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I’m In Charge of SCP - Chapter 3

Zhang Jue sat in a surveillance room, surprisingly holding a bucket of popcorn literally in his hand. He picked one up and threw it in his mouth, smiling, “Dr. Yang, in a moment, you will know how wise it was for you to come here with me.”
Yang Xue frowned slightly. She didn’t fit in with Zhang Jue’s style. The reason she came here was to keep an eye on Zhang Jue; secondly, because of a woman’s intuition. She also felt that SCP-682 couldn’t have been killed that easily.
Inside the surveillance video, Dr. Li and the other researchers were making the final preparations. They were moving the main body of SCP-409, a massive crystal, into the test site where SCP-682 was being experimented.
“Dr. Yang, can you see it?” Dr. Li’s voice came over the intercom.

Dr. Yang calmly said, “Yes.”
“Okay, the experiment will begin immediately.” Dr. Li nodded, then changed to a gloomy face, “Zhang Jue, you will pay the price for your rampage soon!”
Dr. Li made a gesture, and all the staff withdrew from the test site. SCP-409 was lifted by a specially designed crane and placed at the tail of SCP-682. Many staff members, including Dr. Yang and Dr. Li, were waiting anxiously; the Foundation had already paid a lot of prices to terminate SCP-682.
If they still can’t succeed this time, they don’t know how to end it. The only one who didn’t care was Zhang Jue, holding popcorn in his hand and chewing it munch, munch, munch. Dr. Yang glanced at him and didn’t say anything.
The experiment has officially begun.

SCP-682 was chained up, completely unaware of what the Foundation had placed at its tail, but it instinctively felt fear and cowered in the corner. Nearly four minutes later, SCP-682’s tail began to crystallize, but the crystallization rate was much slower than usual, and SCP-682 yanked the chain hard, letting out a roar. Twelve minutes later, half of SCP-682’s colossal body was about to be crystallized, and it acted in great pain and began to spasm.
He shouted at the monitor, “See, Zhang Jue, wait ’till it dies!”
Inside the surveillance room, Jue Zhang was crossing his legs, eating popcorn, so calm and collected that Dr. Li’s yell was like a fart to him. Yang Xue looked at him, “Aren’t you scared? Oh, you have no intention of fulfilling the bet.”
Zhang Jue took a bite of popcorn and patted the crumbs on his hand, “Keeping my word is one of the few virtues I have left. Dr. Yang, you have to trust my character. The experiment isn’t finished yet, and why are you guys so confident? That said, if Dr. Li loses, will you supervise his compliance, Dr. Yang?”
Yang Xue was at a loss for words.

As if to confirm Zhang Jue’s words, within the surveillance video, the crystallization of SCP-682 stopped when the conversion degree reached 62%, and the crystallization site blew up, causing massive physical damage to SCP-682. Losing a large number of tissues and organs, SCP-682 let out an angry roar, and the onlooking researchers couldn’t help but take a step back.
Subsequently, SCP-682’s body began to regenerate at an alarming rate, its flesh and blood regenerated in a very short time, and the newborn parts touched SCP-409, which would no longer be crystallized.
For SCP-682, SCP-409 has been entirely ineffective. Because the chain was also crystallized, SCP-682 started to lose its restraints and began to attack the surrounding walls. Inside the test site, most of the Foundation staff were stunned by this scene.
“Not good!” In the monitoring room, Yang Xue shouted as she turned on the microphone, “Dr. Li, immediately have all staff members evacuate the test site! Notify ‘Red Ying,’ SCP-682 is about to break through the containment!” Red Ying was the name of a Mobile Task Force.
But the 682 Monster wouldn’t give the Foundation time to react. After breaking free from the restraint, it crashed through the wall at first and launched a killing spree. This experiment completely enraged the beast.

“Disgusting!!!” It roared.
Every time SCP-682 broke through the containment, it caused many casualties, and this time even more so. Dr. Li stood under the surveillance equipment on the periphery and was the first wave of people to be moved. But due to the suddenness of the incident, many researchers who were too late to be transferred died tragically under SCP-682’s sharp claws.
In the monitoring room, Yang Xue saw this scene, clenched her fist to death. Her heart was dripping blood, she was also one of the leaders of this experiment, and she had a responsibility that was hard to shirk when such an accident occurred. Most of those researchers are her colleagues; there are wives and children, husbands and parents, and so are sacrificed.
She shouted into the intercom, “Security Section? When will Red Ying be able to be in position?!”
A voice came from the other side: “Report, the ‘Red Ying’ squad went on a field mission and is currently coordinating with headquarters for other teams to come, which will take an hour at the earliest! Captain Zhang has already led the team to assist the researchers to evacuate!”

“Dammit!” Yang Xue rarely cursed. Why did things go wrong at such a time, within this hour, there was no telling how many more people will have to sacrifice.
She looked grave, her head spinning rapidly. But 682 itself has an immortality trait, and the Foundation can’t do anything with it! What to do? What to do? Yang Xue was almost frantic. Then she saw Zhang Jue. After the incident, Zhang Jue didn’t say a word, didn’t laugh at them, and didn’t make a sound to help.
“You have a solution, don’t you?” Dr. Yang grabbed Zhang Jue’s shoulders as if she had grabbed a lifeline, “You had expected the experiment to fail. You must have a way to subdue SCP-682, right?” Zhang Jue looked into her eyes and didn’t say anything.
Yang Xue said urgently, “I promise on behalf of the Foundation if you can take SCP-682 in as soon as possible, the surveillance of you will end here, and the Foundation will give you a legal identity!” Seeing that Zhang Jue still did not respond, she added, “What exactly do you want? as long as I can do it, I promise you everything!”
Seeing how anxious she was, Zhang Jue shook his head, “Dr. Yang, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, even if I had a solution, can you trust me, or would you dare to trust me?” Zhang Jue’s question was sharp since he was now in a surveillance status. If Yang Xue listened to him and thus caused something terrible to happen, both of them might have to be executed.
Yang Xue looked into Zhang Jue’s eyes, his beautiful eyebrows knitted, and with a single word: “I, believe you!”
“Good.” Zhang Jue nodded. He thought for a moment and said, “From now on, everything is under my command. Firstly, all personnel move away from SCp-682 as soon as possible and draw it into a narrow space. Secondly, and most importantly, I don’t care what method you use, go and bring in SCP-053.”
Zhang Jue looked serious, not as a joke, and Dr. Yang faintly stared, “SCP-053? That little girl?”
“Yes, that little girl. I heard your staff discussing her, and I know she is contained in this site.” Zhang Jue narrowed his eyes, “If you don’t want more people to die, then bring her to SCP-682 right now! Immediately!”

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