dejection and demotivation inside you. So try setting short goals to achieve success.

2. How to stay focused?
To answer it one needs to maintain a good attitude and clear mind and needs to be honest at every duration of life.

3. What are the steps to reach the goals?
To reach the goal one needs to be strategic. We should make steps to reach them and we need to walk as per those steps made.

To speak about special cases, and to stay focused we need to be positive and positivity knocks your brain and heart when you pay attention to positive affirmatives. Jotting down the steps to reach the goals isn't sufficient. We need to bring those steps to life.

How to face failures and struggles?
The answer is, to take 15 minutes to mourn your failures, but soon realize that all legends who stand on the stage of name and fame have disregarded many sleepy nights, allures, and satisfaction so conclusions are all in front of you. Struggles can never be terminated from your life; it is as permanent as your breathing.

To achieve any resolution or goal one must have a calm and peaceful mind but how? Here you go.
Always keep your mind calm and relaxed to gain such calmness and peace one should continuously practice meditation, here a point raises that in our daily life, we don't even own a single second to breathe freely but remember the time when you sit in the bus, rickshaw while waiting for someone, etc instead of scrolling your phone or chatting with someone close your eyes and breath in the free air and experience the nature.

Meditation doesn't only mean closing your eyes and sitting instead it does also mean to breath in pure air no matter whether your eyes are closed or open and it also has a matching point to it.

Meet you in the next Episode/Chapter!

Till then I Archana Ashokkumar Sign off here!

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